David Wilson and Nancy (Patterson) George Family

The David Wilson and Nancy (Patterson) George Line
son of Joshua and Catherine GEORGE, grandson of Reuben and Ann George Sr. * George Lines
daughter of Samuel Patterson (1805-1892) and Nancy Davis Patterson (1808-1893)
[Not all dates are verified. Discrepancies between family Bible, census, and tombstone dates may not all be identified.]

Ann Handley
(1st wife)
(m) Reuben


(m) Mary



* Joshua George      (m)
Catherine Thompson Gough
1801-1862 (1st husb: C. Wm Gough)

* David Wilson George
b. 30 Aug 1835 Okeana, Butler County, OH
d. 25 Feb 1901 Pierce City, Lawrence County, MO
Nancy Anderson
?-ca 1809
(m) # Samuel

? Davis
(m) ?


Samuel Patterson Jr      (m)
1805-1892      1826, Franklin Co IN
Nancy Davis

(m) Nancy Ann Patterson
b. Dec 1836 PA
d. MO
m. 20 Oct 1854 Butler Co OH
# Samuel Patterson Sr. was buried in the old George Cemetery (1853) in Butler County OH
Joshua George's date of death is different in George family records (2/1/1836), on his tombstone (2/25/1835), and in county records (1835). He was born 2/25/1801.
PIERCE CITY (Lawrence Co) MO is midway between Joplin and Springfield south of I-44 on 97 Highway.
Marshall Co KS is in north central Kansas.

Family Timelines and Histories * David and Nancy Ann's children
Also * Census data from 1900, 1880 * No relation? David Wilson George's neighbor, Reuben Harrison GEORGE
Timeline of DAVIS Family
17--: Mr. Davis born, PA
17--: Mrs. Davis born, WALES
1808 (25 April) Nancy Davis born (PA)
????: Rachel Davis born
1826: Nancy married Samuel Patterson Jr
18--: Rachel married William Ralston (OH)
1893: Nancy Davis Patterson died
DAVIS Family Research
Nancy Davis married Samuel Patterson Jr.
In 2003, Jay Wright is still searching for proof of the names of Nancy Ann Patterson George's DAVIS grandparents. Her mother, Nancy Davis Patterson, had a sister, Rachel Davis Ralston, who married William Ralston in Butler County, OH. The Davis family had ties to Butler County OH and Franklin County IN in the early 1800s.

Nancy Davis Patterson stated in the 1880 census that Mr.DAVIS, her father, was born in PA and her mother born in WALES. Jay hasn't found Nancy's sister, Rachel, in the 1880 census to corroborate this, and he suspects that she died in the 1870's. [Nancy Davis Patterson's picture supplied by Jay Wright.]

Likely unrelated, two of David Wilson George's mother's brothers married Lucretia Davis (her husband Michael Thompson was born 22 May 1815) and Malinda Davis (her husband, David Thompson was born 27 Oct 1817).

Timeline of Samuel Patterson Sr family
1769: Samuel Patterson (Sr) born
17--: Nancy Anderson born VA
17--: Samuel Patterson (m) Nancy Anderson
1805: Samuel Patterson Jr born
1809: Nancy Anderson Patterson died KY
1853: Samuel Patterson (Sr) died OH
Samuel Patterson Sr Research
Samuel PATTERSON Sr.'s first wife and the mother of Samuel Jr, was Nancy ANDERSON. She was born sometime in the 1700s in VA. When she died about 1809, she was buried in Particular Baptist Church Cemetery, near Bryant's Station, Bourbon Co., KY.

Samuel Patterson Sr. (c.1769-1853) likely knew his granddaughter Nancy Ann's future George in-laws, as he was buried in the George Cemetery near Okeana on Dwyer Road, in Morgan township. "A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County Ohio" has the names of some people buried there, and also lists James D. Davis, James L. Davis, and Samuel Patterson (among others) as justices of the peace.

Timeline of Samuel Patterson Jr family
1805 (15 Mar) Samuel Patterson Jr born
     Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
1808 (25 April) Nancy Davis born (PA)
1826: Samuel Patterson Jr (m) Nancy Davis
     Franklin Co IN
1830: Rachel born
1834: Rebecca born
1836: Nancy Ann born
1839: Margaret born
1841: Sarah Ellen born
1843: Francis M born
1847: Hannah Martha born
????: Samuel Patterson III born
????: Samuel and Nancy divorced
????: Samuel married Elizabeth Brown
1892 (25 Dec) Samuel Patterson Jr. died
     Laurel, Franklin Co., IN
     buried in Laurel Cemetery
1893 (20 June) Nancy Davis Patterson died
     Rushville, Rush Co, IN
     buried in East Hill Cemetery, Rushville
Samuel Patterson Jr Research
Nancy (Davis) and Samuel named a daughter Nancy Ann Patterson
Across the state line from Butler County OH, in 1826 Nancy Davis married Samuel Patterson Jr in Franklin County, IN. Samuel Patterson Jr had lived in Butler County, OH with his father, Samuel Patterson Sr and step-mother.

Their daughter Nancy Ann Patterson George may have been named both for her mother and her Grandmother Patterson, Nancy Anderson Patterson. According to notes Jay Wright took of Nancy Davis Patterson's obituary, Nancy Ann Patterson George was born in 1808 in Pennsylvania, moved with her parents to Franklin County IN, was raised near Cedar Grove, where she was married in 1826 to Samuel Patterson, had 12 children, of whom one son and six daughters survived her. In the spring of 1854 they moved to a farm near New Salem, Rush Co., IN.

Nancy Ann's sister, Margaret Patterson, later married George W. Brown. Nancy Ann and Margaret were just 2 or 3 years apart in age. Their husbands both took them to live in Pierce City, MO, probably in the early 1880s. Margaret and George Brown came from Rush County IN, per the 1880 census, and only stayed in Pierce City briefly, before moving back to Indiana, probably Indianapolis. Nancy Ann and David George had been living in Marshall County KS for the 1880 census, settling in Pierce City, MO a few years later.

Samuel Patterson Jr. and Nancy Davis Patterson divorced after many years and many children, and he married Elizabeth Brown, sister of one of his sons-in-law, and had more children by the 2nd wife.

Following is a list of the known children of Samuel Patterson (Jr.) (1805-1892) and Nancy Davis Patterson (1808-1893) with spouses. Most (maybe all) of these children were born in Butler Co. OH despite the fact that the parents married in Franklin Co, IN.

* Rachel Patterson (1830-1906) married James Handley (1828-?).

According to Randall Hanley's on-line book, James Handley (HA-216.31) was born in 1828 to Robert and Sarah Ann (PATTERSON) Handley (HA-216.3). James and Rachel Patterson were married in Butler County OH on 25 Mar 1850. Their two children were Clinton and Line. Although Sarah Ann Patterson Handley had been dead since the early 1830s, was she related to her future daughter-in-law Rachel Patterson? Also note that Rachel's husband James was grandson of James and Isabella Handley (HA-216), and his grandfather was the brother of Ann Handley (HA-213), who was Mrs. Reuben GEORGE, and grandmother of Rachel's brother-in-law, David Wilson GEORGE.
* Rebecca Patterson (1834-1902) married John Mercer.
* Nancy Ann Patterson (1837-1916) married David Wilson George.
(Nancy and David were in Marshall Co KS in 1880, then settled in Pierce City, Lawrence Co, MO)
* Margaret Patterson (1839-1921) married George Wells Brown.
(Margaret and George were in Rush Co IN in 1880, then after a brief stay in Pierce City, MO, settled in Indianapolis, IN)
* Sarah Ellen Patterson (1841-????) married Seneca Armstrong.
* Francis M. Patterson (1843-????) married Salina Heaton.
(Possibly Salina Heaton was some relation to the Heaton family with whom Ralph George was living in Rush Co, IN, in the 1880 census, below.)
* Hannah Martha Patterson (1847-????) married Frank Gosnell.
* Samuel Patterson. (Jay doesn't know any dates, but Samuel III may have been the oldest rather than the youngest) was supposedly sheriff of Decatur Co., IN, and died in Greensburg, Decatur Co., IN.

Timeline: David Wilson and Nancy Ann (Patterson) GEORGE:
1835 (Feb 1): David's father (Joshua) died, typhoid
1834-5 (Aug 30): David Wilson George born, Butler Co OH
1836 (Dec): Nancy Ann Patterson born, PA
1854 (Oct 20): David and Nancy married
1855 (Nov 11): Ralph F. born IN
1857 (Feb 6): Ella G. born IN
1859 (Apr 3): Laura born
1861 (May 30): Catherine born OH
1862 (Oct 29): David's mother, Catherine died OH
1864 (Jan 2): Laura died (almost 5)
1865: Molley born IN
1869 (Jun 19): Newton (aka Charles) born IN
1880 (summer): some of the family in Marshall Co KS census
1880 (summer): unmarried, Ralph was teaching in Rush Co IN
1900 (summer): family in Lawrence Co MO census
1901 (Feb 25): David George died (65)
1914 (Mar 25): N. Charles George died (45)
1938: Catherine George McClintock died (76)
1941: Ralph George died (85 or 86)
David Wilson GEORGE was the last son born to Joshua and Catherine GEORGE.

Dates vary on Joshua George's death, but based upon the date (April 1835) that administration papers were filed for his heirs, he died of typhoid about February of 1835, either soon after or a little before David Wilson George was born. Catherine had been widowed with one child before, from Dr. C. William GOUGH. With Joshua she had a daughter, Martha Jane (1825-1879) and four more sons. She farmed, and the children helped. Her eldest son, Charles GOUGH (b ca 1823), was a teacher. The George farm, across Dwyer Road from the old George Cemetery, was hilly and best used for dairy farming. Catherine died in 1862, and Joshua's eldest son Enoch Jackson "Jack" (1827-1907), inherited the farm. The other George sons, Andrew Thompson (1829-1889), Reuben Handley (1831-1906), and David Wilson (1835-1901) made their living farming elsewhere.

"Mollie" Mary Jane George Austen (1865-?) lived close enough to attend early George Reunions, starting the second Sunday of August in 1918, at Glenn Miller Park in Richmond, IN. Reunion notes indicate that Mollie came with her husband, Jacob, their daughter and son-in-law, Avice and Jesse Brooks, and their little daughter, Frances. Mollie would bring news of her sisters, Ella George Summers (1857-?) and Catherine George McClintock (1861-1938), living in Missouri. Sometimes their brother, Ralph (1855-1941) would come to the reunion from Missouri which he did just before his death in 1941.

: Ralph, Ella G. SUMMERS, Laura, Catherine G. McCLINTOCK, "Mollie" G. AUSTEN, "Charles",
and one who died before 1900
1. Ralph F. George
    b 11 Nov 1855, IN
    d 1941
    lived in MO
According to census records, Ralph was born in Indiana. Unmarried, he was teaching in Rush County, IN in 1880, boarding with the Sanford Heaton family. Ralph married Flora Holden about 1896. Flora Holden George was born in April 1859 in Indiana, to parents both born in Indiana.
Ralph & Flora's CHILDREN:
1. Margaret George, born 7 Dec 1896, may have married a Mr. Dotson (Datson?), and lived in Joplin, MO.
2. Harold George was born 30 July 1900
3. Cecil F. George was born 4 May 1902. His wife was Leena, and they lived in Independence, MO. He died in March 1993, per SSDI.
2. Ella G. George
    b 6 Feb 1857
    d ?
    lived in MO
Married Lilburn Summers
Ella and Lilburn's CHILDREN:
1. Clifford Summers, born 4 Feb 1882, married Nellie Pearsons.
2. George Summers was born 10 Feb 1886, but died in 1887.
3. Laura George
    b 3 Apr 1859
    d 2 Jan 1864 (4)
    lived in OH? IN?
Cause of childhood death is unknown
Laura had no children
4. Catherine George
    b 30 May 1861
    d ? Feb 1938 (76)
    lived in MO
Married Perry McClintock
Catherine and Perry's CHILD:
1. Clyde McClintock
, born 16 Mar 1881, was 39 when he died 11 Aug 1920.
5. Mary Jane "Mollie" George
    b 3 Jan 1865
    d ?
    lived in IN
Married Jacob Austen
Mollie and Jacob's CHILD:
Avice Austen
, born 8 Jun 1886, married Jesse C. Brooks, born about 1885.

GRANDCHILD: Jesse and Avice Brooks had 1 child: 1. Frances Brooks, born 18 Aug 1912, married Herman Thomas, and lived in IN.
GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN: Frances and Herman Thomas had 2 children: Brenda Louise and Byron
GG-GRANDCHILDREN: Byron's children: Lewis, Trina (1971), and Tara (b 1974) Source: Trina Thomas Conway (2007 email bounced) Calallen HS 1989
6. Newton "Charles" George
    b 19 Jun 1869
    d 25 Mar 1914 (45)
    lived in Kansas City, MO
Married Maud Gillen
Maud and Charles' CHILDREN:
1. Ruth George, born ? Feb 1903 in KCMO, married a Mr. Morris. She lived in KC for 58 years. Her SS# was issued in Tennessee. In 1983, she was living in a retirement center in Oklahoma City, OK, and had a cousin (Avice?) living in South Bend IN. Ruth died 12 Jul 1992 in Oklahoma City.
2. William George (dates unknown).

GREAT-GRANDCHILD: William Raymond Morris married Helen.
GG-GRANDCHILDREN: Angela Renee Morris, b Dec 1980, and Tracie Lynn Morris, b 14 May 1983
7. unknown child
    b ?
    d before 1900
    lived in MO?
The 1900 census indicated that of Nancy and David's 7 children, five were still living.
This child had no children

1888 Goodspeed's History, Lawrence Co MO
A Charles George was listed in the 1888 Goodspeed History of Lawrence Co MO as a member of the Mount Vernon Lodge, but this was in 1854 and 1862, before our Charles was born. There are also references to a Henry George, H. George, J. L. George (Civil War), and R. H. George.

CENSUS DATA collected by
Ross Cameron, 1605 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22150 and Leo V. Mills
The 1900 Census indicates that Nancy George had had 7 children, 5 of whom were still living and two, Catherine and Ella, both widows, living with them.
1900 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Pierce Township, family 66:
David W. George      Aug 1834 65 Yr. M 49 Oh. Va.  Va.  Farmer
Nancy A.             Dec 1836 63 Yr. 7 5  Oh. Oh.  Oh.
Ella Summers    (f)  Feb 1856 44 Yr. 2 1  Ind. Oh. Oh.  Wd. Dau
Clifford        (m)  Jan 1883 17 Yr.G.son Ks. Ind. Ind. Farm Lab
Catherine McClintock May 1861 39 Yr. 1 1  Oh. Oh.  Oh.  Wd.Teacher
Clyde W.        (m)  Mar 1882 18 Yr.      Ks. Ind. Oh.  Day Lab
This seems to be David's oldest son, Ralph, below, married 4 years with one child.
1900 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Pierce Township, Pierce City, family 361:
Ralph? F. George     Nov 1855 44 Yr. M 4  Ind. Oh.  Oh. Farmer
Flora                Apr 1859 41 Yr. 1 1  Ind. Ind. Ind.
Margaret        (f)  Dec 1896  3 Yr.      Mo.  Ind. Ind.
Mollie George Austen was not in Lawrence County in 1900. Also, Newton "Charles" George is not yet found.
Search the 1880 Census online and free at www.familysearch.org
In the 1880 census, they were in Kansas.
[Charles GEORGE is listed as Newton GEORGE.]
1880 Census, Kansas, Marshall Co., Blue Rapids, p. 263B:  
D. W. GEORGE    Self   M   Male     W   47   OH   Farmer         VA   VA  
Mary A. GEORGE  Wife   M   Female   W   44   IN   Keeping House  ---   ---  
Molley GEORGE   Dau    S   Female   W   15   IN   At Home        PA   PA  
Newton GEORGE   Son    S   Male     W   11   IN   At School      OH   OH
It appears that son Ralph may still have been in Indiana.
1880 Census, Indiana, Rush Co., Noble, p. 194A:
Sanford HEATON   Self   M   Male   W   29   IN   Farmer      IN   IN  
Mary A. HEATON   Wife   M   Female W   24   IN   Keeps House IN   IN  
Clarance HEATON   Son   S   Male   W   6    IN   At Home     IN   IN  
Data HEATON       Son   S   Male   W   4    IN   At Home     IN   IN  
Calla HEATON      Son   S   Male   W   2    IN   At Home     IN   IN  
Ralph GEORGE    Other   S   Male   W   24   IN   Teaching    OH   OH
NOTE: David W. GEORGE's nephew John Randolph BROWN had moved to Blue Rapids (Marshall Co) KS about 1876. He married the daughter of David GRIFFIS, another man formerly from Butler County, OH. Other than the 1880 census, it's unknown when or how long David and Nancy George lived in Marshall Co KS, before settling in Lawrence Co MO.

Tombstone Inscriptions from the book "Lawrence County Missouri Tombstone Inscriptions", Vol. 9, Pierce City, Western Pierce Township, Pierce City Cemetery
p. 18, Block 7: Summers, Mrs. Clifford, nee Pierson, died 16 Mar 1908, age 25yrs,1m,2ds Clifford L., 1882-1971 Ella W., 1863-1937 Georgie, age 18 yrs, 17 ds, no dates p. 33, Block 17: George, Lucy A., 7 Nov 1853 - 28 Aug 1907 [Ross' Note: born Mo., wife of Reuben H. George, born Jan 1847, N.C.] p. 36, Block 18: George, David W., 30 Aug 1834 - 25 Feb 1901 N. A., 23 Dec 1837 - 11 Feb 1916 Newton C., 19 June 1869 - 25 Mar 1914 p. 37, Block 18: George, Maude G., 1873-1939 [Ross' Note: 1910 Census, widow, dau. of Charles & Fidelia Gillen] p. 39, Block 19: George, Flora A., 21 Apr 1859 - 11 Aug 1941 Ralph F., 11 Nov 1855 - 19 Sep 1941 p. 45, Block 23: George, Harold H., 1900-1952 (American Legion) [Ralph's son] p. 49, Block 25: McClintock, Clyde W., 1882-1920 Katherine L., 1861-1920 p. 61, names from old cemetery records without stones: George (baby), block 17, bur. 25 Oct 1908 [probably Ralph's child] p. 62, names from old newspapers: George, Newton, age 45, died Mar 1926, could be buried St. Mary's [Ross' Note: year is questionable, but this appears likely to be Newton George who is buried with parents as indicated above.] p. 65, names from newspapers: George, Katherine L., 20 May 1861 - Aug 1920 [Ross's Note: see Katherine McClintock, above]
More Census Records
1910 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Pierce Township, family 56: Nancy A. George Head 75-yr wd-7-5 Oh. Ky. Va. Ella Summers daug 30-yr wd-2-1 Ind. Oh. Oh. Clifford g/son 28-yr wd Kan. Ind. Ind. Katie McClintock daug 40-yr wd-1-1 Oh. Oh. Oh. Clyde g/son 24-yr s Kan. Ind. Oh. 1910 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Pierce Township, Pierce City, family 36: Ralph F. George Head 54-yr M-1-19 Ind. Oh. Oh. Flora A. wife 50-yr 3-3 Ind. Ind. Ind. Margret daug 13-yr s Mo. Ind. Ind. Harrold A. son 9-yr s Mo. Ind. Ind. Cecil F. son 7-yr s Mo. Ind. Ind. 1920 Census, MO, Lawrence Co., Pierce Township, Pierce City, Ward 2, family 149: Ralph F. George 64 yr Ind. Oh. Oh. Flora 60 yr Ind. Ind. Ind. Margarett 23 yr Mo. Ind. Ind. Harold 19 yr Mo. Ind. Ind.

The only Lawrence County marriage record for any of the above is:
Summers, Clifford, Peirce City, to Nell Perison, Peirce City, 11 Jan 1906, by N. O. Turrentine, Min. Gos. at Peirce City, Book J, p. 276.

All of the information from Ross Cameron is from published transcriptions, and should be verified by checking the census microfilm, tombstones, and marriage records.

There is also a biography of Ralph Francis George in 1917 "The Ozark Region, Its History and Its People", Vol. 3, History of Lawrence County, Missouri, Biographical, pp. 197-199, which gives more information (which may or may not be accurate) on the family.

Quoting parts of the biography:
" . . .. He [Ralph] was born in Rush county, Indiana, November 11, 1855, and is a son of David W. and Nancy A. (Pattison) George. His parents were of Welsh descent. They were born in Ohio and went to Indiana, where they lived for several years, but in 1879, they removed to Kansas, where they remained until in October, 1883, when they came to Lawrence county, where they continued to live until the death of the father, which occurred on February 25, 1901, on the farm home just west of Peirce City. [Ross's Note: Peirce is the original spelling commonly used until the 1920s, but that's another story.] The mother died February 11, 1916. The father was a prominent fruit grower. He was the first president and one of the organizers of the Peirce City Fruit Growers' Association. . . .. Mr George has four sisters and one brother. The brother, Newton C. George, died April 1914, aged forty-four years. He lived on the homestead and left a widow and one child.

His sisters are:
Mrs. Ella Somers, of Peirce City. She is a widow and has one son Clifford.
Kate L. is the widow of Perry McClintock. She has a son, Clyde W. She is a teacher in St. Louis.
Laura died at the age of only nine years.
Mollie E. is married to Jacob Austen, of Indiana. They have one child, Avis Austen Brooks.
Mr. George was married in Indiana on April 21, 1891, to Flora A. Holden, of Rush county, and to this excellent couple have been born three children:
   Margaret Helen, born December 7, 1897, a graduate of Peirce City High School.
   Harold H., born July 30, 1900, is attending Peirce City High School.
   Cecil Francis was born May 4, 1902, and is doing his best to keep pace with the rest. . . .."

According to the 1900 and 1910 censuses, Nancy A. had 7 children and only 5 living. So Laura had died and another child perhaps died at birth or in infancy which Ralph did not include in his list.

Another Reuben GEORGE family
There is no indication that one of David GEORGE's neighbors in Pierce City, MO, Reuben H. GEORGE, was any relation to David's grandfather Reuben GEORGE (1776 VA -1837 OH). The current George family DNA study shows that Grandpa Reuben of Greenbrier and Monroe Counties WV (died 1837) had some yet unknown relationship to Joseph GEORGE (died 1770) and Solomon GEORGE (died 1824) of Orange County NC. (See Group 1: G014, G004, G008) Ross Cameron sent the following details:
1900 Census, Missouri, Lawrence Co., Pierce Township, Pierce City, family 1:
Reuben H George      Jan 1847 53 Yr. M 28  NC   NC   NC  Farmer
Lucy A.              Nov 1853 46 Yr.   33  MO   KY   TN
William E.      (m)  Mar 1873 27 Yr.       MO   NC   MO  Photographer
Joseph C.       (m)  May 1875 25 Yr.       MO   NC   MO  Miner
Julia F.        (f)  Sep 1877 22 Yr.       MO   NC   MO
Ray Co, Missouri, Marriage Records: GEORGE, R. H., to CAMPBELL, Lucy A., 26 Jul 1871
1870 Census, Missouri, Ray Co., Richmond Township, P. O. - Richmond,
15 Aug 1870, p. 70, line27, living in hotel, dwellling 463, family 463:
George, Harrison, 23, m, w, retail dry goods merchant, $1,000 P. E., North Carolina, eligible to vote.

He may have gone by Harrison as a young man because there were so many named Reuben George in the family. Then when he got to Lawrence Co. he went by his first name or initials.

And I think this is he with his parents in the 1850 Census - it's the only match I found looking at the Reuben and William (Reuben's oldest son's name) George heads of households in the index:

1850 Census, North Carolina, Iredell Co., sh. 433B lines 39-42 through 434A, lines 1-5, 7 Aug 1850, dwelling 444, family 451:

W. H. George, 38, m, farmer, $800 R.E., N.C.
Rena      ",  38, f, N.C.
Abner     ",  14, m, ",    attended school within the year
William   ",  13, m, ",     "
Mary George,  11, f, N.C.,  "
Franklin  ",   9, m, ",     "
Martha    ",   5, f, ",     "
Harrison  ",   3, m, "
Julia     ",   1, f, "

Ross presumes that Harold H. George was probably the grandfather of current Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Robert F. George, whose brothers Fred and John Scott were in Ross Cameron's class. Scott also lives in Mount Vernon. They are sons of Harold E. George.

Ross Cameron
1605 Backlick Road
Springfield, VA 22150

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