Clarence H. and Shirley "Imogene" ROBERTS CONNETT
The Family of
Clarence H. and Shirley "Imogene" (ROBERTS) CONNETT

son of ? CONNETT * daughter of Daniel J. and Addie DeARMOND ROBERTS with George line connection
[Not all dates are verified. Discrepancies between family Bible, census, and tombstone dates may not all be identified.]
John Randolph

(m) Mary

George W.

b ?-
d ?
(m) Mary

b ?-
d ?


* "Addie" DeARMOND      (m)
b Aug 1854
d 19 Oct 1934
b 2 Jan 1856
d 15 Mar 1930

* Shirley "Imogene" ROBERTS
b. 4 May 1891 Morgan twp, Butler Co OH
d. 17 Oct 1970 Cincinnati, OH (78)
New London Cemetery

? -
(m) ?

b ?-
d ?
(m) ?


? CONNETT      (m)
b ?
d ? (age?)
b ?
d ?

Clarence H. CONNETT
b. 1894
d. 1975 (81)
New London Cemetery, OH
(m) 24 Nov 1915 Butler Co, OH

Family history timeline: 1890s | 1900 | 1920s | 1930s | 1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1990
Family History of Clarence H. and Shirley "Imogene" (ROBERTS) CONNETT:
Imogene and Clarence CONNETT lived in Carthage, Hamilton Co, Ohio. Their first son Clarence Lee died soon after birth, but their second son Willard grew to manhood.

When Imogene's older sister Effie and her husband Frank DURHAM both died in 1925, at least their 10 year old daughter, Margery DURHAM, came to live with the CONNETTs. Margery was with her aunt Imogene and uncle Clarence CONNETT in the 1930 census. I am still looking for proof that she married Mr. Rieth, and was the Margery A. RIETH who shared homes with Grace Roberts BIAS in Florida from 1955 until their deaths.

Children of Clarence and Imogene (ROBERTS) CONNETT:
Clarence Lee and Willard T. CONNETT
1. Clarence Lee CONNETT
    b 30 Dec 1916 Cincinnati OH
    d 3 Jan 1917 (4 days old)
    New London Cemetery

First son Clarence Lee Connett, born 30 Dec 1916 in Cincinnati, died 4 days later, 3 Jan 1917 in Cincinnati. He was buried at New London Cemetery in Butler County OH.
2. Willard T. CONNETT
    b 22 Apr 1919 OH
    d 19 Jul 1992 (73)
    New London Cemetery Sec 4
Their second son, Willard T. CONNETT, was born on 22 April 1919, and died 19 July 1992, aged 73. Willard was buried at New London Cemetery. His wife is Mabel K. Connett, born 20 Oct 1923, per their tombstone. Willard was a pall bearer for his uncle George ROBERTS in 1961.

Clarence H and Imogene (ROBERTS) CONNETT'S Family History:

1890s in Butler County, OH
1891 - (4 May) Shirley "Imogene" ROBERTS was born to Annaretta (DeARMOND) and Daniel J. ROBERTS in Morgan township, southwest Butler County, OH
1894 - (??) Clarence H. CONNETT was born

1900s in Butler County, OH
1915 - (24 Nov) Shirley "Imogene" ROBERTS married Clarence H. CONNETT in Butler County, OH
1916 - (30 Dec) Clarence Lee CONNETT born in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH
1917 - (3 Jan) Clarence Lee CONNETT died in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, OH, only 4 days old. He was buried at New London Cemetery in Butler County OH.
1919 - (22 Apr) Willard T. CONNETT born OH

1923 - (20 Oct) Mabel K., Willard's future wife, was born
1925 - (14 Apr) Imogene's brother-in-law, Frank DURHAM, died of influenza. 1925 - (10 Jun) Imogene's sister, Effie DURHAM, died in Cincinnati, OH, after a short illness. The DURHAM children, John (15) and Margery (10), were now orphans. By the 1930 census, Margery was living with Imogene and Clarence.

1930 - (summer) Margery DURHAM was living with her aunt Imogene and uncle Clarence CONNETT, and 11 year old cousin Willard.

1955 - (summer) Margery RIETH (who may have been Margery DURHAM married) was living with her aunt Grace BIAS in Florida

1961 - (4 Dec Monday) Willard CONNETT was a pall bearer for his uncle George ROBERTS's funeral.

1970 - (17 Oct) Shirley "Imogene" ROBERTS CONNETT died in Cincinnati OH (78). She was buried in the New London Cemetery.
1975 - (??) Clarence H. CONNETT died in Cincinnati OH (?) (81). He was buried in the family plot Section 4 at New London Cemetery.

1992 - (19 Jul) Willard CONNETT died (73) and was buried in the New London Cemetery.

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