Harriet Helen Beck

F, #702, b. 3 April 1904, d. 30 August 1979
2nd cousin 2 times removed of Sheila Sue Altenbernd
Mother*Annette Mary Grove
     Harriet was born in Ozark Mountains, Missouri, USA, on 3 April 1904. She was born on Easter Sunday..1,2,3,4 Other sources show Harriet Helen Beck was born on 2 January 1904 in Elkton, Missouri, USA.5,6 She was the daughter of Annette Mary Grove.
     She was a student at Central High School, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, USA.6
     She was a student at Christian College, Missouri, USA, in 1919. Now known as Columbia College of Missouri..6
     Harriet worked. She worked as Fan Dancer.
     Photo in 1930 Romaine Studios.

     She applied for social security number; 349-10-3000.4
     Harriet Helen Beck was also known as Sally Rand.
     Norma used the name of Sally Rand professionally. According to the September 1, 1979 issue of the New York Times, she died on August 30, 1979 in Glendora, California of congestive heart failure.

Sally danced at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.

The New York Times stated Sally's real name was Helen Gould Beck. Verna Herrell stated it was Norma Beck (Verna's information came from Sally's aunt.)

Sally was born January 1, 1904 in Elkton, Missouri. Her father was a retired Army colonel. Her mother was a teacher and correspondent for several Kansas and Missouri newspapers.

Sally was married three times. To Thurkel Greenough, a rodeo star; to Harry Finklestein, and to Frederick Lalla.

Sally and Lalla adopted a son, Sean.

Sally earned a bachelor's degree from a Missouri college.

In 1979, Sean was 31 and had two children.

     Photo Photos are from Bolero.

     Photo in 1933.

     Photo of Sally Rand in May 1935 Screen Fun.

     Photo on 11 September 1937 Look Magazine.

     Photo in 1939 The Music Box.

     Sally files for bankruptcy.7

Harriet Helen Beck's signature on.

     Photo Bubbles.


     Sally Rand receives write-in votes for the Presidency.8

     Sally Rand was on trial for indecent exposure, corrupting the morals of an audience, and conducting an obscene show between 13 November 1946 and 14 November 1946 in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA.

While appearing at the Club Savoy on Farrell Street, six members of the police department watched her dance and then arrested her.

At her trial, the police captain testified his men had watched Sally Rand disrobe from full costume to a single tiny flesh-colored triangular patch -- an item which they failed to seize in the excitement of the arrest.

Her attorney suggested the judge so witness the dance for himself before ruling so he showed up at the club that night to watch her dance.

That night, Sally performed again. The police arrested her again. This time, though, behind the fan feathers, she was wearing long underwear and instead of the triangular patch, she had a small card which read "CENSORED, S.F.P.D."

In court the next day, the judge ruled the dance was not indecent and dismissed the charges.9
     Photo Nude Ranch.


     Harriet Helen Beck was employed in 1976.6

     Photo in 1976.
     Harriet died on 30 August 1979 in Glendora, Los Angeles County, California, USA, at age 75.3

     Harriet died on 31 August 1979 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA, at age 75.6,4,5
     The two ostrich fans used by Sally were placed in the "Feather Arts" exhibit.10

     Rand, Sally (Helen Gould Beck) 1904-1979

US Exotic dancer. During the 1930's she worked as a dancer in Chicago and developed her trademark nude dance routine to Chopin and Debussy, which featured the coy use of huge ostrich fans. Playing a role in the 1965 burlesque revival on Broadway, she continued to dance until 1978.

Born in Hickory County, Missouri, USA, Rand joined the circus as an acrobat as a teenager. She later moved to Hollywood where she played supporting roles in a number of silent films.

Her appearances at the 1933 Chicago Exposition and at later fairs and expositions across the country made her a popular favourite.

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