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Abbeytown - Ostle Barwise of Nook

Ostle Barwise of Nook

To the memory of Ostle Barwise of Nook who died April 18th 1813 aged 51 years.
ALSO of Ruth his WIFE who died January 20th 1842 aged 76 Years.

Abbeytown - John Barwise of Calvo

John Barwise of Calvo

In loving memory of John
beloved husband of Elizabeth Barwise
who died at Calvo
May 12th 1934 aged 78 years
Also Elizabeth beloved wife of the above
who died at Calvo ? 13th 1956(?) aged 88(?) years

Abbeytown - Thomas Barwise of Aldoth

John Barwise of Calvo

In loving Remembrance of Thomas Barwise of Aldoth
who died April 28th 1876 aged 70 years
Also Eleanor his wife died June 4th 1890
aged 77 years
Also Sarah Johnston their daughter
died December 9th 1875(?) aged 43 years
Also John their son
died January 14 1896 aged 32 years
Also Thomas B Johnston their grandson
died Mar 16th 1911 aged 44 years

Abbeytown - Thomas Barwise

Erected in memory of
Capt Thomas Barwise
a native of Lowsey of this parish
who died the 12th day of April 1823
aged 60 years.
During a long and successful maritime life
he had traversed the trackless Ocean
into many foreign climes having been
6 voyages to America;
2 do. to Greenland;
1 do. to the East Indies;
31 do. to the West Indies;
and in his skill as a mariner
he was excelled by none

Abbeytown - John Barwise of Edderside

Erected in memory of
John Barwise of Edderside
who died August 18th 1821 aged 62 years
Johanna his wife who died at Foulsike
February 28th 1799 aged 38 years
John their son died May 30th 1793
aged 1 year and 9 months
Thomas their son died in his infancy
Mary their daughter died July 8th 1803
aged 15 years
and John their son died April 23rd 1811
aged 16 years
(fallen - removed 1977)

Abbeytown - William Barwise

In memory of
William Barwise of Tarns
who died May 14th 1840 aged 70 years
Richard his brother
died February 13th 1837 aged 65 years.
Also ? above John and Hannah Barwise
? 1822 aged 74 years
? 1820 aged 70 years
Also Joseph son died Dec 30th 1855 aged 77 years
James their son died March ? 1878 aged 89 years

Abbeytown - John Barwise

? burying place
Ann the daughter of John and Hannah Barwis
who died September 28th 1774 aged ? weeks
Also of Mary their daughter who died December ?8th 1788 aged 9 years

Abbeytown - James Barwise

Erected in memory of Thomas
the son of James and Ruth Barwise
of New Cooper, who died Nov 12th 1861 aged 24 years
Also of James Barwise the above named
who died Nov ? 1881 aged 76 years
Also of Ruth his wife who died January 17th 1884
aged 81 years.

Abbeytown - John Barwise of Pelutho - (452) Row 15 R-S/st

Erected to the memory
who departed this Life, Nov. 10.1821 aged 61
Also of FRANCES his Sister who died
Jany. 23.1813 aged 60
WILLIAM Son to the above named JOHN and
JANE BARWISE, died on the 14 day of August
1827 aged 30 Years
MARY their Daughter died on the 7 day of April
1829 aged 29 Years.
ROBERT their Son who returned home from CC College, Cambridge, on the 23 and died on the 30 day of May 1828, aged 21 Years.

(This has been inserted in another person's hand)

Stop, reader, stop, and drop affliction's tear
The bier's drop'd a son of genius here,
Who, whitelike soar'd by love of learning fir'd
Like him he toil'd and, ah! like him expir'd


and continues in the original

Also of Jane, the Wife, of the above named John Barwise
who died 30th of October 1836 aged 71 Years.
Also of John their son, who died 30th of March
1854 aged 59 years.
Also of Martha their daughter who died 9th February
1855 and was interred in St. Jame's Cemetery Liverpool,
Aged 45 years.

Ireby - Joseph Barwise

(Northside - transcribed by Rev F B Swift. Nov 1969)

Near this peaceful place resteth the mortal remains of Joseph Barwise of Ireby who departed this life March 9th 1790 aged 68 years.
Also Grace his wife who departed this life March 25th 1815 aged 85 years;
Also of their twin children - Ann died July 17th aged 11 weeks and John died July 24th 1763 aged 12 weeks.

Ireby - includes Nancy (Barwise) Grave

Erected in Memory of Joseph Grave of Ireby who died December 29th 1813 aged 47 years.
Also of Nancy his wife daughter of Joseph and Grace Barwise who died December 30th 1830 aged 66 years.
Also Sarah their daughter who died February 9th 1800 aged 9 months.
Also of Ann their daughter who died September 21st 1803 aged 15 weeks.

Ireby - includes Sarah (Barwise) White

Sacred to the Memory of George Cape of Ireby who died Jan 6th 1750 aged 91 years.
Also of Elizabeth his wife who died May 7th 1720 aged 38 years.
Also of John their son who died October 24th 1785 aged 78 years and was interred in St Saviour's Church Southwark London.
Also of John their son who died March 17th 1754 aged 22 years.
Also of Ann their daughter relict of Richard Sanderson of Ireby who died August 11th 1811 aged 72 years.
Also of Joseph White of Ireby who died October 26th 1837 aged 80 yrs.
Also of Sarah his wife who died December 4th 1841 - aged 83 years.
Also Joseph Barwise White, who died at Maryport July 9th 1867 aged 76 years.

Holme St Cuthbert 1

Holme St Cuthbert 1

In Memory of Mary the beloved wife of John Longcake of Pelutho House who died on the 19th day of March 1867 aged 59 Years. She was the only daughter of of the Late John Wise of Mancary who was a very good man. Hannah Wise her mother was the only daughter of John Barwise of Cowper.

Holme St Cuthbert 2

Holme St Cuthbert 2

In Memory of John Wise Longcake of Pelutho House. Who died on the 22nd May 1850 aged 17 years. His promising Talents, such Principle and kind heart were like a flower Untimely Blasted. But his Spirit will Richly Bloom Again in a more genial World having died a Zealous Christian. Also of Mary Longcake, mother of above who died in Christ on the 19th of March 1865 age 59 years. Also of John Longcake father of the above who died on the 10th November 1873 at Jesus feet aged 69 years. The several charities left by him was in unity of the wishes both of his wife and son. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"

Holme St Cuthbert 3

Holme St Cuthbert 3

We Live in Hope.
Beloved wife of JOHN BARWISE,
who died at New Cooper
February 15 1910, aged 55 Years.
Also of the above JOHN BARWISE
who died at Foulsyke, June 11th 1925,
aged 84 Years.
also THOMAS their eldest son
who died January 11, 1936 aged 63 years.
Also JAMES their second son
who died Jan 25 1934 aged 56 years.

Holme St Cuthbert 4

Holme St Cuthbert 4

Erected in memory of Richard Barwise of Edderside Hall who died Christmas day 1860 aged 75 years.
Also Margaret, wife of the above, who died May 12th 1883 aged 86 years.
Also Mary Ann Barwise daughter of the above, who died 17th Sepr 1870 aged 14 years.
Also John Barwise son of the above, who died April 27th 1890 aged 52 years.
And Margaret Barwise, daughter of the above who died at 66 St James road, Carlisle, January 25th 1911, aged 78 years.

Aspatria - John Barwise of Hayton

John Barwise of Hayton

In memory of John Barwise of Hayton who died Jan 12th 1794 aged 79 years
and Isabella his wife who died 16 Jan 1817 aged 87 years
. . . . (inscription crumbled away but by context it must mention their son Robert) . . . their son died April 22nd 1826 aged 23 years
also of Isabella their daughter who died on the 24th day of August aged 19 years.
Also of Eleanor wife of the above Robert Barwise of Oughterside who died on the 18th day of . . . 1829 aged 57 years.
(the inscription continues but the stone has sunk into the ground and hidden it)

Aspatria - Joseph of Oughterside

Joseph of Oughterside

In memory of Joseph Barwise of Oughterside who died March 1832 aged 26 years
also of his two children died in infancy 1831

Aspatria - Joseph of Windy Hall

Joseph of Windy Hall

Sacred to the memory of Joseph Barwise of Windy Hall who departed this life December 6th 1834
also of Mary his wife...19th July 1860 aged 83 years
also of John his son..

Bromfield - John Barwis of Langrigg Hall

John Barwis of Langrigg Hall

Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth
Relect of John Barwis Esq. Of Langrigg Hall
She died xxv of April MDCCCXIV
One Hundred years of Christian Duties Sped
and Honour’s Matron Pillows here her head
One who with gifts of mind and form Supply’d
with Thanks receiv’d them, but without their Pride
A Faithful Wife’s a careful mother’s Name,
Deserv’d and won, who sought no highter Fame
Ye Village Neighbours, you who knew her best
Light Tread this Grave, and Hail its Hallow’s rest
Pronounce it Blest, for you may Truly tell
That Few so Long and Fewer Liv’d so well

Mingling with the Dust of an Ancient Ancestry
Lie the remains
of John Barwis Esquire of Langrgg Hall,
Eldest son
Of Thomas Barwis Esq Married Elizabeth Osmotherley
He died November 1800 Aged 89
Having survived a younger Brother,
The Rev Cuthbert Barwis, D D of Soho Square London
and Two Sons Thomas, Cut off in the prime of Life
By an Accidental Death
and William Barwis MD an Eminent Physician of Devizes Wilts

Bromfield - Rev John Barwise of Niton

Rev John Barwise of Niton

To the Memory of
Humbly and ---fly Lamented Husband
---- Rev John Barwis MA
------- of Niton on the Isle of Wright
Justice of the Peace for Cumberland
and Hants. Second son of
John Barwis Esq of Langrigg Hall
Born June the 25th 1744
Died January the 15th 1828
Erected by his Widow Jane Barwis
In Grateful rememberance of his many virtues
Also to the memory of
the above Mrs Jane Barwise who died at
Langrigg Hall, June the 18th 1840
In the 96th Year of her life

John Barwise of Melbourne 1823-1909

John Barwise of Melbourne

The memory of
The beloved children of John and Mary Barwise
Died 9th July 1860 aged 5 years.
Also in loving memory of the above
John Barwise
Born at Ireby, Cumberland, England
who died on the 26th January 1909
in his 87th year
Also in loving memory of the above
Mary Barwise
Born at Heathers Gill, Cumberland, England
who died on the 27th September 1912
in her 92th year

John Joseph Barwise of High Laws

John Joseph Barwise of High Laws

In Loving Memory of
John Joseph Barwise
who died 22nd March 1941 aged 44 years
Also his wife Annie
who died 19th March 1985
aged 89 years

John of New Cowper

John Barwise of New Cowper

Beloved wife of John Barwise
who died at New Cowper
February 15th 1910 aged 55 years
also of the above John Barwise
who died at Foulsyke June 11th 1925 aged 84 years
Also THOMAS their eldest son
who died January 11th 1936 aged 63 years
Also James their second son
who died January 25th 1934 aged 56 years

Joseph of Wigton/Woonona, New South Wales

Joseph of Wigton/Woonona, New South Wales

Our Dear Father
Joseph Barwise
Dearly beloved Husband of Sarah Barwise
Died November 25, 1899
Aged 52 years