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Ossie Della "Odie" Wildey Jessee
Oct 13, 1877 (Mankato, Ks.) - Feb 8, 1958 (Santa Ana, Calif.)

"Grandma Jessee" - Harry Jessee's mother

            | Archibald Jessee
  Paulyne--- |   | Abraham L Jessee --------------|    1850-1911
     1914-1995 |   |    1868-1938 | Mary Ann Purcell
    | Harry Jessee --------------|        1833-1873
  Warren--- |    1894-1950 |   | Augustus Wildey
     1917-1998 | | | Odie Wildey --------------|    1836-1931
    | |      1877-1958 | Mary Jane Roberts
     Harold---- |-------- -----------|          1833-1906
        1918-2000 | |     | John Tho. McDannald
    | | | David W McDannald --------------|    1817-1890
  Keith---- | | |    1851-1926 | Margaret Cull
     1920-1974 | Gladys McDannald --------------|        1817-1887
    |    1892-1967 |   | Samuel Reeves
  Rexene---- |   | Lucetta Reeves --------------|    1827-1899
     1922-          1859-1931 | Lydia Cleminson

Odie holding the child
with husband, Linc (tie), son Harry (straw hat), father Augustus Wildey (beard),
and her eight children, Santa Ana, 1914.

Odie was born in Kansas,2nd child of Augustus Wildey and Mary Jane Roberts Wildey. A lot of Jessee's had left Virginia for Kansas hoping to take advantage of the free government land and start their own farms. She met one of the Virginia Jessee's, Abraham Lincoln "Linc" Jessee and married in the early 1890's. Their first child was named Benjamin Harrison "Harry" Jessee, born in Kansas, 1894. The rough Kansas environment proved to be too much and the Jessee families started leaving Kansas for Southern California in 1900.

In the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census records, she called herself "Della". In the 1930 census she called herself "Odie", which is the name the family knew her. "Odie" probably comes from
"O.D." (Ossie Della).

Linc and Odie Jessee farmed in the Santa Ana, California area for the next 30 years. They and their relatives were bean farmers. In the 1930's, they found they could do better turning their farm into a duck hunting club, as they had a good sized lake that the migrating birds loved to stop at. Harry's daughter, Rexene Jessee, remembers the horrible smells at the duck club, as one of Odie's jobs was to clean the ducks that the hunters had shot.

Linc died in 1938. In the 1850's, Odie moved away from the old farm and lived in a small house in Santa Ana. She passed in 1958, and is buried in Fairhaven Cemetery next to Linc in Santa Ana.

Today, the old Jessee farm has been replaced by the suburbs around Newport Ave in Santa Ana and Tustin areas.

Odie's 75th birthday party, October 12, 1952, Santa Ana, California