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Doucher (Wisinger), Susanna (1500)

Wissinger Articles and other information

Wissinger, George W. (1844-1916) and Mary Blough

Wissinger, Jacob Gottlieb (1837-1901)

Wissinger, Johann Ludwig (1703-1779)

Wissinger, John (1836-1928)

Wissinger, John (1858-1935) Indiana

Wissinger, John Arthur (1878-1938)

Wissinger, John Paul and Geraldine Louise Weakley

Wissinger, Mrs. Lannie (nee Meyers) (1864-1953) [w/o Charles Wissinger]

Wissinger, Lewis (1793-1895)

Wissinger, Ludwig (1756-1842) 

Wissinger (nee McCormick), Mary B. (1912-2003) [w/o John Alfred Wissinger]

Wissinger, Mabry Delos (1883-1939)

Wissinger, Mary L. (nee Wilson) (1874-1958)

Wissinger (Weissinger), Melchior (1744-1819)

Wissinger, Michael John (1890-1932)

Wissinger, Mildred Mary Ellen Holmes (nee Cramer) (1902-1963) [w/o Blaine Alden Wissinger]

Wissinger, Plennie Earl (1885-1942)

Wissinger, Oscar W, Sr. (1836-1892)

Wissinger, Owen 'Bud' Watson Franklin Wissinger


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