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1. Genetics can unlock Genealogy, or give you a bad headache - Link
2. Ahnentafel report- Link

3. A listing by generation of all my blood  ancestors that I have found so far. Link

4. Gilpin DNA website - 

5. Gilpin DNA project at 

6. Members Gilpin Ydna results  seen at:


7. Haplogroup trees - Link
8.My Male relatives who have tested - Link 9. My MTDNA  results - Link
10. Beatty tree DNA - Link 11.  Electropherogram - Link

12.  Genealogy Files for Gilpins who have been DNA Tested - http://freepages.history.rootsweb.


14. My 23&me matches and chromosome information -Link 15. DNA Chart - Link
16. Explaining the cell in color - Link 17. X chromosome chart of inheritance - Link
18. Y-Haplogroups - Link 19. MTDNA - Haplogroups - Link
20. What is a recLOH - Link 21.