Bagshaw's 1846 Derby Borough - C to D

Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory

Surname Index for Derby Borough - C to D

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Surname/First Name/Occupation/Location & Parish
Cadman John grcr. & tea dlr. 47 Sadler gate
Caladine Geo. poor rate collector Ford St
Caladine Mary bed fur calenderer Agard St
Callinan Wm. tailor & b. hs. kpr. Mundy St
Calow Joseph whitesmith John St
Calvert Edw. bank cashier & agent to the Guardian assurance office 10 Full St
Camp Chs. baker & flour dlr. Canal St
Camp Thos. vict. Robin Hood ct. 1 Irongate
Campbell Hy matress mkr & upholsterer 7 Bold St
Campion Thos. baker & flour dlr. Eagle St
Cane Daniel bookkeeper Hope St
Cantrell Hy. vict. Nag's Head yard com. Inn & posting house St. Peters
Cantrell Mrs. Sarah  Ford St
Cantrell Rev. William B.A. Gentry Field Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Cantrill & Rowbottom painters Nag's head yd
Cantrill Wm. painter h. St. Peter's St
Carrington Emma dress mkr. Old Uttoxeter r
Carson John vict. City Arms Osmaston St
Carson Rbt. agent for Claycross coal company London road h. Sitwell St
Carter Solmn. vict. bowling green Old Seven Stars Nottingham road
Cartlich Thos. cabinet maker upholsterer broker & appraiser 43 Sadler gate
Cash Stephen seedsman &c. 1 Queen St
Cash Thos. gardener & seedsman Morledge
Cave Mary vict. Fox & Goose Friar gate
Chadfield Chas. stationer artists' repository Osmaston St
Chadfield Joseph printer & bookseller whole sale stationery & paper hanging & musical instrument warehouse  Friar gate
Chadwick Rt. paper dealer 25 Queen St
Chadwick Samuel agent Sacheverel St
Chadwick Samuel shpkpr. Normanton road
Chadwick Wm. gardnr. & sdsmn. 36 London St
Challiner Wm. merchant & colour manufr. City road h. 15 North parade
Challinor Francis varnish & printing ink manufacturer Duke st
Chamberlain John joiner Parker st terrace
Chambers G. A. butcher Burton road
Chambers Gervase butcher 45 London St
Chambers Wm. Quarry Owner & scythe stone manfr. Holbrook Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Chaplin Jonathan boot & shoe maker 65 St. Peter's St
Chapman Charles Butcher Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Chapman Chas. butcher 80 New Shambles & Alvaston
Chapman Hepworth & woollen drapers 8 Market head
Chapman John Tailor Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Chapman John  Hill brow
Chapman William Shopkeeper Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Chapman William Tailor Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Chatterton John lead merchant patent lead pipe mnfr. plumber & glazier Amen alley
Chatterton John Esq. Gentry Cottage Boulton St Peter's Parish
Cheetham George joiner Mansfield road
Cheetham John joiner 40 Full st
Cheetham John shoemaker 33 Bath St
Chell John wine & spirit merchant Full st. h. Parker St
Cheney Jas. boot & shoe maker Bag lane
Cheshire Wm. shoemaker Green St
Chester Richard beerhouse keeper Canal St
Cholerton Francis engraver Osmaston St
Cholerton Harvey coach timber bender Albion St
Cholerton John grocer Willow row
Cholerton John upholsterer & paper hanger Fowler st
Cholerton Mtw. cabinet maker & upholsterer 40 Queen St
Cholerton Saml. provision dlr. Liversage St
Cholorton Sarah beerhouse 43 London st
Church John needle maker 18 St. Helens st
Clark Alfred hairdrsr. & perfmr. St Peter's St
Clark Jas. S. maltster Friar gate
Clark John baker 44 Bridge gt
Clark John coal dealer 45 Walker lane
Clark John vict. Devonshire Arms Queen St
Clark Mary maltster King St h. Nottingham road
Clark Peter Esq.  Green Hill ter
Clark Sandars & wine & spt. merchts mkt. pl
Clarke & Son surgeon dentists Sadler gt bge
Clarke Jane milliner & dressmaker 60 St. Peters St
Clarke Jas. dyer & scourer Ford St
Clarke John chemist & druggist 14 Bridge St
Clarke John coal dealer Duke St
Clarke John grocer & tea dealer cigars &c. St Peter's Bridge
Clarke John wine merchant Friar gt
Clarke Thos. maltster & corn factor Nottingham road h. 1 Derwent terrace
Clavey Ed. vict. Half Moon Sadler gt
Clay Ed. wood turner & herblst. Eagle St
Clay J. coal agent London rd. h Osmaston rd
Clay John butcher Traffic St. & 6 New Shs
Clay John vict. Wheat Sheaf 30 Walker ln. & butcher
Clay Thos. butcher 8 New Shs. h Traffic st
Clays Jph. butcher Leonard St
Clayson Mary vict. Bird 2 Jury St
Clayton Maria dress maker 26 St Hellen's st
Clayton Thos. small ware dlr. Castle St
Cleevers Wm. tobacco pipe mkr. Wilow row
Clements My. straw bonnet mkr. Up. Friar St
Clerk Jas. 2nd master Grammar School h. Litchurch ter
Clevey Sm. gent. Sadler gt
Clifford John blacking mfr. Thorn tree ln
Cluer My. & Fanny milliners & dressmakers Market place
Clulow Ed. railway clerk Midland place
Clulow Wm. shopkeeper Osmaston rd
Cobb Rev. S. W. B.A. minister of St. John's Normanton road
Cobley Wm. painter 34 Queen St
Cock John Hy. currier & leather cutter 104 Friar gt
Cockayne Emma school Green lane
Cockayne John manager Upper South St
Cockayne Mrs. Hanh Farmer Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Cockayne My. shopkeeper 5 Bath St
Cockayne Wm. butcher 87 New sh h. Quarndon
Cocker Chr. boot & shoe mkr. Leonard St
Cocker Jonh. porter Markeaton lodge
Coke Thos. gent. Wilmot St
Cole John corn merchant Nottingham road h. St. Alkmund's church yard
Cole Wm. cabinet maker & furniture warhs. 60 St. Peter's St
Colebourn Geo. shopkeeper 23 Bridge gt
Coleman John toll gate collector Little Chester St Alkmund's Parish
Collier Rd. vict. Crown & Mitre Amen alley
Collinson John farmer Litchurch
Collumbell David tailor Darley ln
Collumbell Edm. clerk at St. Alkmd's King St
Collumbell Mrs. Sarah  Cherry St
Collumbell Rd. tailor Goodwin St
Collumbell Sar. & Eliz. cir. library King St
Cook Isaac boot & shoe maker Traffic St
Cook John preserver of Birds & Animals & museum
Cook John provision dealer Siddal's In
Cook Thos. watch & clock mkr. Friar gt
Cooke Chr. grocer & tea dlr. Siddal's In
Cooke Rd. butcher 3 Iron gt
Cooke Thos. grocer & tea dlr. 12 Corn mkt
Cooper Eliz. straw hat maker Bridge st
Cooper Geo. lace dealer & register office 58 St Peter's St
Cooper John gent. Traffic St
Cooper John tanner Green St
Cooper Josh. butter dealer Thorntree In
Cooper Mrs. Sarah  London St
Cooper Rt. plumber & glazier St. Peter's st. h. Sitwell st
Cooper Thos. gent. 18 Victoria st
Cooper Thos. shoe maker 14 St. Helen's St
Cooper Thos. stone mason & bdr. Brook st
Cooper Thos. & Son fellmrs. glue manufacts. & woolstaplers Parcel field Uttoxeter rd
Cooper Wm. Mansfield building contractor 16 St Mary's gt
Cope Hy. silk dyer St. Michael's In
Cope Jas. agent Sacheverel St
Cope Jas. shopkeeper Nun's st
Cope John fishmonger & beer hs. 48 Sadler gt
Cope Jph. boot & shoe maker Eagle St
Copestake Chas. baker & shopkpr Morledge
Copestake Ed. butcher 41 Nuns St
Copestake Eliz. dress maker Wilmot St
Copestake Mary shopkeeper Burton road
Copestick Geo. vict. Green Man Kensington rd
Copestick Jas. farmer Old Uttoxeter road
Corbin Rev. John indept. min. 35 Friar gt
Corden John Esq. stamp distributor & recvr. of H.M's. revenues Corn mkt h. Albert pl
Corden Jph. boot & shoe mkr. 38 Friar gt
Corn John coml. trvlr. 6 Wilmot st
Cornwell J.B. master Brit. schl. Orchard st
Costen Chas. vict. Durham Ox. St. Peter's St
Cottin Michael F. beer hs. Canal st
Coulson Nath. slate merchant Nottingham rd
Coulson Robt. slater grave & tombstone engraver & dlr. in Welsh & Westmoreland sates  Siddal's lane
Coulson Wm. slater John St
Cowlishaw Jas. & John coach builders London st
Cowlishaw John wheelwright & beerhouse Traffic St
Cowlishaw Rd. confectioner Liversage St
Cox & Malin Wine & spirit merchts. Cornmkt
Cox Brothers & Co lead merchants mfrs. of white lead lead pipe & shot Morledge & Mill hill
Cox Edw. Soresby lead mercht. h. Brailsford hall
Cox George gent. Grove terrace
Cox Haden & Pountain wine & spirit merchants Market place
Cox Harriet milliner & dressmaker Tenant St
Cox Hy. wine merchant h. Park field
Cox John gent. Burton road
Cox Mrs. Maria  60 Friar gate
Cox Mrs. Mary  Bridge St
Cox Samuel eating house Bridge St
Cox Samuel Walker ironfounder Derwent foundry Exeter place
Cox Wm. porter Thorntree lane
Cox Wm. provision dealer New market
Cox Wm. wine merchant h. Cornmarket
Cox Wm. Sons & Co. cheese factors Tenant St
Coxon Jacob white & lock smith Devonshire St
Coxon John Blacksmith Boulton St Peter's Parish
Coxon John jun. Farmer Boulton St Peter's Parish
Coxon Thos. butcher 76 New shambles h. Hollington
Crabtree Wm. hatter 60 St. Peters St
Craiton M. A. girl's British school Chapel St
Cramond William silk hosiery & glove mnfr. George st
Cramp Henry agt. Thos. & Henry Wilders ale & porter brewers 6 Full St
Cramp Henry brewery agent 6 Full St
Crawford Henry tailor Friar gate
Creswell Anthony vict. Dog & Partridge Tenant st
Crighton Samuel dyer 25 Sadler gate
Crole Daniel Greengrocer 37 Green lane
Crompton Newton & Co. bankers 23 Iron gt
Crooks Thos. velvet mnfr. Siddals lane
Cross Wm. Hy. bookpr. Fowler st
Crossley Mathias bookpr. Normanton road
Crown Mrs. dressmaker Sadler gate
Crump Thos. plumber glazier engraver & manager of gas works Friar gate
Cubley Ann fancy repository 34 Queen st
Cubley Wm. painter & gilder 34 Queen st
Cuff & Fox sharebrokers athenaeum bdgs. & Midland hotel Railway terrace
Cuff John vict. Midland hotel post-horse kpr. Gigs flys &c. Railway terrace
Cummings Henry schoolmaster Curzon St
Cunliffe Henry cabinet maker Mansfield rd
Cuppleditch Mary dressmaker Parker st
Cursham Miss M. A.  Wilmot St
Curzon Hon. Admiral Henry  Upper Friar gt
Curzon John solicitor 3 Full st
Dagley Smith & railway car. mkrs. London St
Dalby Mrs. Mary  Wilmot St
Dallison Gilbert butcher 27 Queen St
Dallison Thos. bobbin net mnfr. Traffic st
Dallison Wm. junr. bobbin net mnfr. Eagle St
Dallison Wm. senr. bobbin net manufacturer 75 Devonshire st
Daniel Rev. Joseph catholic priest Bridge gt
Daniels John shoemaker Darley/Darley Abbey St Alkmund's Parish
Darby Henry woollen drpr. & tailor Market pl
Darby Thomas gent. Wilmot St
Davenport Chas. bankers clerk upr. South St
Davenport Ebnzr. Silk throwster Osmaston st
Davenport Joseph silk throwster Morledge mills h. Osmaston road
Davidson Thos. bookkeeper upper South St
Davies Ann vict. Neptune Osmaston st
Davis John optician & mathematical instrument maker Iron gate
Davison Joseph blacksmith Sadlergate
Dawson Geo. hairdresser Siddals
Dawson John vict. George IV Leonard St
Dawson Jph. chemist & druggist 8 Irongate
Dawson Thos. clerk of St Peter's St Peter's churchyard
Dawson Walter hairdresser London road
Daykin John gardener Burton road
Daykin Wm. shopkeeper Eagle st
Dean Rev. Jas. M.A. curate of Osmaston & minister of Calke Albert place
Denham Edmnd. staff sergeant major Devonshire St
Denham Wm. horse dealer Siddals lane
Denman Wm. baker & confec. Osmaston rd
Denston Joshua maltster corn miller & baker Cheapside & Friar gate
Deque Jean eating house 6 Iron gate
Dewar David lib. mechanics' hall Wardwick
Dewe Chas. Thos. Reynolds solicitor 28 Iron gt h. Green hill ter
Dhon Capt. Francis  Cherry st
Dilks John tobacco pipe mkr. Park St
Dimock Jas. beer hs. Victoria St
Dimock Thos. vict & maltster Old Spot 21 St Helen's st
Dix Rd. house surgeon General Infirmary
Dobson John T. beer hs. John St
Dobson Rph. school master Traffic St
Dobson Wm. beer hs. Siddal's In
Dodds John cloths dlr. 1 & 2 Corn mkt
Doleman J. vict. Jolly Toper Nottingham rd
Domelo Wm. butcher Canal St
Doubleday Wm. butcher Canal st
Douge Ph. beer hs. Siddal's lane
Douglass Jas. draper London St
Draper Rt. linen & woln. drapr. 15 Corn mkt
Drew John shoe maker 10 St. Mary's gt
Dudell Geo. temperance coffee hs. Albert pl
Dudley Ch. wd & iron trnr. 1 court Willow ro
Duesbury Wm. cheese factor Full st
Dugmore Dan. schoolmaster St Helens st
Dugmore Jas. collector Wind mill field gt
Dunn Bryan brazier h Charles st
Dunn Harriett dress maker Goodwin st
Dunn Wilson & braz. & tinpl. wrkrs. King St
Dunnicliff & Severne solicitors 16 St. Mary's gt
Dunnicliff John boot & shoe mkr. Hope St
Dunnicliff John solicitor h. Burton rd
Dunnicliffe John butcher St. Peter's St & 15 New Shambles
Dyche Jph. & Rt. English & foreign timber merchants Cock pit Hill
Dyche Samuel coal dlr. & iron seller Bag In
Dyche Wm. joiner Castle pla
Dyche Wm. vict. Woodman's Stroke Bag ln 
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