The Mason Family

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 Our Past and Our Future


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The Mason Family

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Genealogy Report


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David and Ellen Mason

David and Ellen's 65th Wedding Anniversary -Life Story  

Martha J. Deter Mason

Martha was the first wife of  Asa Mason.  Asa was a younger brother of David Mason who was married to Martha's younger sister Ellen Deter Mason.  Many Thanks to Aleen for sharing this with us all.

Cora Dell Mason News Paper Story of David and Ellen's Anniversary #1

Everett Mason

Baby Picture

News Paper Story of David and Ellen's Anniversary  #2

Everett Mason 

News paper Stories

Cora Mason Shepard Autograph Albums

Cora with her parents

David and Ellen Deter Mason 1932

List of names who signed Cora's Albums
Cora Dell Mason's  Certificate of Marriage to John Shepard 

David Mason and his brother's Civil War Pension Index Cards

Shepard Family Plot 

Forest Lawn Cemetery in Bremerton Washington, resting place for: 

Cora Dell Mason Shepard and her two sons: Carl Mason Shepard & Floyd David Shepard.

Cora Mason & Stella Fleener

Childhood friends

Mason Family of Sonora 

A bit of  Family History

Monroe Township, Pike County, Indiana   MAP ~ 1881

William Washington Mason's Will and Probate Records 

 b. December 11, 1799 d. May 28, 1891

 Many Thanks to Cindy Wilxcon

Unidentified Girl

Please ID her if you can help 


Memorial To Blackfoot Church

 Many Thanks to Paul Curry, Central City, KY 

Simeon Mason and Elizabeth Macer Skinner

Memorial To Blackfoot Church ~History

 Many Thanks to Paul Curry, Central City, KY 

James Mason Family Pictures 

Lettie Arizona Mason

Otto Harvey Mason & Minnie Carien Mason

William McKiney Mason & Morris Carmon

Parthenia Belle Mason Roberts & Lucy Viola Mason

Benjamin Mason

James Mason

A Chronicle of Spurgeon

Fludy Florance Mason

with James Raymond &  Elizabeth 

Fred Wiggs  & Sarah Elvira Clifford

Nancy Jane Mason & William Allen O'Neal

Souvenir of the Business Men 

of Oakland City IN, 1895

F. C. Benton, Photographer


 The Back of the picture has a partial listing of names down the right had side and more info on the bottom of it.  The Card is very old and worn around the edges as you will see.  Please be patient these are very large files to download.  Debbi holds the original. 

Can you help me identify the woman in this picture? 

See below please

 On the back it is written: Mrs. Rosa S ??????  Oakland City Indiana.  63 years.  unable to read and then it says 1936.  This picture was kept in a very special box full of treasures belonging to my Great Grandmother Cora Dell Mason, it must have been someone very special to her.  please e-mail me if you have any information. 

William Washington Mason

Picture date unknown

Eliza Skinner Mason Family reunion picture taken after her husbands funeral.  


Date November 25, 1919


See page for family member names.


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