Map European finds of golden bracts and rune texts

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Finds of golden bracts and inscriptions with runes

This map builds on works of Mogens B. Mackeprang 1952.

The R-markt places show the finds but also most of the places where we know they have been in their heydays. The R in Poland should be in Kovel near Brest and Beresina is near Kiev in Russia. Unmarked is the Pietroasa gold in Romania. On that path we also find Olbia near Odessa that was the place for Greek gold smiths serving Scandinavians and Scythians with gold works.

They were in Burgund fighting Attila and moved then to Bohemia, but were driven to Illyria = Yugoslavia with some rune text in Sarajevo

The finds in Rhineland are natural since they traded with the Romans and even the Romans set up stelae with Latin texts mentioning Mercurius Rex from the North. They have also found a burial with a Shield Maiden there.

Observe in Kent are 3 finds without definition and 6 graves with together 18 bracts of the "Snake pit"-type. The R-finds in England and Normandy later 600 - 800 AD.

Note that I see the early runes belonging to the Erils. We know they were skilled in handicraft and weighed together the early runes must have been the "secret" language of the Erils. They furnished Rome with Legionaries and maybe set up an "auxiliary legion" like other German tribes. Normally they were placed long form home and that may be on Balkan but also in Syria.