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Unknown Photos

        The following tin type photos were among my mothers keepsakes that are presently Unknown to any family members. I have separated them according to my best surname guess.

Surnames -- Brown/Laton/Thompson/Wallace    Where taken -- Illinois


 This is our maternal grandmother Gustavia Malinda (Gussie) Thompson. Her father was Wm. Thompson and her mother is Unknown. This is what it states on her death certificate
 I surmise that this is a photo of a younger Gussie and possibly the lady seated is her mother. Or another summation being that they are sisters. Gussie sitting in the chair and the lady standing is the lady in the L. W. Wallace photo below holding the baby. 
 I am guessing that the lady seated is a photo of Gussie and a younger Mrs. Wm. Thompson who is standing. 

  This photo could be Gussie's parents. If that is the case the man would be Wm. Thompson. The woman's facial features are such that I can't compare them to the other woman facial features on the left.
  On the first census that I was able to find of the John Brown family, 1900 Alexander Co., IL, it list a Oda Laton born 1888 as a step son, and Bert Brown born 1899. This could be a early photo of either of these persons.
Editor Note: This census is in error as to whom this was a second marriage of. John and not Gussie was married twice. See item number 7 on John's pension application.  
 I am guessing that this is a younger Oda Laton Brown. The facial feature are similar to a photo of older Oda Brown found on the Notes page of the John Brown family.
 On the back side of this photo it states "L. W. Wallace, Thebes, Illinois. This photo is not a Tin type, it is that of a postcard. This lady's facial features resemble that of the lady in the photo above who is standing with the sitting Gussie.

On the back of this photo is written Delia Bolen. It was in my Maternal Grandmother Autograph Book with a lock of hair that was wrapped with a rubber band. See Gussie Album by clicking the "Up" button at the top of the page, or if you wish just click on "Gussie Album."

Surname -- Dyer and Unknown    Where taken -- Illinois and Missouri

Family Gathering. This photo was among those of the above photos and I felt that there was some reason for that and  it might be members of the following surnames, BROWN, DYER, LATON, THOMPSON or WALLACE. 
This photo was sent to me by Eleonore Crespo at: [email protected] and she requested of me to include this photo on my Unknown photo pages. She would like to see that ancestors of this Charles L. Dyer have it. On the back side of this photo it states; "Compliments of Charles L. Dyer to Miss Ida, dated 2 Jan 1872, Charlie Dyer of Missouri." If you recognize this person as being in your linage you can contact her at her e-mail address.
































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