Richard Gallagher Co. Donegal

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The Descendents of Richard Gallagher
of Castlefin, County Donegal, Ireland

Compiled by Sean Furniss
Revised 14 January 1999

Many of the descendents of Richard Gallagher still live in Ireland while others have gone to various parts of the world. Some members of the family still farm in Donegal, others have undertaken a variety of careers in law, medicine, military, education, and various industries. This document provides a small glimpse into the lives of this extended family and attempts to document what is known before it lost to memory.

This internet version is an edited version of the source document. Information about living members of this family has been reduced to protect their privacy. Copies of the original document have been placed in various repositories in Ireland and the United States and given to those family members who have expressed an interest.

I. Acknowledgements

II. A Brief Review of Gallagher History

III. Home and Life in the 1910-1920's

IV. Genealogy and Family History

V. Index of Names

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