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Descendants of William Taylor, Sr.

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1 William Taylor, Sr. b: 1680 in Norfolk Co., VA d: October 1794 in Pitt County, North Carolina +Liscomb Jones b: Abt. 1687 in Talbot Co., Maryland m: Abt. 1707 in Norfolk Co., VA d: Bet. 1750 - 1754 in Pitt County, North Carolina

2 Dinah Taylor

2 Nancy Taylor

2 Simon Taylor   b: 1708 in Norfolk Co., Virginia d: Bef. January 25, 1796 in Craven Co., NC +Mary b: Abt. 1730 d: Aft. 1796 in Craven Co., NC.

On 25 Jan 1796, Mary Taylor, widower, sold 77 acres for 50 pounds to Benjamin Paxton; former owner Simon Taylor, dec., former husband of Mary Taylor, grantor. Wit: Martin Nellson, Peggy Paxton.

William Taylor was a sworn chain carrier (SCC) in Jan 1763 when his brother Simon Taylor received a Granville grant of 216 acres on the south side of Tar River in Pitt County. And also, William Taylor was a sworn chain carrier in June 1763 on a Granville plat for his brother John Taylor.

William Taylor, Jr., was granted 200 acres in Oct 1767 in Pitt County on the South West side of Creeping swamp, joining the side of the said swamp above the great branch. He sold the 200 acres granted him in Oct 1767 to his nephew William Taylor, minor son of his brother Simon Taylor in Mar 1769.

2 William Taylor, Jr. b: Abt. 1712 in Norfolk Co., VA d: Aft. 1799 in Pitt County, North Carolina +Dinah Deale b: Abt. 1717 in Elizabeth River, Norfolk County, VA m: Abt. 1735 in Pitt County, NC d: in Pitt County, North Carolina  William Taylor Jr.

Dinah Deall had a son John Deall to whom William Taylor made a deed of gift of land and cattle in September of 1751, stating: "for love & affection which I have & do bear to John Deall a bastard child of Dinah Deall my wife" Pitt County, NC.

Pitt County, NC, William Taylor sold 200 acres for L120 to John Haddock, Jr., 22 Jan 1767. John Hadduck (sic), Jr., then sold the 200 acres on the same day for L100 to John Simpson; former owners were given as: Simon Burney, William Taylor, Sen., and son, William Taylor, Jr. (1731). Original record indicates John's name as Haddock and not Hattock as this document has been published elsewhere.

2 John Taylor b: Abt. 1718 d: March 24, 1772 in Craven Co., NC [Will Date]

William Taylor made a gift of a Negro for love and affection to his son John Taylor on 28 Mar 1760. John Taylor's adjoining land mentioned on 20 June 1764 when Francis Buck sold 200 acres for 20 pounds to Peter Albritton; former owner Capt. Isaac Buck (Pat. 1757); wit: John Simpson, Elizabeth Simpson.

John Taylor, Craven County, NC, 24 Mar 1772. His will was probated on 28 Mar 1772 - Will - Sons: Absolam, John. Grandson: John Taylor. Daughters: Violater Garde, Tamer Taylor, Courtney Taylor. Granddaughter: Alse Garde. Executor: Bazell Smith. Witnesses: Jacob Sikes, Ann Sikes, Elizabeth Thompson. Proven before Jo. Martin.

2. Liscomb Taylor b: 1721 in Norfolk Co., VA d: Bet. May - December 1802 in Haddock Plantation, Pitt Co., North Carolina Burial: Haddock Plantation, Pitt Co., North Carolina [no stone] +John Haddock, Sr. b: Abt. 1721 in Saint Mary's County, Maryland m: Abt. 1741 in Pitt County, North Carolina d: May 18, 1809 in Haddock Plantation, Pitt Co., North Carolina Burial: Haddock Plantation, Pitt Co., North Carolina [no stone]

Liscomb's mother, Liscomb Jones, was mentioned in her father's will. In 1728, Walter Jones died and named his daughter Liscomb Taylor in his will. She was married to William Taylor, Sr. Their daughter was Liscomb Taylor who married John Haddock, Sr. To make this issue even more complicated, William Taylor, Jr. married Dinah Deall and their daughter married John Haddock, Jr. [cousin married cousin].

2. Jacob Taylor b: 1731 - Since Jacob Taylor isn't listed on the taxable lists of 1764, he may be the son that William Taylor Sr. had lived with for the past 40 years [data given in obituary in 1794]  1748-1763, Vol. 3, Page 312 5 Dec. 1755, William Taylor, Beaufort Co. planter, to my son, Simon Taylor "for the love and affection" all that tract William bought from Jacob Taylor 100 acres in Beaufort Co. on south side of Beaver Dam Branch "which I bought of my brother Jacob Taylor" (1737 patent), signed Wm. Taylor (I), wit. Isaac Buck, Jacob Taylor, Isaac Buck, Jr.

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[Pitt County, NC, Book F, Page 75-77] [Research Note: John Haddock] This Indenture made the Twenty fifth day of may in the yar of our lord one Thousand Seven hundred of Twenty four Between Thomas Albritton, James Albritton and Peter Albritton of the County of Pitt and Mathew Albritton of the County of Onslow in the Province of North carolina Planter of the one part and George Albritton Planter of the County of Pitt of the other Part Witnesseth that for and in Consideration of the sum of Ninety pounds proclamation money to the said Thomas Albritton, James Albritton, Peter Albritton and Mathew Albritton in hand paid by the said george Albritton atand before the Sealing of Delivery of these presents the Recipt and payment wherof is hereby Acknowledge hath granted Bargained Delivered inforced conveyed and confirmed by these presents Doth grant Bargain Sell alien enforce convey a confirm unto the said george albritton planter his heirs and aforesign forever one messorage or tack of land setuate lying and being in Pitt County ont he South Side of tarr River and on the Lower Side of the Cross Swamp on the other side of Chicod Swamp Contining 200 acres more or less Begining at a Chesnut Oak on one of the Swamps of Chicod Runing out S 30 degrees at 160 poles to a pine then North 60 degrees Et 200 pole to a stake at the outside of a pine thence North 30 degress West 260 poles toa pine then South 60 degrees West 200 poles to the first statin ... being part of a track of land granted unto Simon Burney by patent and by him conveyed to William taylor senr and by William Senr Convey by Deed to his son William Taylor Junr dated Sept 20th 1751 and by Wm taylor Junr conveyed by deed bearing date January 22nd 1767 to John Hattock Jur [sic] and by John Hattock Junr [sic] Convey by deed Bearing date January 23, 1767 to John Simpson Esqr and by John Simpson Esqr conveyd by deed bearing date march 14, 1769 to James Albritton Senr and by James Albritton Senr conveyd by his last Will and testament to us his four sons to Wit Thomas, James, Peter and Mathew Albritton With the Appurtenances Situate lying and being asaforeyed with their and Every oftheir Rights members and appertenances whateve and the Reversionard Revissions Rememden and Remaindeers of all Singular the said lands Tenements hereditaments of premisses hereby grants or intened to be granted of every part andparcel thereof and all Rents ... Servess profits to them or any of them or any part or parcel of them may of them were belonging or appertaing and also all and Every the Estate of thes aid Thomas Albritton, James Albritton, Peter Albritton and Mathew Albritton and heirs Estee or Admn. unto or out of the said lands Tenements Heriditaments and premisses whatsoever hereby granted or monsshoned to be granted or any of them or any part or parcel thereof to have and to hold the said lands tenements hereditaments and premisses hreby granted with their appurtenancess to the said george Albritton planter his heirs and assigns to the only proper use to Behoof the said george albritton planter his heirs andassigns forever and the said Thomas Albritton, James Albritton, Peter Albritton and Mattew Albritton for them selves their heirs Executors and administrators Doth hereby promisses covenant and agree that they the said Thomas Albritton, James Albritton, Peter Albritton and Mathew Albritton their heirs defend the said premisses to the said george Albritton planter his heirs and assigns against all lawful claims or Demands Whatsoever whereby the above mentioned promisses might ... be affectd or encombrances Contrary to the true intent and meaning of these pressents in Witness wherof the said Thomas Albritton, James Albritton, Peter Albritton and Mathew Albritton has hereunto set their hands seals tis day and year first avoe writton. Signed Seal Deliverd in his presents of NB the Woods their heirs Excute for admn Intentions on the Side before Executed. Robert Salter, Richard Albritton, John Simpson. October Court 1774 ordered for Registration. Thomas Albritton, James Albritton, Peter Albritton, Mathew Albritton.


These patents, which I abstracted from microfilm while in Salt Lake City, help establish names, and are attached to certain places and certain general areas for a specific time.

In 1768, Patent # 7143, Book 23, Taylor's Swap was identified in the following patent.

Patent # 7136, page 351. John Simpson, 22 Dec 1768, 166 acres in Pitt on the side side of Taylor's Swamp, joining (a point) near Franks Branch and the pocoson at the head of Watery Branch (which is) the Corner of Simpsons former Survey.

Another patent located in Patent Book 23 was that of John Simpson, Patent # 5929, Page 94.

John Simpson, 26 Oct 1767, 640 acres in Pitt on the west side of the West prong of Checode Creek swamp joing the first branch southwest of cross swamp meadow, Suttons bea tree branch, Pachetts well, and the mouth of the thoroughfare pocoson on Clayroot.

John Simpson, Patent Book 20, #3250, page 708, 14 Nov 1771, 100 acres in Pitt on the east side of Swifts Creek, joining Nasby Mills, John Haddock, John Haddock Jr. and the said Simpson.

Located in Patent Book 20, Patent # 3251, page 708, was John Simpson, who took a patent on 14 Nov 1771, 400 acres in Pitt County, joining Ichabod Simpson, Little Contentney Creek and Col. Palmer.

In Patent Book 20, Patent # 3252, Page 709, John Simpson, is mentioned as having filed a patent on 14 Nov 1771, 118 acres in Pitt joining Jas. Albriton, Wm. Dickson, Peter Albriton, Cross Swamp, and Cow Swamp.

In Patent Book 22, Patent # 4284, Page 201, John Haddock, took a patent on 25 Jan 1773, 200 acres in Pitt joining the Clayroot, the head of the long Branch, and the courses of the swamp.

Patent #4285 in the same book on the same page and dated the same day, is another patent for John Haddock, for 300 acres in Pitt in the Cypress Gade neck and the Cedar Swamp neck, joining the Cypress Gade Swamp at the mouth of the first small drain above Mayo's House.

Another kinsmen was Nasby Mills, who was mentioned in the patent that Andrew Hardy took, which was located in Patent Book 22, Patent #3484, on page 6, Andrew Hardy, 14 May 1772, took 300 acres in Pitt on Swifts Creek, joining Samuel Smith, Travisses Line, and Nasby Mills.

Patent Book 17, indicated that there are records of William Taylor taking a patent on 15 Feb 1764, located on page 35. Patent # 7032, William Taylor took 300 acres in Pitt on the south side of cross swamp, joining Francis Buck on the said swamp.

Patent #7033, Patent Book 17, Page 35, William Taylor is located on the same day, 15 Feb 1764, as taking another patent, which is for 248 acres in Pitt on the north side of the Cross Swamp, joining Taylors back line, the swamp and (a point) near the Cross Swamp Pocoson.

William Taylor, Pitt County, NC, sells 200 Acres to Ozbon Clark in Oct 1790; William Taylor sold 200 acres (Pat. 1767) for 80 pounds on 21 Oct 1790 to Ozbon Clark; wit: William Buck, Francis Buck.

William Taylor of Pitt County, NC, sells Negro in Feb 1793; William Talor [sic] and William Neel sold to John Gatling on 22 Feb 1793 a Negro for 100 pounds; wit: Jacob Jarrel, Charles Jarel, Reddin Jarel.

William Taylor, Pitt County, NC, sells 400 Acres to John Taylor in Mar 1793; William Taylor sold 400 acres for 70 pounds to John Taylor on 5 Mar 1793.

William Taylor, Sr., Pitt County, NC, makes gifts to John Haddock in May 1793; William Taylor for love and affection granted on 4 May 1793 to John Haddock household items and a Negro; wit: Nancy Haddock.

William Taylor, in document: Land Mentioned in Oct 1793. William Taylor was mentioned as a former owner on 8 Oct 1793 when Adnell [sic] Haddock sold 200 acres to William Haddock for 40 pounds; wit: Charles Haddock, Martha Haddock.

William Taylor sells 60 Acres to John Taylor in Apr 1794: William Taylor (Cart) sold 60 acres on 9 Apr 1794 to John Taylor for 125 pounds; wit: Frederick Bryan, James Grimes.

In a deed of June of 1794, Pitt County, NC: 24 June 1794, John Taylor sold sold 400 acres for 80 pounds to Joseph Tooke (Craven); former owner William Taylor; wit: Stephen Gatlin, William Tooke, John Tooke.


William Taylor, Sr., dies in 1794 in Pitt County at the Age of 114: The following obituary was reprinted in The Connector, Newsletter of the Tar River Connections Genealogical Society, Vol. 2, No. 4 (Fall 1998), p. 18: "Halifax, Nov. 3, 1794: Lately, in the piney woods of Pitt County, where he had resided for 40 years past with his youngest son, who is in the 63rd year of his age, Mr. William Taylor, aged 114 years. He was born either in Virginia or this state - enjoyed for many years past a perfect state of health, and on the morning of his death had set off to walk two miles to get a pair of shoes, but was seized with a fit shortly after he left home which carried him off."


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