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My name is Celia Hartmann and I am the owner of this site.  This site's under construction, but you're welcome to browse it anyways.  Not all links may work and not all data is complete.

In February 1998, I decided to start a hobby since I was a new stay-at-home mom.  Well, the hobby I choose was GENEALOGY, something that had always interested me.  I've always been interested in who my ancestors were and what they did.  The hobby has quickly become an addiction.

It all started with my Dad's side:  Egnor.  I started there thinking that it would be the easiest since it was such an uncommon name.  Well, in some ways it was easy because in a matter of days, I had found Dad's GGGrandfather Archibald Egnor, born 1811.  I then also found out that Archibald's parentage had been a mystery for decades.  That was the start of the obsession--could I really figure the puzzle out where others had failed, me a newbie??!!  Well, I joined up with a couple of new found cousins (Carol and Patsy) and the real search began.  And, the story seems to have a happy ending....with the help of many others, we are pretty sure we now have the line back to the immigrant ancestor, Johannes Aegender (born c1698 probably in Switzerland, who came on the Britannia in 1731.)  We have lots of circumstantial evidence pointing to Archibald's family, but still hope to find something of proof.

In the future I hope to have lots of genealogy information at this site on my husband Ritch and I's families. I'm currently researching the following surnames:

If you have any information on any of these, please contact me

Waiting to hear from you!


Please note that any genealogical data on this website should not assumed to be accurate.  Some data on this site has been received from unverified sources and should not be assumed to be my own research.  Rule of thumb:  just because it is in black and white, doesn't mean it's right!  Do your own research, if you want to be sure!

Please do not publish any information on my site without my written consent.  Contact me for that consent.  I maintain all copyrights to the information contained herein.

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  • Egnor / Agner Genealogy
  • Adkins & Cooper Genealogy
  • Hartmann Genealogy
  • Kaiser/Keiser, Simmers, Edmonds, Rupert, et al Genealogy
  • Stoner & Fowler Genealogy 
  • VanFossen Genealogy 
  • Runyon Genealogy
  • The Legacy Poem
  • Reason for Genealogy
  • Links to Other Places

  • Waiting to hear from you!

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