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Principal Cornish Speakers

Nigel Pengelly


Cornish communications and keeping in touch with our cousins in the 21st century


In between spells of helping his father on the family dairy farm, Nigel Pengelly has been engaged in media and journalism for more than 20 years.
From the ini
tial phase of writing for his university newsletter, Nigel progressed to newspaper journalism becoming a news reporter and then a subeditor at Cornwall and Devon Media.
He set up two publishing companies in Cornwall before taking over as editor of Code; a national men’s lifestyle magazine.

Feeling a call to return to Kernow, he took over the helm of Cornish World. Cornish World was a magazine of international Cornish interests with subscribers in 34 countries worldwide. The publication sought to maintain and promote Corni
sh culture and heritage. The magazine won awards and aims to preserve the Cornish cultural identity as well as offering a vehicle for commentary on Cornish affairs.

Since leaving Cornish World, Nigel is now the editor of The Celtic Link – a new magazine aimed at linking the international Celtic diaspora. He lives in Penzance, where he was born, with his wife Serena and two sons Joseph and Jago.




Sharron Schwartz


The Cornish in Latin America: 'Cousin Jack' and the New World



Sharron P. Schwartz is a native of Redruth and a history graduate of London University. She completed her PhD on Cornish migration to Latin America in 2003 at the University of Exeter.


She set up the Cornish Global Migration Programme to trace Cornish migrants worldwide at Redruth under the aegis of Exeter University where she became Research Fellow in Migration Studies. Sharron has a deep interest in metalliferous mining and migration, and was the documentary researcher for the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site, Cornwall Council.


She has published widely on mining communities and migration, including Lanner: A Cornish Mining Parish (1998), Voices of the Cornish Mining Landscape (2008), and Mining a Shared Heritage: Mexico’s Little Cornwall’ (2011). She is presently completing her latest book, The Cornish in Latin America: ‘Cousin Jack and the New World’.


Sharron now lives in Ireland with her partner and has advised the Irish Government on World Heritage issues, and worked on the Clonmacnoise Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site Bid. She is currently involved in an EU-funded bilateral project (Wales and Ireland) to promote and valorise the mining heritage of Glendalough and Glendasan in County Wicklow.


Other Speakers and their Topics


Saturday 9am- 10am


Speaker                                                    Topic


Dennis Goodland                                  A relaxing talk on the river Fal and other things                                          

Sonia Reuter & Trina Madsen             Cornish Cookery Demonstration                                                      

Chris Dunkerley                                    Explaining Gorsedh Kernow - with an Australian perspective     

                        10am-11am  Morning Tea  & Opening Ceremony

Saturday 11am-12noon


Speaker                                                    Topic


Viv Martin                                                Oral History – Truth, Lies or the Shades Between

Nigel Pengelly                                         Cornish communications and keeping in touch with our cousins in the 21st century

Sharron Schwartz                                   The Cornish in Latin America: 'Cousin Jack' and the New World


                                12 noon-1pm   Lunch




Bardic ceremony


                                2pm-3pm     Afternoon  Tea


                                6.30 for 7pm dinner at Worrigee House


Sunday  9am-10pm


Sunday Service conducted by Bill Phillips


                                10am-11am  Morning Tea



Sunday 11am-12 noon


Speaker                                                    Topic


Shauna Hicks                                        Tracing your mining ancestor

Sharron Schwartz                                 The Cornish in Latin America: 'Cousin Jack' and the New World

Tom and Libby Luke                            Cornish involvement in the development of Australia


                                12 noon-1pm   Lunch


Sunday 1pm-2pm


Speaker                                                    Topic


Nigel Pengelly                                        Cornish communications and keeping in touch with our cousins in the 21st century

Chris Dunkerley                                     A land that is Cornwall - before history   

Julie Wheeler                                        Famous and Infamous Cornish



Jewellery making with a Cornish flavour will be demonstrated throughout the breaks by Claire Gleeson