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some of his descendants



Samuel Daniel Goswick b.12/28/1850 Ga. died 2/19/1925 Mt. Vernon,Texas (view picture of 9 son's & 1 dau)
(m) lst. Dec.26,1871 Rome,Ga. (m) 2nd. (?) Tx.
lst. Augusta Ann Miller b. Nov.19,1853 Ga. died:4/14/1902 Texas
2nd. Mattie Moon b. 6/25/1854 d:6/19/1942 Dangefield,Tx.
        all children are by lst. wife:
 1. Alonzo Jackson Goswick b. 2/12/1873 Ga. (m) Maggie Durham (view 1900 census)
 2. William Thomas Goswick b.12/28/1874 Ga. (m) Minnie Sisk  (view 1920 and 30 census)
 3.Ennerville L. "Eve" born 11/28/1877 Ga. (m) Robert Roundtree
 4.Eugene Goswick b.8/14/1880 Plainivlle,Ga.(m)lst.Lizzie Newsom,2nd.Cleo Miller,3rd.Lizzie McEntyre
5.Ruper Jones Goswick b. 2/8/1883 Plainville,Ga.(m)Veda  Ovell Scott
6.Farris Grover Goswick b.2/15/1885 Plainville,Ga.d:1/9/1957 (m)Kate Sees/Seas
7.Moses Streeter Goswick b.7/2/1888 Plainville,Ga.(m)Mary Mildred Arthur
8. Samuel Jesse Goswick b. 4/28/1891 Ga. d:1964 Ala. (m)  Grace (?) view 1910 and 30 census)
9.Richard Lawrence Goswick b.10/29/1894 Ga. d: 1937 (m)Josephine Marie Landis
10.Oliver Young "Bill" Goswick b. 11/15/1896 Mt.Vernon.Tx. (m)Jewell  Bailey

Samuel Daniel Goswick was the son of Thomas & Elizabeth A. (Pruitt) Goswick of Union Co.S.C. and Paulding Co.Ga..  Samuel Daniel Goswick and his brother Moses Monroe Goswick married Miller sisters who were the daughters of Nancy Jane Miller of Plainville,Ga..  CENSUS FINDINGS ON SAMUEL D. GOSWICK.  (1870)  (1880)  (1900)

9/15/1999.  Augusta Ann Miller was the daughter of William Miller born Jan.14,1821 died:May 29,1857 and Nancy Jane Zuber born 11/30/1828  died: 3/26/1918 (Sioux Indian)  More updates by Donna. Thank you Donna.

News Article found containining Eva (Goswick) Roundtree and her father" A.D.Goswick" insted of S.D. Goswick.


1870 Samuel Goswick with brother Martin Goswick and family


1880 Gordon Co.Ga. Dist: #1055 Plainville,Ga. Gordon Co. (view 1900 texas census)
Saml. D. Goswick  age 30 b.Ga. (occupation "shoemaker")
Augustus A. age 24 b. Ga.
Alonzo (son) age 8 b.Ga.
Wm. T. (son) age 6 b.Ga. (William Thomas married Minnie Sisk of Plainville Ga.)
Enerrivle "Eve" (dau) age 3 b. Ga.

1900 Mt.Vernon,Tx. Franklin Co. is Samuel D. Goswick (census film checked)
1900 Franklin Co.,Tx. Justice Prect 1 Dist 40
hh #154 Pg 17
S.D. Goswick born dec. 1850 age 50 born Ga.. parents Ga.
A. (wife) born Nov. 1850 age 46 Ga. parents ga.
Thos (son) born Dec. 1874 age 25 single born Ga.
Eugene (son) age 19 born Aug. 1880 Ga.
R.J. (son) age 17 born Feb. 1883 Ga.
M.S. (son) age 12 born July 1888 Ga.
S.J. (son) age 9 born April 1891 Ga.
R. (son) age 5 born Oct. 1894 Ga.
O.Y. (son) age 3 born Nov. 1896 Texas

Samuel D.Goswick was a shoemaker by trade, and became a self taught lawyer, moved to Texas and practiced law until his death.  There are many descendants of Samuel Daniel Goswick in Tx. Ga., Alabama, New York and N.C.

1900 Gordon Co.Ga. Plainville Dist. 53
hh#321 page 6
Prebble Goswick age 23 born March 1877 Ga. (son of Moses & Mary Goswick, nephew of Sam D.)
Lizzie (wife) age 19 born Oct. Ga.
Moses (son) born March 1900 Ga.

hh# 338 page 7 and 8
Alonzo Goswick age 27 born Feb. 1873 Ga. (son of Sam D. & Augusta Goswick)(view 1910 census)
Maggie J. (wife) age 22 born June 1977 Ga.

hh# 345 page 9
William W. Sisk age 47 born Nov. 1852 Ga.
Sarah (wife) age 54
Flora L. (dau) age 25 Single born Aug. 1874 Ga.
Minnie (dau) Single, age 21 born July 1878 (married William Thomas Goswick, brother of Alonzo)

1910 Franklin Co.Tx. 1-pct Dist 49
hh# 305 pg 25
Alonzo J. Goswick age 37 born Ga.
Maggie J. age 32 Ga.
Milton (son) age 8 born Tx. ca. 1902
Eva C. (dau) age 5 born Tx.

hh#304 page 25
Sam J. Goswick age 20 born Ga.  (view 1930 Alabama census)
Grace (wife) age 18 born Ala.
Eva Roundtree (sister) age 32 widow born Ala.?
Kian Roundtree (son) age 10 born Tx. (nephew)

1930 Birmingham Ala. Jefferson Co. Dist 97
hh# 433 page 71
Jesse Goswick age 37 born ca. 1893 Ga.
Grace (wife) age 37 born Ala.
Helen (daughter) age 18 born ca. 1912 Ala.




Alonzo Jackson Goswick b. Feb.12,1873 Ga. d:n/r (view 1900 census) (view 1910 census)
(m) Aug.18,1894 Rome, Ga. Floyd Co.
Margarette "Maggie" Jane Durham b. June 25,1878 d:Mar. 15,1968 Tyler, Tx. (ss records)
1. Lillian Irene Goswick born Oct.19,1895 died Feb.06,1896
2. Sam Durham Goswick born Feb.08,1897 died May 26,1900
3. Mary Doris Goswick born Feb.21,1899 died Feb.19,1900
4. Milton Thomas Goswick born Jul.06,1901 died:Dec. 1973 Tyler, Tx.
5. Eva Chritine Goswick born Jan.15,1905
6. Artelle Goswick born Jul.14,1911 died Jan.23,1921

Alonzo Jackson Goswick was son of Samuel Daniel and Augusta Ann (Miller) Goswick. His wife Margarette "Maggie" Jane( Durham) Goswick was the daughter of Daniel Milton and Martha Jospehine (BOWDOIN) Durham.  The information on Alonzo J. and Margarette Jane (Durham) Goswick and their children were found on the website of Dennis L. Bowdoin at:  Bowdoin Website



William Thomas Goswick born Dec. 28,1874 Plainville,Ga. died Jan.19,1928 Tx. (v iew 1920 census)
 Minnie Sisk (his first wife) b. 1877 Ga. died 1948 Lamarque, Tx. (view 1930)
             only child known
1. Marcus Herman Goswick b. June 27,1895 Plainville, Ga. d: Feb.13,1964 Lamaque, Tx. (view 1930)

William Thomas Goswick, son of Samuel Daniel and Augusta Ann (Miller) Goswick


Marcus Herman Goswick born June 27,1895 Plainville,Ga. died Feb.13, 1964 Lamaque, Tx.
(m) Jan.14,1921 Denison, Tx.
Carrie Ola Agnes Loveless born Mar 23,1903 Paris, Tx. died Aug.15,1989 Tx.
1. Minnie Lavada Goswick b. 6/29/1922 Waco,Tx. (m) Henry D. Smith
2. Robert Thomas "Tom" Goswick b. Apr.21,1927 Galveston, Tx. d:Jul.13,1946 Tx.
3. Richard Herman Goswick b. Dec.21,1930 Galveston, Tx. (m) Betty L. Bolen
4. Harry Loveless Goswick b. Sep.29,1934 Galveston, Tx. (m) Linda Kendrick

Marcus Herman Goswick, son of William Thomas and Minnie (Sisk) Goswick.



Eugene "Gene" Goswick born Aug.14,1879 Plainville,Ga. died Apr.12,1958 Ga.
(m) lst. 2/13/1903 (m)2nd.12/06/1910 (m)3rd. ?
lst. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Newsom b. Apr.28,1881 died Jan.06,1910
2nd.Laura Cleveland "Cleo" Miller b. 12/05,1884 d:May 11,1915
3rd. Elizabeth "Lizzie" McEntrye b. Apr.28,1881 d: n/r
              children by lst wife
1. Eva Goswick b. Oct.27,1903 (m) Luther Barclay
2. Alice Blanche Goswick b. Sep.17,1905 Ga. (m) Inous Fowler
             children by 2nd wife
3. Richard Lawrence "Miller" Goswick b. Oct.03,1911 Mt. Vernon, Tx.(m)Thelma Querton
4. Margaret Elizabeth Goswick b. Nov.12,1913 (m) Mitchell Chastain
5. Emma Gene Goswick b. Mar.22,1915 (m) Howard Daniel
          children by 3rd wife
6. Samuel Goswick b.n/r (m) n/r
7. Mary Goswick b.n/r (m) John D. Hopkins
8. Agnes Goswick b.n/r  (m) Jesse Smith
9. Gertrude Goswick (twin) b. June.19,1929 (m) (?) Linconfelt
10. Gertis Goswick (twin) b. June 19,1929 (m) Louise Busby
11. Claudia Goswick b. Mar.26,1927 (m)n/r

Eugene "Gene" Goswick, son of Samuel Daniel and Augusta Ann (Miller) Goswick.



Ruper Jones Goswick born Feb.08,1883 Plainville, Ga. died: Mar.23,1937 Plainville,Ga.
(m) Jan.02,1908 Plainville,Ga. (view 1910 census)
Veda Ovell Scott b. Apr.01,1883 Plainville,Ga. died Jul.12,1971
1. R.L.  Goswick b. & d. Jul.04,1909 Plainville,Ga.
2. Era Geraldine Goswick b. June 10,1910 Plainville,Ga. (m) O.O. Dodd 12/02/04
3. Ruper Jones, Goswick,Jr. b.Aug.16,1912 Plainville,Ga. (m)Sarah Katherine Barna
4. Maurice Lee Goswick b. Mar.25,1915 Plainville,Ga. (m)lst.Lois Carden (2nd.)Jewell Mize Brock
5. Dick Tillman Goswick b.Jul.10,1918 Plainville,Ga. (m) Catherine Pellerin
6. Martha Elizabeth Goswick b. May 24,1922 Gordon Co.Ga.(m) Thomas C. Hopper

Ruper Jones Goswick, son of Samuel Daniel and Augusta Ann (Miller) Goswick.

1910 Gordon Co.Ga. Plainville Dist 90
hh# 163 page 17
Ruper J. Goswick age 26 born Ga.
Nevada O. (wife) age 26 born Ga.
(one child, none living)
Ruper Goswick was neighbors to Prebble and Moses M. Goswick in 1910

Name:         Walter O. Dodd
Spouse:       Betty Ruth Dodd
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Date:         29 Nov 2004
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I am the grandson of Ruper J. Goswick my mother was Era Geraldine Goswick Dodd. Mother dies Feb 14, 2000 and is buried in the Rush Chapel UMC cemetery near Shannon, Ga . I have one sister that lives at 713 Thomas Bluff RD NE, Rome, GA 30161.  Her name is Norma Geraldine Dodd Davis,  I am 70 years old and there are still some  Goswicks that live around here. My Aunt Martha Hopper is alive in a nursing home in Calhoun.  The picture at the end are all my Great Uncles except Rupert who is my Grandfather and Aunt Eva Rountree.


Farris Grover Goswick b. Feb.15,1885 Ga. died: Jan.09,1957
Kate Sees/Seas b.n/r
        children listed:
1. Harold Goswick b. ca. 1907 Tx.
2. John C. Goswick b. Sept. 30, 1909 Tx.  died Jan.15,2004 Bernalillo, NM, Albuquerque
Farris Grover Goswick, son of Samuel Daniel and Augusta Ann (Miller) Goswick

1920 Franklin co. Tx. census  (view 1930 census below)
Farris Goswick age 34 born ca. 1886 Ga. Father Ga. Mother Ga.
Katie (wife) age 33 born Tx. Father Ala. Mother Ala.
Harrell (son) age 12 born ca. 1908 Tx. Father Ga. Mother Tx.
John (son) agve 10 born ca. 1910 Tx. Father Ga. Mother Tx.

1930 Dallas Co.Tx.
Farris G. Goswick age 44 Ga.
Katielyn (wife) age 43 Tx.
John C. (son) age 19 Tx.



Moses Streeter Goswick b. July 23,1888 Plainville,Ga. died Dec.10,1951 Dennison,Tx.
(m) Feb.09,1908 Mt. Vernon, Tx.
Mary Mildred Arthur born Jul.03,1890 Saltillo,Tx. died NOv.27,1978 Tx.
1.William Hatchell Arthur Goswick b. Feb.05,1909 Tx. died Jul.15,1912 Tx.
2. Samuel Daniel Goswick b. Mar.09,1910 Tx. (m) Cleo O'Neal Smith
3. Alonzo Jackson Goswick b. Feb.08,1911 (never married) died Nov.22,1967 Tx.
4. Hazel Ellawayne Goswick b.Aug.20,1912 d:3/14/1983 (m) Murray A. Grissom
5. Moses Streeter Goswick,Jr. b.Dec.17,1917 d:5/21/1970
6. Frank Wister Goswick b. Jan.20,1918 d:May.05,1975 (m)May Duncan
7.Raynalda "Happy" Goswick b. Oct.01,1920 d:Mar.10,1975 (m)Margaret Stapleton
8. Jesse Imogene Goswick b. Apr.01,1922 d:Jan.02,1978(m)lst.John M. Nelson (2nd)Wm.D. Cupp
9. Bobby Gene Goswick b. Aug.08,1927 (m) Avanall Matthews
10.Jerry Dean Goswick b. May 29,1931
11. Juana Marie Goswick b. May29,1931 (m)Edward M. Bennison

Moses Streeter Goswick, Sr., son of Samuel Daniel and Augusta Ann (Miller) Goswick.


Frank Wister Goswick born Jan.20,1918 Saltillo, Tx. d: 5/21/1970 Billings, Montana
(m) Oct. 1940 California
Emmaline Maye Dunkin  born August 16, 1919 - Grand Island, Nebraska.  
1. David Stanley Goswick born 5/03/1941 Calif.
2. Patricia Dianne Goswick born 12/07/1946 Sheridan, Wyoming
3. Bruce Michael Goswick born 01/27/1948 Ohio

Frank Wister Goswick, son of Moses Streeter and Mary Mildred (Arthur) Goswick.  Frank Wister Goswick died 7/05/1975 at Billings, Montana and is buried at Mountain View Cemetery (Military Section), Billings, Montana.  Frank was a Veteran of WW11 and was in the Marines.  His wife May (Duncan) Goswick later married David Allred and they had one child named "Colleen".  Information on Frank Wister Goswick was supplied by Juana (Goswick) Bennison of Fort Worth, Texas. May Duncan's Father was Frank Linville Dunkin - born in Indiana and her Mother was Opal Garnet Pennington - born in Indiana. Info supplied by:Patricia Ramsey, daughter of Emmaline Maye Duncan Goswick .



David Stanley Goswick born 5/03/1941 Ca. 8/28/2001
(m) n/r                   div:
Leah Henrietta Bear b.n/r
1. David Stanley Goswick, Jr. born July 08,1967 San Diego, Ca.
2. Kelly Jean Goswick born Feb.25,1969 Cody, Wyoming.
3. Daniel Scott Goswick born Feb.26,1971 Cody, Wyoming.

David Stanley Goswick, son of Frank Wister and May (Duncan) Goswick.  In 1982 David Stanley Goswick was living in Cody, Wyoming.  Information supplied by Juana (Goswick) Bennison.


:         Daniel Scott Goswick
Spouse:       Teri Leann (Goswick) Skinner
R1:           Related to Goswick: Yes
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Date:         28 Aug 2001
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I am son of David Stanley Goswick, grandson of Frank Wister Goswick. Brother of David Anthony Goswick, and Kellie Jean Goswick(now Kellie Jean Bailey). I (Daniel Scott Goswick) married Teri Leann Skinner(now Goswick) November 5, 1999. We have one child name of Ashley Marie Goswick born on November 23, 1999. We live in Denver, CO. We were married in Brighton, CO, Adams County, just outside and north of Denver. I was born February 26, 1971 in Cody, WY. My Mother is Leah Henrietta (Goswick)Bear. Dad and Mom were divorced sometime back, and Mom now lives in Florida, and is now Leah McConnell. David(my brother) was born July 8, 1967 in San Diego, CA. Kellie was born February 25, 1969 in Cody, WY. David lives in Glasgow, Montana, and Kellie lives in Cody, WY. Kellie is now married to Jason Charles Bailey and were married in Boulder, CO. Kellie has four children(oldest to youngest) Tessa, Derek, Tanner, and Gabrielle. Tessa and Derek were from a previous marriage to Jack Workmen, and!
 Tanner and Gabrielle were from her current marriage to Jason. Dad lives in Cody, WY. Dad's Brother Bruce lives in Cody also, and has children, Todd and Corey. Todd(oldest) lives in California, and Corey lives here in Denver with his wife Amy. Uncle Bruce has also another child from another marriage. I will try to get more info on her. Aunt Patty Lives in Cody(Dad's Sister) and was married to Steve Ramsey. They had two children. The oldest is Mark, then Rick. Both cousins still live in Cody, WY. Rick is not married, Mark is married. I will give you more info on them at a later time. Please e-mail me regarding this information upon reading and I hope that I have been of help to you in building this AWESOME site for our Goswick Family, too. You have done a beautiful job. Thanks, Daniel S. Goswick.



Richard Lawrence Goswick b. Oct.29,1894 Ga. d:1937 Tx or N.Y.?
Josephine Marie Landis born Aug.16,1899 d:Nov.07,1992 Piermont, N.Y.
          children listed
1. Harold Daniel Goswick b. Jul.1923 ? (m) Corinne Tambone b.5/30/1916 d:12/1993 Lee N.C.
2. Jess Oliver Goswick b. Sep.1925 ? d:Aug.1943
3. Lawrence Edward Goswick b. Apr.1929 (?) (m) Cecelia Hogan b. May 1929 (div)
4. William Burt Goswick b. Jul.1932 (?) (m) Pauline Crowchuck b. 12/1931 (div)
5. Wanda Jean Goswick b. 1935 (?) (m) Frank Gerlach b. 1933 (div)

Richard Lawrence Goswick, son of Samuel Daniel and Augusta Ann (Miller) Goswick.  After Richard L. Goswick died his widow Josephine Marie (Landis) Goswick married 2nd. James Taulman born 1898 and they had one son Francis Taulman born Oct. 1943 who married Carol Alusic born 1943 died 1977, Francis Taulman remarried Marylin Soubie born 1939.  In 1998 Harold Daniel Goswick was living in Sanford, N.C., Lawrence Edward Goswick was living in Sparkill, New York, William Burt Goswick was living in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Wanda Jean Goswick was living in Elerbe, N.C., and James Taulman was living in Deerfield, Fla.  All the above info on the children's births and marriages was supplied by Donna C. Lynch and Lawrence Edward Goswick.  You may e-mail them at:

SS Death Records:
Corrine Goswick born May 30,1916 died Dec.1993 Lee, North Carolina (ss issued in N.Y.)
Josephine Taulman born Aug.16,1899 died Nov.07,1992 Piermont, N.Y. (ss issued in Tx. bef.1951)
Carol Taulman born Feb.23,1947 d:Jan.1980 (ss issued in New Jersey 1962)



Oliver Young "Bill" Goswick b. Nov.15,1896 Mt.Vernon,Tx. d:Jul. 26, 1980 Tx.
Florence Jewell Bailey born 8/14/1901 died:11/16/1994 Mexia,Tx.)
1. Billie Valrie b. 8/13/1920 (m) ? Rhyne
2. Oliver Young, Jr. b. 6/26/1923
3. Samuel Edward b.12/21/1925
4. Horace Sterling born June 22,1928 (daughter-Donna Goswick  )

Oliver Young "Bill" Goswick, son of Samuel Daniel and Augusta Ann (Miller) Goswick.  In 1985 Oliver Young Goswick, Jr. was living in Mexia, Texas.

Social Security death records:
Oliver Goswick born Nov.15,1896 died: Jul.1980 Dallas, Tx. Dallas Co. ss#457-54-2291 Applied for SS in Tx. 1952
Jewell Goswick born 9/03/1906 died: Feb.1981 Richardson, Tx. Dallas Co. ss#456-09-7970
Florence Goswick born 8/14/1901 died Nov.16,1994 Mexia,Tx. (listed on SS death records)



Horace Sterling Goswick b. June.22, 1928 Dallas, Tx.  died: Nov.10,2005
(m) July 01,1952
Mary Lou Wood born Feb.26,1929 d: June 18, 1995
1. Stuart Martin Goswick b. Apr.05,1954 Dallas, Tx. (m) Michelle Scroeder b.6/12/1958
2. Donna Sue Goswick b.Jan.12,1957 Corpus Christi, Tx. (never married)
3.Carol Elaine Goswick b. Nov.14,1968 Houston,Tx. (m) Danny Blain b.8/26/1966
4. Joanne Lynn Goswick b. Nov.14,1968 Houston, Tx. (m) Brady Mayo b.9/18/1966


Carol Elaine Goswick b. 11/14/1968 Houston Tx.
Danny Blain born 7/26/1966
1.Cody Ross Blain b. 1/06/1991
2. Mandy Lynn Blain b. 3/12/1996
3. Jake Sterling Blain b. 4/24/1998
4. Luke Landon Blain b. 7/20/2004
Up-date 12/29/2005
Thank you Carol for the up date on your Fathers death , and birth of your son Luke..



Joanne Lynn Goswick b. Nov.14,1968 Houston Tx.
Brady Mayo born 9/18/1966
1. Lane Ryan Mayo b. 5/06/1994
2. Justin Kyle Mayo b. 4/06/1996
3. Ty Graham Mayo b.6/06/1999
4. Landry Camille b.Feb.18,2001

The family information on Horace Sterling Goswick and his children  was supplied by  Donna Sue Goswick. Thank you Donna. {kgk}.


1930 April 18th, Birmingham Ala. Jefferson Co. Dist. 97
hh#433 page 71
Jesse Goswick age 37 born Ga. ca. 1893
Grace (wife) age 37 born Ala. ca. 1893
Helen (daughter) age 18 born Ala.


Jan. 12,1920 Grayson Co.Tx. Denison City Dist 93
hh#223 page 20
William T. Goswick age 46 born ca. 1874 Ga.
Minnie (wife) age 42 born ca. 1878 Ga. (view 1930 census below of Minnie)
Marcus H. (son) age 23 (single) born ca. 1897 Ga.  (On March 4th, 1920 Marcus H. Goswick age 26 born Ga. was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Hartford Md. )(view 1930 census of Marcus)

1930 Grayson Co. Tx. Prect 2 Dist 31
hh#361 page 33
Minnie Goswick age 50 (widow) born Ga.

April 1930 Galveston Tx. Dist 23 page 41 hh# 498
Marcus H. Goswick age 33 born Ga. ca. 1897
Agnes C. (wife) afe 27 born Tx.
Minnie L. (dau) age 7 born Tx.
Robert T. (son) age 2 born Tx.
James F. Lovelace (brother in law) age 19 born Ok.

1910 Franklin Co.Tx. Dist 49
hh#305 pg 25
Alonzo J. Goswick age 37 born Ga.
Maggie age 32 born Ga.
Milton (son) age 8 born Tx.
Eva C. (dau) age 5 born Tx.

hh# 304
Sam J. Goswick age 20 born Ga.
Grace (wife) age 18 born Ala.
Eva Roundtree age 32 widow, sister born Ala.
Kian Roundtree age 10 nephew born Tx.