Letter 11/24/1897 Stewart River
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Stewart River Nov 24 -97
Mrs. Geo Barton
Mineola Mo

Dear Geo--:
I wrote to Dr Crockett & you yesterday & sent it to Dawson as that is our nearest Postoffice but I have a chance to send this by a man going out. We staked us off 3 claims today the place looks pretty good we will commence work on same in a short time. There is no provisions at Dawson all kinds of provisions are worth 1.25 per lb. Flour 150.00 per 100# We have plenty of grub till next summer hope to make enough for a grub stake by spring. We have our cabin built at mouth of Stewart river, there is quite a little settlement here. two women in camp. Mrs. Meadows of California is I don't know the other. I have never heard from you only one letter from Dr. Crockett at Deya it has worried me considerable as I did not know what what arrangements you had made. Keep my insurance up I will try & get you some money by that time but mails are so uncertain here you may have to borry it from some one. I will write you often as possible but is useless to try & give you any idea of this country or what our success will be as we have been here only a short time. You can tell Forest that he had better rest easy as it is no easy thing to come to this country unless he has plenty of money & then the gold is not growing on trees. however there is plenty of gold here you can find it every where but getting enough togeather is no small job I will try & write a more interesting letter some of these days. The days are about 6 hours long now & will continue to grow shorter until December 22--. Send me your & Joe's weight. If you have your pictures taken don't look so pleased or smile as it spoils your picture as you see by your cabinet pictures. I wrote Dr to get me a good recommendation as I will try for a position with the transportation co in case we cannot make any thing for our grub stake next spring. dont forget this. you can also tell him of staking those claims out. write me a lot of news as we never hear any thing here from the U.S. we heard that Spain had declared war against the U.S. & had sunk three of our ships I wrote Dr. Crockett just as we left Lake Linderman also sent him a letter yesterday to Dawson. told him to send both of them to you so you can see the discription of our trip. I would send it now but takes so long to write same. we slept in the tent on the ground when the thermometor was 42 below zero the weather runs from 20 to 42 up to date. you must write me a long letter. write tolerably fine then you can put more in a letter & not weigh so much (be sure & put plenty of stamps on)
Good buy for this time
Your boy