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Mochrum War Memorial

We gratefully dedicate these transcriptions of some of Wigtownshire's War Memorials to the county's men and women who died in the service of their country. This transcription was made available through the time and efforts of Diana Henry.

memorial photo
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Mochrum War Memorial
In memory of the men of Mochrum who gave their lives for King and Country 1914 - 1918
Lt. Col. Aymer Edward Maxwell
Lts:   K.J. Stafford MC     A. Outram
Sgts:   K.M. Chesney     John Robertson
Corporals:   Frank Anderson     Robt. Hailes
L.Cpls:   T.G. Chambers
Gunners:   William McAllister,    Hugh McCaig,     Peter M. Barr RNR
Pionr:   Alex. Barr,
Sapper:   Walter Barr
TPrs:   H. Dixon    James Thomson
Diver:   Robert Kerr
Able Seamen:   John Houston    T. McDowall
Rifleman:   James Gourlay
Privates:   John D. Gaven, William Jamieson, J. McKeand, Robert Baxter, William Heron, Peter Hood, David Kelly, John McCaig, William McQuaid, Robert Nicholson, David Robbins, James Black, George Brown, William Hannah, Alexander Kevan, Alexander Lindsay, James Lindsay, James Neill, William Neill, Andrew Neill, M.M. John Maxwell, David Jamieson, John Marshall, William Brown, Charles Stuart, M.M. Charles, R. Riddock, James McNeill, Peter Milhench, James Milligan, William Grier, Charles McCaig, Thomas McGill, E. O'Neil. James Brown, Archibald Thomson, Francis Stewart, James D. Nish.
In memory of the men of Mochrum who gave their lives for King and country 1939 - 1945
P/O Archie Lees R.A.F.
Pte. David McNally 5th A & SH
CPL Robert Kevan R.A.F.
Private G. McMillan Galloway 2nd S.H.
Private David Stewart 5th K.O.S.B.
Sergeants:   A. Mactier R.A.F.,     Samuel Potts R.A.F.    John M.McMaster R.A.F       John McGhie    Andrew J. Hannah R.A.F.
Captain James Milhench
Flt. Sergeant James Broll R.A.F.
Signalman Robert Shorrock R.N.R.
The memorial is a small bronze plaque found above the square in Port William
Our thanks to Diana Henry for this transcription

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