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Willis Cemetery
This tiny burial area is located in Section 14 of Hancock Township,
Hancock County, Illinois, a bit south of where the Joetta store was located.

Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before, advanced a stage or two upon that road which you must travel in the steps they trod.



Alba, Emily C. (nee Beckwith)  1838-1878

Greenly, Sarah  1849-1879

Jones, Malinda Stifler/Stiffler
(nee Alexander)    Unmarked grave.

Parker, Margaret (nee Gragg)
Parker, Abel 1793-1876    Unmarked or stone missing

A small picture of a tombstone at Willis Cemetery. FOR DISPLAY ON THIS WEBSITE ONLY.
Pennington, Ann Mariah Sammons (nee Hays)

Rinehart, Andrew S. 1873-1874

Sammons, James  1835-1915
Sammons, Sarah Ellen (nee Way)  1840-1903

A small picture of a tombstone at Willis Cemetery. FOR DISPLAY ON THIS WEBSITE ONLY.

Shore, Austin A.  1871-1876

Shore, Edward C.  1872-1876

Shore, F. Ervin, died May 23, 1871

Shore, James K. 1839-1912
Shore, Sophia F. (nee Kesselring) 1840-1886
Shore, Laura C. 1863-1882

A small picture of a tombstone at Willis Cemetery. FOR DISPLAY ON THIS WEBSITE ONLY.
Siepel, Etta Virginia 1854-1855

Way, Menter 1866-1867

Willis, Louisa M. 1876-1877

Willis, William 1793-1876

Woods, Elizabeth Beckwith (nee Scranton) 1800-1876

A small picture of a tombstone at Willis Cemetery. FOR DISPLAY ON THIS WEBSITE ONLY.


The reading of Willis Cemetery by Warren L. Van Dine included some stones (below) not found on a visit in 2000.  The reading is incomplete: there are stones that Mr. Van Dine did not include and unmarked burials subsequently identified.

Children of J. P. & E. W. Fletcher
(one side)
Ethel M.
Born May 30, 1885
Aged 9 ms. 12 ds.
(another side)
Born Mar. 22, 1878
Born Jan. 27, 1883

------- Parker
Born Aug. 10, 1827
Died in California
Feb. 18, 1869

Stephen A., son of T. & S. E. Sammons
Born Feb. 21, 1870
Died Jan. 12, 1882
[Stephen Arthur Sammons, son of James & Sarah Ellen Way Sammons.]

Iona May, daughter of J. E. & M. J. Shields
Born Jan. 13, 1885
Died Feb. 13, 1886
Aged 1 y. 1 m.
See: Mary Jane Sammons and John Edwin Shields

Della O. Yetter
Feb. 16, 1893
July 9, 1899

Infant Sept. 11, 1897

Thanks to Vickie and Scott Hardisty, for guiding us to the cemetery and for their gracious and enthusiastic support, to Sandy Beelman, for trudging through high weeds, to Phil Farina, for providing the muscle so that we could view all sides of the larger stones which are lying on the ground, and Mary Jane White, for assisting with the readings on a beastly hot and humid day, and providing additional page content from family records.


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