Old News--DAILY SUN, 4/10/1839

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-April 10, 1839

-May 27, 1839

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"Verite Sans Peur"

Vol 1-------Rochester, Wednesday Morning, April 10 1839-------No. 1

"The DAILY SUN is published every morning at the corner of Main and St. Paul st.
"TERMS-FIVE DOLLARS in advance, or THREE CENTS single copy
"Advertisments inserted on the most reasonable terms."

-- "Canada Store-The subscriber has just received from Canada and New York, a general assortment of fancy and staple winter goods, comprising:
"Broadcloths, cassimeres and London vestings, pilot and beaver cloths, sattinets, hard times, or McGregor cassimere, moleskin, corduroy, camblets, crape lasting, a new article fur coats or cloaks blankets, floor cloths, flannels, ticking, check, osnaburgh, dimity, marseilles counterpanes, Irish linen, brown Holland, a great assortment of french english and german merinos, plain, figured and red silks, of a great variety, and satin, muslin de lanes, french english and american prints [what, no German ones?!], silk and woollen hoisery of all dimensions, buckskin, kid, woollen and fur gloves, gent's and ladies cotton, merino and woollen drawers and shirts, canada over stockings, furs, russia, lambs skin, fur capes, beaver hats and bonnets, a great variety of shawls, exceeding cheap, muslin and lace of all descriptions, french worked collars, linnen handkerchiefs, linen cambrics, long lawn, russia diaper, 10-4 table linens, 7-4 table cloths, victoria skirts, ribbons, cords and tassels, a large asortment of buttons, corsets, tailors spools, from No. 1 to No. 100, domestic cotton and batting by the bale an assortment of fine and coarse clothing consisting of coats, vests and pantaloons, selling at reduced prices, prunella boots and shoes, a few dozen white and striped shirts, furniture, prints &c. &c. &c.
" The above named goods, with a great variety of others too numerous to mention, will be sold cheaper than any in the city. Purchasers may depend upon the goods being what they are repriented [sic], every article in his department is warranted and the price will be moderate and uniform. He hopes to merit a continuance of public patronage.
"Country Merchants and pedlars will do well to call before they purchase elsewhere. Canada money taken for goods at their market prices.
J. E. DUNN, No. 12 Globe building, Main st. first store east of Loder & Brittin."

--John Stitt advertises gorceries for sale at "store No. 62 the west end of the Eagle Tavern block, on Buffalo-street…"

--A. G. Bristol, W. W. Reid and S. McKillip have formed a "copartnership… under the name S. McKillip & Co. for the purpose of casting and vending Hollow Ware, in the city of Rochester…. Rochester, March 30, 1839."

--S. McKillip & Co. advertise their Hollow Ware furnace

--Advertisment for Canal, Albany and Buffalo 6 day line. Proprietors: Joseph C. Rich and Horace Perkins (Albany), Edward Jenny (New Bedford Mass.), Justice Yale, Samuel Ellison, Nath'l Ellison (Rochester). Agents: A. K. Allen, Broadstreet, New York; Perkins Rich & Co., Quay-Street, Albany; Yale Ellison and Co., R.R wharehouse, Rochester; Colvin & Patten, Smith & Hervey, Clyde; Davis, Hamlin & Co., E. T. Wilson, Buffalo;Hatchinson, Campbell & Co., Detroit. "P.S.-As Proprietors and Agents of this Line we are willing out men and our boats should rest on the Sabbath, and for the furtherance of our designs we appeal to an enlightened and christian public, and solicit their patronage in support of our undertakings."

--Loder & Britten advertise a case of shaker bonnets for sale at their "N. Y. City Store."

--Charles W. Dundas & Co. advertise crockery for sale at No. 14 State Street.

--Rigney and Lessle advertise goods for sale at No. 8 Exchange Street-pins, steel goods, German Silverware, Perfumery, Brushes, etc.

--A. B. Brown & Co., advertise "Black Italian Cravats" for sale at No. 18 State Street.

--Two editorials in favor of Gen. Winfield Scott for president.

--Editorial against "blacklegs" that "infest" Rochester and corrupt youth.

--"Great excitement prevailed yesterday, in consequence of the arrest of Mr. Knapp for slander. The officer who served the writ, was highly censured by many of the friends of Knapp, but from what we can learn, no blame can be attached to him, as he went no further than his duty prompted. In our opinion the blame falls on those who waited until this late hour to obtain redress, and by that means create a disturbance. If Mr. Knapp has been guily of a misdemeanor, he is amenable to the laws, but those who cause his arrest, have now placed themselves below his level."

--A French priests remarks on female beauty-there is twice as much merit in saving the soul of a pretty woman than an ugly one because the former are exposed to more temptations.

--Someone procured the dress of a "Nubian Damsel," consisting of little more "than the original fig leaf." Would create "sensation" if worn to ball in Rochester.

--An Army officer and a naval officer's daughter to be married this week in Buffalo. No names given. Ugh.

--Request for advertisments for paper to be sent along.

--Cornelius W. Lawrence and Thaddeus Phelps members of committee arranging a dinner in honor of Gen. Scott.

--The "Great Western" will soon be arriving. "The British Queen" was not detained and will arrive by June.

--A lady at dinner made the toast "Of all parties in the United States, there is none like WEDDING PARTIES."

--statement of thanks to advertisers in Sun

--"Nichols, of the Buffalonian, nothing daunted, still keeps pouring his broadsides into the PRATT CLIQUE, notwithstanding their outrageous attempts to put him down. He drives a wicked quill, that fellow."

--Daily Sun to be enlarged within a few days

--"Advertisments will be inserted on the most reasonable terms."

--A U.S. mail driver and four horses drowned on March 24 crossing a creek between Mobile and Montgomery

--Hezekiah Niles, former editor of Niles Register, is dead

--"Texas-Galveston papers to the 15th ult. Have been received at New Orleans, per steamer New York. The call by the President for men to defend the frontier, received but little attention."

--According to the Montreal Courier, the 11th Regiment, which had been in New Brunswick, are returning

--An earthquake occurred at Mazatlan, Mexico on Janualry 28.

--"Advertisers will find our paper a channel posessing superior advantages."

--"Russel, the celebrated vocalist, is expected daily."

---"The English papers say the lower classes are arming fo dedly strife. Subscriptions have even been raised for buying pikes."

--John Sinclair of Waterloo is in jail. He'd been given a loan and then claimed it had been stolen. T. W. Olcott, Esq. identified the missing money

--A long resolution in support of Winfield Scott for president was passed at a meeting in Rochester at the Monroe House on March 30, 1839. L. K. Faulkner presented the resolution. A "central corresponding committee" was established to call future meetings and rally support for Scott. Members were Robert Haight, L. K. Faulkner, S. Bayliss, E. B. Wheeler, Robert L. M'Colinm, S. H. Grant, W. C. Foster, S. H. Packard, Edward Roggen and Robert Hall. The president of the meeting was Joseph Medbery. Vice president was Manly G. Woodbury. Secretaries were W. C. Foster and R. Haight.

--A. B. Brown & Co., advertise "Black Worsted Binding" for sale at No. 18 State Street.

--S. P. W. Howes advertises "Cotton Batting" for sale at No. 4 State Street.

--S. P. W. Howe advertises "Super Buffalo Cloth" for sale at No. 4 State Street.

--Loder & Britten advertise "Shirting and Sheeting" for sale at 6d and 3d per yard at the New York City Store

--C. Morse advertises "Wrapping Paper"of superior quality for sale at No. 18 Exchange Street.

--H. B. Sherman advertises "Calicoes" at 7 cents per yard "and upwards" at No. 7 "on the Bridge."

--Wm. McKnight advertises "ladies super kid gloves" and other items for sale at No. 42 State Street.

--P. B. Loomis advertises "Silk Velvet" for sale at the Rochester City Cash Store, No. 26 State Street.

--Ingersoll & Chamberlain advertise "rich siks, both figured and plain" for sale at No. 40 Buffalo Street

--E. A. Sage advertises "a few doz. Ready made shirts" for sale at No. 60 Buffalo Street

--Hall and Roberts advertise "Pedler's Trunks" for sale at No. 38 Arcade.

--J. M. Winslow, "druggist, on the Bridge," advertises "Moffat's Life Pills and Phoenix Bitters."

--Frederick Starr advertises "Mahogany for sale" at No. 39 Main Street.

--A. B. Brown & Co., advertises "Dry Goods as are wanted for furnishing boats very cheap…" for sale at No. 18 State Street.

--Robert Haight advertises real estate for sale on South Sophia Street, North Fitzhugh Street, property at rear of Arcade formerly owned by K. H. Van Rensselear.

--H. Pratt, commissioner of deeds, advertises building lots for sale.

--Advertisment for train transport.

--B. & J. Wedd advertise new hardware store opposite the North American Hotel.

--L. B. Swan & Co., advertises groceries for sale at No. 24 Buffalo Street.

--H. B. Sherman advertises "Figured Satins" for sale at No. 7 Exchange Street.

--E. F. Smith & Co. advertises "Sugar, Molasses & Coffee" for sale.

--P. B. Loomis advertises "Repellent Cloth" (water proof) for sale at "the Rochester City Cash Store, one door south of the city bank."

--J. Basset advertises as "architect and builder" with "office on Exchange Street, four doors south of the Rochester House."

--Jonathan Foster advertises "Domestic Coffee" sold at Farley & Hamilton on Buffalo Street and at his home on Kent Street. W. W. Reid, S. Hamilton, Ellery S. Treat, David Kidd, P. G. Buchan, A. W. Ganning, Jacob Shumway and Z. H. Benjamin give glowing endorsments of product.

--Miller, Soullard & Co., advertise goods for furnishing boats, for sale at No. 40 Buffalo Street arcade

--"Bently's Miscellany--Edited by Boz, illustrated by Cruickshanks, No. 26 for April, rec'd by C. Morse."

--A. M. Badger advertises "sash, bind and venetian blind manufactory" located in "part of the new building over Mr. Seth C. Jones new saw mill at the brink of the main falls west side of the Genesee…"

--Nichols and Wilson advertise new books for sale at No. 6 Exchange Street.

--Wm. Alling advertises paper hangings for sale from 18 cents to 1 dollar 50 cents per roll at No. 12 Exchange Street.

--A. B. Brown & Co. advertise "Muslin De Lanes" for sale at "the new and cheap cash store" at No. 18 State Street

-- "Important Inquiry-Have you a cough? Do not neglect it! Thousands have met a premature death for the want of a little attention to a common cold.
"Have you a Cough?
Winslow's Balsam of Horehound will most positively afford speedy relief and save you from that awful disease consumption which at this season of the year makes sure of so many victims among the old, the young, the fair and gay.
"Have you a cough?
Winslow's Balsam of Horehound is the only remedy you should take to cure you.
"For this plain reason? That it never faisl to give relief. It may be had genuine of
Wm. Pitkin, Messrs. Hawks L. B Swan & Co., Dr. Maines, J. U. Winslow, Mr. Braithwate, Frankfort and J. H. Winslow, No. 6 on the bridge."

--C. Morse advertises "Morse's Circulating Library" of 2900 volumes at No. 17 Exchange Street.

--J. & J. D. Hawks advertise dye stuffs for sale.

--A. B. Brown & Co., advertise "Rich Plain and Figured Satin Vestings" for sale at No. 18 State Street