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Morgan, a Welsh name of great antiquity 

Tredegar Morgans

Perhaps the best known Morgan Family were in residence at Tredegar House, near Newport, Gwent in 1402. Throughout the centuries well-kept family records indicate connections with most British land-owning families. The Morgans of Tredegar were followers of Queen Elizabeth I. .

On 17 July 1645, Charles I came to Tredegar House as a guest of the Morgans.

The 18th and 19th centuries saw great changes in Wales from a agrarian to an Industrial economy. The iron and coal discoveries in Glamorgan and Monmouthshire changed the scenery of the country.

In 1858, Sir Charles Gould married into the Morgan family and took the family name. He built the town of Newport and many of the canals around Tredegar. Sir Charles Morgan III was made Lord Tredegar for his support of Disraeli. During the Charge of the Light Brigade, Gerald Morgan was an active participant.

The turn of the century found Tredegar the site of great parties. These and death duties caused the decline of the Morgans of Tredegar. After World War II, the estate was sold to a religious order and in the 1970's, the County of Newport took the estate over.

King Charles I stayed in the house in 1645 before his execution in 1649, and the County of Monmouthshire (now Gwent) and the town of Newport owe much to development by successive Morgans. Included must be the famous Captain Henry Morgan, twice Governor of Jamaica in the 17th century.


Other Famous Morgans in British History

Famous Morgans are legion and the Morgan Society is researching details continuously.

1200's - Morgan was the bastard son of Henry II by Nesta Bluet. He became Provost of Beverley in Yorkshire

1380 - Philip Morgan became Bishop of Worcester and Ely and Privy Councillor to Henry V.

1484 - John Morgan appointed a Dean of Windsor and later Bishop of St. David's.

1545 - William Morgan (PenCoed Branch) was given the Valor of Eccliastiates. He bought Llantarnum Abbey lands and built a home there. This Abbey is now returned to the Roman Catholic through the Sisters of St Joseph

1547 - Thomas Morgan, secretary to Mary, Queen of Scots, accompanied her to to France. He may have begun the Morgan Clan there. Thomas is thought to have plotted to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. Mary is remembered in a Robert Burns poem, Lament of Mary, Queen of Scots

1594 - Bishop William Morgan, from mid-wales, translated the Bible into Welsh and became Bishop of St. Asaph.

1605 - Henry Morgan involved in the Gunpowder Plot (later executed in Stafford. See The Gunpowder Plot Societyfor more details

1610 - Sir Thomas Morgan appointed Governor of Jersey

1662 - Col. Thomas Morgan,a roundhead leader, and involved in the Chepstow Battle. He welcomed Charles II back to England in 1662. Could it have been at Piercefield House, Chepstow, Wales. A house by Sir John Soane?

1771 - Charles Gould afterwards Sir Charles Gould-Morgan, bart. appointed Judge-Advocate General. He developed much of the wealth of the Tredegar Morgans.

1839 - 1917 - William De Morgan, famous in the Arts and Crafts movement as a ceramic artist. In later years, began a successful second career as a novelist.

1852-1936 - Morgan, Conway Lloyd, psychologist & zoologist

1894-1958 - Morgan, Charles Langbridge, dramatic critic & novelist

1943 - Lt. General Sir Frederick E. Morgan responsible for the preliminary planning for D-Day landings in France. He later signed the Surrender Document on 7 May 1945 on behalf of Great Britain.

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Continental Morgans

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Australian Morgans

The Morgan Society (Australia) has a very interesting Web page which includes information on both the Australian and UK Morgan Societies along with reference material to purchase.

1829 - William Morgan born in Bedfordshire, England was later to be Premier of South Australia (1877 - 81).


  • Henry MORGAN was said to have been an Acrobatic Performer in an Australian Circus who trained kangaroos to box and brought them back to Britain and performed with them on stage and in the circus

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    American Morgans

    There are many Morgan influences in America. Towns, schools and Universities have been names Morgan.


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    Canadian Morgans

    Newfoundland may consist of Scottish Morgans, as many Scots emigrants went there. In Newfoundland: Early instances: John, of St Mary's, 1720 (D'Alberti 7); William, of Port de Grave, 1783, property "in possession of the Family for 53 years," that is since 1730 (CO 199.18); Marshall, married at St. John's, 1769 (DPHW 26D); William, of Cupids, 1768, (CO 199.18); John, of Brigus, 1805 (CO 199.18); Thomas of Harbour Grace Parish, 1808 (Nfld Archives HGRC); George, of Bull Cove, (Conception B.), 1824 (DPHW 34); William of Wild Cove (Fogo District), 1835 (DPHW 83); Maurice, of St. John's, 1838 (Nfld Archives BRC); John, of Grand Bank, 1842 (DPHW 106); James, granted land between Ferryland and Aquaforte, 1851 (Nfld Archives, Registry Crown Lands); Edmin, of Brazils (Burgeo-La Poile district), 1857 (DPHW 98); Martin of Petites, 1858 (DPHW 98); Samuel, of North River 1859 (DPHW 38); Robert, of Great St. Lawrence, 1860 (DPHW 100); Abraham and Isaac, granted land at Bay Roberts, 1863 (Nfld Archives, Registry Crown Lands); William, granted land at Lance Cove (near Holyrood), 1863 (Nfld Archives, Registry Crown Lands); scattered in Lovell 1871.

    Modern status: Widespread, especially at St. John's, Indian Pond (Hr. Main district), Seal Cove, Upper Gullies, Blow-me-Down and Coward's Island (Bonavista North district)

    Place names: Morgan Arm, -----Brook 47-43 56-31; ----Arm 47-46 55-49; ---Cove 49-35 56-61; ---Island 47-36 57-37; ----Shoal (Labrador) 52-10 55-42; Morgans Cove (Labrador) 55-09 59-09; ----Island 46-51 55-50. (I am told that the above numbers may refer to latitude and longitude scales of the map)

    Information taken from: "Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland" by E.R Seary.

    Many Thanks to: larc

    home page for larc

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    Jamaican Morgans

    Henry Morgan - a Welsh buccaneer Sir Henry Morgan was of the Tredegar Morgans (although some say he is of the PenCoed Branch of the Morgans). He was a pirate in the Caribean. As a privateer he became very wealthy. Among his other adventures and experiences was to become Lt Governor of Jamaica and the capture of Panama. He is considered a romantic character and even has his own Web page. Also see: Sir Henry Morgan, The Privateer.


  • Luis MORGAN (b. abt 1640) emigrant to Virginia vis Jamaica from Glamorganshire Wales. Book written by Emma Morgan. Thanks to: Charles L. Morgan

    Densil MORGAN of jamaica reached the final of the 400 metres hurdles in the recent World Athletics Championships in Seville, Spain.

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    Morgan Places


    Morgan,Vermont, USA
    THe Web page for Morgan, Vermont -- a good place for skiing


    Morgantown, USA
    The internet site for Morgantown, West Virginia


    Morgan County, USA
    Morgan County, West Virginia, is just outside Washington DC UDA


    Mt Morgan, Australia
    Capricorn Region, Queensland, Australia


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