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91st PA: newspaper articles from 12 October 1863

newspaper articles, 12 October 1863

['An urgent appeal from the soldiers', Philadelphia Press, 12 October 1863, page 2]
[source: ActivePaper Archive, Penn State University (viewed 8 November 2008)]
[see elections]

An Urgent Appeal from the Soldiers.

The officers and soldiers from the various Pennsylvania regiments of the Army of the Potomac, now on duty at Camp Cadwalader, near Philadelphia, feeling profoundly impressed with the importance of the election canvass now pending in our beloved Commonwealth, yet disclaiming all partisan prejudice or bias, do hereby [sic]

1. Resolved, That we conjure our fellow-citizens to disregard all former party ties in this crisis of our nation's destiny, and with one accord to unite in re-electing Andrew G. Curtin to the office of Governor, which he has adorned by his courage, patriotism, and virtue.

2. Resolved, That we have witnessed with gratitude and pride, his unremitting exertions for the welfare of the soldiers of Pennsylvania, in field and hospital, or wherever their duties and the exigencies of the service called them, and that because of his uniforma and untiring fidelity to us and our cause, he will long live in the hearts of ourselves and comrades as the "Soldier's friend".

Matthew Hall, capt., co. E, 91st P.V.
John D. Lents [sic], major 91st Regiment P.V.
Samuel Burns, 91st Pa.

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