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Klimes / Klimesch Family Genealogy

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Names already added on Geni -- Last update: December 20, 2010

Not sure if the Klimesch & Klimeš Surname originates in Czech Republic in the 1500's - or if it originates in Germany as Klimisch in the 1300's (as per Rainer Klimisch site) before moving to Moravia, Czech. *See possible relatives "under review" on Rutar page OR external German Klimisch/Klimesch/Klimes site of Rainer Klimisch OR Klimisch Family site in USA, names included on this web site.* - 2nd search has: 574-David & 95-Dawid, 136-Effenberger, 53-Gronich & 3-Gronisch, 536-John, 80-Jurenka, 61-Kalousek, 212-Kaspar, 254-Kaul, 46-Klimesch & 103 Klimes, 29-Kobek, 83-Kubiczek & 92-Kubitschek, 161-Macek & 135-Matzek, 191-Matis & 84-Matys, 285-Muhl, 4-Podhorni & 35-Podhorny, 3-Pospischal, 257-Reichel, 58-Rutar & 226-Ruter & 19-Ruthar, 131-Schimek & 7-Schimck, 132-Simek, 167-Valenta & 125 Walenta, 3-Wizenetz names -and- Ruda Nad Moravou & Pisrov RegionTax map for Hrabenov (Rabenau), Šumperk, Moravia, Czech in 1835 has the following names owning land around the village and living in the following houses: Klimesch Anton in #46, Joseph Klimesch in #72 & one in #60, Wenz Klimesch in #61, Franz Kaspar in #35 & one in #58, Johann Kaspar in #32. Tax map for Hostice /Hosterlitz in 1835 has: Franz Klimesch in #48, Johann Klimesch in #56, Joseph Klimes in #85, Joseph Kaspar in #46, Frantz Kubicek in #60. Source: Karin Smith, see her family genealogy search-1 & search-2 or our identical surnames below. *The following individuals work for the town of Ruda nad MoravouČeský: Kašparová, Klimeš, Klimešová, Kubíček, Valentová

*Johannes Klimesch is your 6th great grandfather

Johannes KLIMESCH Born: abt. 1700 in Hrabenov (Rabenau), Šumperk, Moravia, Czech + Barbara unknown Born: abt. 1700 Married: abt. 1718 *geni

Group-1 *Tobiáš Klimeš is your 4th great grandmother's husband's sister's husband's 3rd cousin twice removed's wife's 4th great grandfather
Group-2 *Josef Klimeš is your (Peter Rohel) 5th great uncle's 4th great nephew's wife's 3rd great grandfather
Group-3: *unknown Klimš is your (Peter Rohel) 1st cousin 5 times removed's wife's 7th great grandfather
Group-4: *Paul Klimesch is your 5th great uncle's great grandfather
Group-5: *names already added on Geni - but not connected to the Global tree. sources: Karin Smith, Ondřej Jan Snášel (Frank)
Group-6: *geni - Pavel Klimeš is your (Peter Rohel) 5th great uncle's brother's wife's grandfather
Group-7: *Josef Klimeš is your 5th great uncle's 3rd cousin once removed's husband
Misc-group: *unknown connections at this time
  1. Antonius KLIMESCH + Victoria unknown
    1. Anna KLIMESCH Born: 1779
  2. Georgius KLIMESCH + Anna unknown
    1. Therezia KLIMESCH Born: 1779 in # 30 Hostice (Hosterlitz), Ruda nad Moravou, Šumperk, Moravia, Czech
  3. Georgius KLIMESCH + Anna unknown
    1. Ignac KLIMESCH Born: 1780 in #9 Hostice (Hosterlitz), Šumperk
  4. Joseph KLIMESCH + Veronica unknown
    1. Anna KLIMESCH Born: 1781 in #29 Hostice (Hosterlitz), Šumperk
    2. Therezia KLIMESCH Born: Aug 25, 1783 in Hosterlitz #29 Hostice (Hosterlitz), Šumperk
  5. Joannes KLIMESCH + Apollonia unknown
    1. Josefus KLIMESCH Born: 1781 in #40 Hostice (Hosterlitz), Šumperk
  6. Joan KLIMESCH + Theresia unknown
    1. Joannes KLIMESCH Born: Dec 24, 1783 in #56 Hostice (Hosterlitz), Šumperk

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