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Freud Family Genealogy

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Freud  - family tree Jesucher + Freide Born: abt 1710 in Buchach (Бучач, Buczacz, Butschatsch, Bucaş), Galacia, Ukraine previously part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire *Geni

Note: see Jewishgen Sigmund Freud’s Family Tree; According to the accompanying family tree, the surname Freud is derived from Freide. This was the name of an important woman and the family adopted her name.. Freide was the name of Schlomo Freud’s great-grandmother, a resident of Buchach. (source: “Freud and his father” by Marianne Krull; translated by Arnold Pomerans. W. W. Norton, New York, 1986) OR see on Rootsweb tree "Newell, Popper, Budinsky, Stanley, Guyon, Moatti, Bitoun, Le Baut"

Note: any relation to dr. med David Freud (abt 1832 - 8/22/1883 Vienna) NFP  & Julianna (Julie) Herzl (abt 1837 - 8/24/1882 Neuwaldegg by Vienna) NFP "ch. Moriz/Moritz (1866 - 7/30/1883 bur Vienna)"?
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