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Stephen Pollard

 I am a descendent of the Pollards of Barbados originally from Devon via Bermuda.  From Barbados one or more ancestors went to Demerrara (now Guyana) then to Trinidad where I live and a branch then went to Australia via (I understand) the USA .  I would like to make contact with the Pollards of Australia or the Devon family from which my ancestor first came to Bermuda in the 1600's.  Thanks,


Stephen Pollard

CEO, Caribbean Nitrogen/Nitro 2000

Tel: [868] 636-7901

Fax:[868] 636-3280

The Pollard/Lesher Descendants Of

John Benninghoff Oil Creek, PA


Isaac Haven Pollard, 1873-1937, 

 wife, Catherine Benninghoff Howe Pollard



1610 - AFTER 1662

Article on Aaron and Sarah (Pollard) Whitney

and on Hezekiah and Lucy (Pollard) Whitney

Deanna Baumgardner      <[email protected]>

  Saturday, April 17, 2004 9:43 PM

Subject: Elizabeth Pollard

Searching for Elizabeth Pollard daughter of Robert Pollard who married Thomas Hooper about 1772, and had daughter, Elizabeth. Believe they may have also, had a son, James. Any information helpful. Thank you.

Deanna R. (Hooper) Baumgardner / 4606 Willis Avenue #105 / Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403

Ph. 818 789-1378

I have rec'd Canadian Expeditionary Force records for Thomas Edward Pollard, born Oct 4, 1888, son of T H Pollard, Ashington, Northumberland, Eng in error. If anyone is searching this family, please contact myself regarding these records.

Lyn Pollard


               Pollard's in the

Alaska-Yukon Goldrush Participants 

 Pollard C F, Nome, miner

Pollard C L, Nome, miner

Pollard W, DC, YT, miner

Pollard William, Nome, clerk

Earp Wyart, Nome, The Dexter Saloon  !!!  Hangin' out with the Best !


R. Kent Baker

  Researching his line of Pollard's in KY. 

Back to James Pollard Father of Absolem Pollard


Glenys Pollard   mailto:[email protected]

I am posting my Pollard ancestors in the hope that someone has a connection.

Samual and Sarah ( Hague / Haig ) arrived in australia in 1856.  They both came from Lancashire in England.

Samual was born ( 21 - 12- 1824 ) Sarah Anne was born ( 1 - 6 - 1830 )

Samuels parents were Henry and Jane ( Bracewell ) Pollard and he had 6 siblings

Isabella.... Bracewell.... Richard.... Jane.... Nancy.... Alice.

Any help would be Appreciated

Thank you :  Glenys Pollard.


Len Pollard is Looking for Pollard's connected to his line in Texas !

Len : [email protected]

Andrew (Buck) Jackson Pollard 1877-1950------

Married- Sarah Ellen Hogland 1883-1943--------

His Parents------------------------------------------------

John Thomas Pollard 1852-1915-------------------- Mary Mollie (Holly ?)

1854-?-------------------------- All I know at this time is My Father &

uncles were all born in Texas & the only town that comes to mind is

Avery Texas. I am sure there were more.

Maree Posthuma  " Australia " <[email protected]>

Researching Thomas POLLARD and his wife Harriett SPENCER , Thomas

POLLARD born 1830 Richmond, Surrey, UK.  He died here in Melbourne. 

Harriet Eliza Spencer born 1828 . he marr. Elizabeth Purvis GREENLAW 

in 1853 in Lambeth then came to Aust.  I am descended from Thomas.

 Frances born 1832

 William Richard born 1835

 James John born 1837

All born Saint Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey.

 These two have kept me on the hop for the past ten years 

This link belongs to Patricia Newton Ashley

Her Pollard's are in NC. And VA.


This link belongs to Cathy Shillie : She is Researching here Pollard's from PA. & Ohio http://www.genealogy.com/users/s/c/h/Cathy-Mary-Schille

Brenda Sinclare   Her Pollard's Are in Mercer Co. Missouri , but originated in Wales

and Ireland . But are referred to in their family lore as the "Black Irish" Family names 

are Smith , Cox , Wyatt , Redenbaugh [ From Germany] and many more.  

{To e-mail Brenda just click on her underlined name above }

Bill Pollard                                                                                                                                                                              

 Bill's Website , Descendent of Absalom Pollard ,VA. , KY .

Ed Pollard [Click Here to Contact Ed ]

Ed is researching his Pollard's From Indiana 1830s-1920s his oldest known

ancestor was Thomas Lloys Pollard { Oldest known Ancestor NOW Abraham Pollard }

Katherine Marek 

Her Pollard Connection is Benjamin-Ryland Pollard of Mississippi & Kentucky

\and his list of descendants is posted under Benjamin in the Alphabetical list .

The "POLARD" Surname Family Center

Jean Marie Polard , has a General information site in Europe

containing some good sourse information for the Polard , Pollard , Name.

Probate Records for William Pollard Clermont Co. Ohio


                             Click on The Thumbnail to enlarge

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Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

List of orphan Doc.'s For John & Mary Pollard Of PA.With Notes

Edward Alferd Pollard , Born Feb. 1831, Son of Maj. Richard Pollard .        

 Born Feb. 27 , 1831 Nelson Co. VA.

Sherrie Bagby's web page   Where you will find more on this Family

E. A. Pollard Letter

Edward Alferd Pollard

1830 Ohio Zoom

1830 Adams Co


            "The Pollard Bible From VA. is at the link above"

Send me the Pollard records that you ordered by mistake and

I will post them here in the hopes that someone else can be

helped by them .

Una Pollard < [email protected] >

Below ar some of the names she is researching in her Pollard Line .

John M Pollard Sr 1782-1859

Mrs J M Pollard (name unknown) 1780-1840-43

Eda or Edy Pollard 1813-1870

Md John Verble Union Co IL

Md Joseph McCommon Union Co IL

Margaret Pollard 1816-1860

Md John W Corzine Union Co IL

Sarah Pollard 1818-1867?

Md David Hailey Union Co IL

Md William Davidson Union Co IL

Md Etheldred Jones Johnson Co IL

John M Pollard Jr 1820-1870

Md Mariah Brown Union Co IL

William Pollard 1822-1895

Md Amy Throgmorton Union Co IL

Md Elizabeth Payne Irwin Greene Co AR

James F Pollard 1825-1869

Md Susan Grissom Perry Co MO

Girl Pollard 1830-1840

Elisha Pollard 1832-1860

Md Martha E Frogge Union Co IL

John M Pollard's 2nd family:

John M Pollard Sr 1782-1859

Eleanor Light Davis 1815-1873

Md Union Co IL 1843

Pernetia Pollard 1844-1880

Md Benjamin F Bruce Union Co IL

Thomas J Pollard 1845-1878

Julia Ann Payne  probably Greene Co AR (records destroyed)

Maria Jane Pollard 1848-1899

Md Andrew Jackson Brown probably Greene Co AR (records destroyed)

Mary Pollard 1850-1870

Willis W Pollard 1852-1911

Md Mary L Ophelia Casper Johnson Co IL

Md Amelia Lavina Beaver Union Co IL

Jacob Issac Pollard 1854-1898

Md Henrietta Josephine Payne Clayton Co AR

Amanda Pearl Pollard 1856-1927

Md Soloman Brown Clay Co AR

Md Thaddeus Fletcher Thompson Clay Co AR

Of course I have descendents of all these lines in my book.  I hope I

can have more books printed for people who have not found one.