Rutledge DNA Project  
Rutledge Surname DNA Project  

Purpose of the Project

The goal of the Rutledge Surname DNA Project is to provide information that aids genealogist researching the Rutledge surname (including Routledge, Ruttledge and other spelling variations). This webpage contains the DNA results and pedigrees of the participants who have made their information available.

By performing Y chromosome DNA tests on males with the "Rutledge" surname we are able to build a database with the various Rutledge lines grouped by their DNA signatures. As DNA signature groups are formed we can compare the lineage of individuals with the lineage of others in the same group in the hope of finding links between the various Rutledge families. As more people are tested and more group signatures are found an overall picture of how the various groups are related should begin to form.

How to Join the Rutledge DNA Project on Family Tree DNA

If you are a male with the Rutledge surname and are interested in joining the Rutledge DNA Project, please fill in the Rutledge Project Join Request Form. The Join Request Form is the Family Tree DNA test kit order form used by Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

The Family Tree DNA test kit will be sent to participants directly from FTDNA. This kit will enable you to collect and return your cheek cells for testing. The sensation of using the scraper is like brushing your inside cheek with your toothbrush.  

The standard test is the "Y-DNA - Male 12 marker paternal" test for $99 plus shipping. Many of our members have later chosen to upgraded to the "Y-DNA Refine - test (adding the addition 13 markers)" for an additional $100. It is a little cheaper to initially order the "Y-DNA Plus- Male 25 marker paternal test" for $169 plus shipping rather than upgrading latter. All payment are made directly to FTDNA when the kit is returned.

Family Tree DNA has an on-line video called "The Genealogy by Genetics - through the eyes of our customers" which is a series of interviews with several Family Tree DNA customers. It gives an overview about what can be discovered by using DNA testing for Genealogy.

Rutledge Surname Y-Chromosome STR Results Application

You can use the application below to compare the different DNA signatures of the project member.

(If you do not see any test results above this line then you need to enable your web browser to run java applications or you can click here to view all the results in a table format.)

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