Friederich Seiler Seyler 1702 - bef 1770 Binningen, Switzerland

Friederich Seÿler, 1702 - bef 1770

Catherine Sparr, his wife

from Binningen, Switzerland to Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA

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The Friederich Seyler family of Switzerland came to America around 1752. Descendants of Friederich have provided Y DNA tests and many other Saylor men have found they are a very close match. Much is known about this family. This page is devoted to identifying other Seiler families from the same village as more than one came to America.

Thanks to Jack Saylor of South Bend, IN, who initially sent me a package of information on this family in 1998 and made me aware of this Swiss-USA connection. And thanks to Alan Albright who in 2015 found Swiss records on line and has been confirming, expanding and questioning what has been written about this family.
Also, thanks to Breanna Perez for information on John Ulrich Sailor.

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  3. Theodor Seiler and his wife Maria Schweighauser
  4. Theodor Seiler's ancestors
  5. Friederich Seyler and his wife Catherine Sparr and their children
    1. Matthias Sailor
    2. John Ulrich Sailor
    3. John Jacob Sailor
  6. Email from Wesley A. Sayler
  7. Additional families that we are examining

Friederich Seiler or Seÿler, the son of Theodore Seiler of Bottmingen, was baptized in Binningen, Switzerland and married and had children there. Around 1752 he and his family came to America. The spelling of the surname has evolved. It is Seiler in the baptism records of Friederich and his siblings, then Seÿler when Friederich has his children baptized. In America it became Sailor and then Saylor/Sayler.

Bottmingen and Binningen are Swiss geographic names associated with the early records of this family. Bottmingen is about a square mile and until 1837 was part of Binningen which is less than 2 square miles. The church where the records were made is in Binningen. These were small villages near Basel and over time became part of the city of Basel, Switzerland. Basel and its suburbs are in the canton of Basel-Stadt. Bottmingen and Binningen are on the Birsig River which enters the Rhine River at Basel. This is an important connection as it is the Rhine that was the gateway for many Swiss and Palatine protestant settlers to make their way to America in the 1700's. A number of Seiler/Saylor families were part of this migration.
St Margarthen church in Binningen. Photo by R. Saylor
Friederich Seyler and his family came to America around 1752. Researchers are fortunate to be able to connect the records in Basel with the the land records in western Pennsylvania. Jack Saylor, a descendant of Friederich, provided his Y-DNA a few years back and many other Saylor men have found their DNA to be a very close match. See groups 3 and 4 in the Saylor Y-DNA Project. It is probable that a few other "Seiler cousins" of Friederich from the Binningen area came to America, all sharing the same Y DNA.

In 2011, my wife and I visited Bottmingen and Binningen in Basel, Switzerland. The St Margarthen reformed church in Binningen has survived and is the church associated with the Binningen protestant records that are referred to below.

Seiler baptisms are also found in two other nearby church records; St Arbogast in Muttenz and St Elisabethen in Basel. See this interesting Wikipedia page on the Seyler family.

Switzerland was alarmed at the loss of families to America and enacted laws to control migration. Families had to pay a "manumission tax" to gain their freedom to legally migrate. The book, "Lists of Swiss Emigrants In The Eighteenth Century To The American Colonies" by Faust and Brumbaugh in the 1920's, examined the manumission, church and other records and provided accounts for various families. The book tells of a number of Seiler families who came to America; one being, Fridlin (Friederich) Seyler, the son of Theodore, deceased, and his wife Anna Catharina Spaar, a widow, and their three children.

It is useful to present here what Faust and Brumbaugh wrote about this family because for most researchers this book was the major source of information until Swiss records started to be put on line. The text below is a transcription of pages 167-8 from the above book.


1752, Bottmingen (Amt Munchenstein)
Fridlin Seyler, Manumission Records [KB] Friederich, son of Theodor, deceased. Anna Catharina Spaar, Sparr, his wife.
[Note: Fridlin can also be Fridrich.]
Their children:
      1. Matthies, bapt............................. Dec. 16, 1738
      2. Hans Ulrich, bapt........................... July 7, 1743
      3. Hans Jacob, bapt...........................Apr. 17, 1746
Several entries in the Records of the Small Council, [RP], (125, 271, 299 and 342) show that the Council occupied itself repeatedly with his clandestine and fraudulent emigration. Nevertheless his three sons obtained in 1770 (RP 143, 80) the release of their property and their manumission. The entry in the Manumissions Register, [MP] is as follows: Matthias, Ulrich and Hans Jacob Seyler, legitimate sons of Fridlin Sailer and Catharina Sparr of Botmingen, who have settled in Pennsylvania, have been manumitted together with their still living mother, who is also staying with them, by Our Gracious Lords March 28, 1770. Their property consisted of 572 pounds on which 'Herr Landvogt' on Munchenstein has collected the ten percent tax.
Pay:  Manumission..................................40.—
Letters.......................................  6.—'    46.—
At that time the sons were all married and located in Carlisle, Pa., the one being a tinner, the other a locksmith and the third a saddler. Their step­brother Leonhard Low, whom we meet in 1763, seems to have emigrated with them in 1752 and gone back to live in the Canton of Basel once more until 1763.

Between 1754 - 1766
Leonhard Löw
(Parish Registers, [KB] Johannes Leonhard), bapt. May 10, 1733, from the Holee, Amt Munchenstein, lawfully begotten son of Emanuel Löw ... and Catharina Sparr (KB Anna Catharina), who intends to go to the American West Indies, has been released from serfdom ;March 30, Anno 1763 with
Anna Barbara Junt, his wife. and three children:
L Elisabeth, [KB Anna Elisabeth]. Bapt., 19 Dec. 1756
Anna Margreth. Bapt., 3 Apr 1760
Anna Maria Löw, bapt. . Dec. 13, 1761

His father, of whom his pastor says in KB that he was a fine man, died ten days after his birth. His mother married Fridlin Seyler, emigrant of 1752, and seems to have taken him along to America without being able to prevail on him to stay there, About the time of his second emigration he was talking however so much about America in his community that the Landvogt urged the Council to grant his request because he feared that his further presence might do more harm than good (Emigration A, [AA], Letter of March 29, 1763).

Recently, the films of some of the original Swiss documents have been put on line by the Staatsarchiv Basel Landschaft and researchers can dig for more detail. Use the English translation page facility to find your way around this large site. This is the main genealogy page and the Binningen films are here. Also some Swiss films are on line at Thanks to Alan Albright for starting all this research below and his willingness to have it shared here.

A note about these German records. To help decifer the script open the box on this web page. Frequently you will see an abbreviation in front of names. They are:
Looks like gfr = Jfr = Jungfrau = virgin or Miss
Mr = Meister = Master craftsman
Looks like fl = ?
Looks like Pl = ?

Theodor Seiler was baptized 30 Mar 1662 in Binningen, Switzerland. Theodor is stated as deceased in 1752 in the manumission records of his son Friederich.

On 6 Nov 1699, Theodor Seiler married Miss Maria Schweighauser, both of Bottmingen [Page 302, image 272].

Maria Schweighauser was baptized 3 Dec 1676, father Simon Scweighauser, mother Margret Schwarz, witnesses: Heinrich Seiler, Barbara Zimmerman, Maria Schweighauser [page 62, image 66] in Basel, Switzerland. Maria, wife of Theodor Seiler, Judge, dies 22 Jan 1729 of dropsy, 51 years old [298, page 373, image 289, Binningen 3, 1719 - 1789]

Their children - all baptized in Bottmingen
  1. Anna Maria, bap 14 May 1700, father, Theodor Seiler von Bottmingen, mother, Maria Schweigerhauser, witnesses: Carle Seiler, fl? Anna Maria Wettstein, gfr? Barbara Schweighauser. [page 120, image 124]
  2. Friedrich, bap 12 Mar 1702, father, Theodor Seiler von Bottmingen, mother, Maria Schweigerhauser, witnesses: fl? Johann Rudolf Genath, councillor, Friederich Jundt, Miss Margaret Schweighauser. [page 125, image 129] Came to America c1752. See more on him in section 4 below.
  3. Johannes, bap 13 Apr 1704, father, Theodor Seiler von Bottmingen, mother, Maria Schweigerhauser, witnesses: Hans Seiler son of late Hans, Heinrich Zimmermann der Jünger [the younger], Miss Elisabeth Rüeger. [page 130, image 134]
  4. Barbara, bap Festo Nativitatis (25 Dec) 1707, father, Theodor Seiler von Bottmingen, mother, Maria Schweigerhauser, witnessses: fl? Rudolf Hosch, the doctor and sergeant of the city, Barbara Rünger, gfr? Ursula Zimmerman [page 140, image 144]
  5. Margareth, bap 29 Dec 1709, father, Theodor Seiler von Bottmingen, mother, Maria Schweigerhauser, witnesses: Hans Heinrich Schweighauser, Margaret Böhler, Miss Barbara Seiler. [page 147, image 151]. Died abt 1774, Berkeley County, WV.
  6. Anna, child bap 25 Nov 1711. father, Theodor Seiler von Bottmingen, mother, Maria Schweigerhauser, witnesses: fl? Hans Rudolf Gernath, the letter founder, Miss Anna Biesinger, Miss Barbara Seiler. [Added on the record] - died on 26 Jun 1791. [page 152, image 156]
Source: Protestant Parish Records 1597-1719, Binningen, St Margarthen Church, Basel, State Archive Basel County, E9.1.10.10 Binningen 2, found and transcribed by Alan Albright, 2015. See other Binningen film links here.

Maria Schweighauser's parents
Simon Schweighauser, baptized 28 Apr 1644 in Basel, Switzerland. Death 24 Dec 1706 in Basel, Switzerland
Spouse, Margreth Schwartz, baptized 20 Apr 1657 in Basel, Switzerland. Death 1 Nov 1727 in Basel, Switzerland. Her parents Leonhard Schwartz Birth abt 1625 wife Ursula Meyer Birth abt 1630.

Parents of Simon Schweighauser
Jakob Schweighauser, baptized 21 May 1598 in Basel, Switzerland. Death abt 1667 in Basel, Switzerland.
Spouse, Anna Burin, baptized 30 Apr 1598 in Basel, Switzerland. Death 18 Jul 1677 in Basel, Switzerland.

Church record worth examining
Alan writes, "This register has the best records I have ever seen. This Pastor deserves a big kudos for writing so legibly. The Schweighauser's are in these records. There are Seylers listed don't know to this point if they are related. Ulrich Schweighauser is believed to be one of the earlier ancestor to Maria who married Theodore. Maria b-1668 then Simon b-1644 (married Margareth Schwartz) then Jakob b-1598 (married Anna Bür) then Karl b-1557 (married Anna Hügli) then Ulrich b-abt 1520 (married Brigitta Baulner) then Jakob Schweighauser. Ulrich had about 18 kids but Karl 1557, there wasn't a baptism but it seems there were only 2 listed for 1557 so did they get lost or what? I haven't attached Karl to Ulrich like everybody else until I can get an explanation! But up to Karl has been proved."
Record: Swiss church records, Basel, Taufen 1542-1627,, "S" list

4. Theodor Seiler's ancestors
Alan Albright has compiled the ancestral list below from the Swiss church records. It is greatly appreciated that he is willing to have his hard work presented here.

For a while it was incorrectly felt that this family below were the parents of Theordor.
Johann Seiler, birth 15 May 1632 in Muttenz, Arlesheim, Basel, Switzerland. Death 11 Jun 1675. His parents Hans Seiler Birth abt 1601. Death Apr 1635 in Muttenz, Arlesheim, Basel, Switzerland. Spouse of Hans was Maria Egarin. Birth abt 1605; her parents Hans Brüderlin Birth abt 1599 wife Maria Mönch.

Johann Seiler's spouse, Margreth Brüderlin, birth Apr 1630 in Muttenz, Arlesheim, Basel, Switzerland. Death 25 Sep 1708. They had nine children and a Theodor was the youngest.

New research has shown that Theodor Seiler was baptized 30 Mar 1662 in Binningen, and his parents were Friederich (Fridlin) Seiler, bap  26 Oct 1634 in Binningen wife Barbara Seiler married 6 Dec 1658 in Binningen.

Parents of  Theodor

Friedlin (Friederich) Seiler and Barbara Seiler marriage on 6 Dec 1658 in Binningen, Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland. Children all born in Bottmingen, all baptized in Binningen and all dates are baptism dates.

1. Hans Christoffel Seiler, 23 Oct 1659
2. Theodor, 30 Mar 1662 Witnesses: Theodor Hertenstein the new Pastor & Hans Seiler, bailiff Seiler's son & Amalie von den G... Theodor marries Maria Schweighauser
3. Matern, 21 Feb 1664 died before 1672
4. Elisabeth, 25 Dec 1665 died before 1674
5. Hans Ulrich, 16 Feb 1668
6. Barbara 22 May 1670
7. Matern, 8 Sep 1672
8. Elisabeth,  24 Dec 1674
9. Friederich, 28 Jan 1677
10. Andreas, 10 Oct 1680

Grandparents of Theodor

Hans (Johannes) Seiler and Katherina Schweighauser

children all born in Bottmingen all baptized  Binningen, all dates are baptism dates

1. Hans Jakob, bap 1 Feb 1631

2. Simon, bap 21 Oct 1632

3. Friederich, bap 26 Oct 1634

4. Karl, bap 7 May 1637 died 3 Feb 1678

5. Katherina Schweighauser, dies 19 Feb 1640 Hans dies 4 Feb 1675 

Hans(Johannes) Seiler  then married Elisabeth Läubler of Oberwil BL. on 1 Feb 1641


1. Johannes, bap 19 Oct 1641

2. Elisabeth bap 1 Feb 1646

3. Barbara bap 3 Sep 1647

Great grandparents of Theodor

Jakob Seiler, possibly bap 16 Jan 1564 and Barbara Dietler. Sankt. Elisabeth records.

1. Jacob, bap 25 Mar 1597 name could be Jakob, the only witness is a Jakob Held which would make sense!

2. Elsbeth, bap 5 Nov 1598 witnesses Anna and Elisabeth (could be one or the other)

3. Johannes bap Mar 1600   Hans which we already understand

4. Frederich, bap 13 Nov 1603  name could be Friederich, only witness Friederich Engel which again would make sense! Record from Sankt Margarethen. See more on him below.

5. Heinrich and Balthasar bap 25 Jul 1606 Twins Heinrich dies before 1610

Beninngen records

6. Nicholas(Klaus), bap 25 Jul 1607

7. Heinrich, bap 4 Feb 1610

8. Barbara, bap 6 Nov 1612

9. Andreas, bap 7 Aug 1614

Friedrich Seiler is the son of Jakob Seiler and Barbara Dietler, bapt. 13.11.1603, bur. 31.10.1676.
On 22.10.1670 he was still citizen of Bottmingen, but since 40 years at Basel. He worked as a Pastor 1632 at Jonschwil, Canton Sankt Gallen, 1636 at Kirchberg im Toggenburg, Canton Sankt Gallen, 1638 as a teacher at the Gymansium of Basel and became 1650 the head of this Gymnasium. In 1638 he married Rosina Stöcklin.
He had a son Friedrich, a Pastor too, working at Sankt Peter, Basel. Alan provides this link.

Barbara Dietler, bap 9 Nov 1580 her father Lienhard Dietler bap 21 Jan 1556 his parents Lienhard Dietler and Klara Hartman his parents Hans Dietler and Verena Gerster.
I used to have this Lienhard Dietler who was married to Klara Hartman as the father, only as a different unknown wife, as the parent of Barbara but after further research this is my conclusion

Children of  Hans Dietler and Verena Gerster
1. Jakob marries Barbara Meier 1544 dies 1546
2. Ursula marries 1532 to Ulrich Thurneysen she dies 1560
3. Otilia marries 1541 Luis Thurneysen then in 1568 marries Hans Scherby??
4. Lienhart marries Klara Hartmann 1560 obviously with 5 children born before 1560 she is a 2nd wife
So with a child born 1553 he probably is born before 1533 and died in 1629 would make him 96 at the youngest I am guessing he was born well before that as Ursula would have been born in the teens as if she even got married at 14 she would have been born 1518 more likely born 1512 to 1514.
I believe from a logical standpoint that I separate the 2 generations.
I believe the death of the Lienhard Dietler in 1629 is the 1556 Lienhard, making him 73 years old at death.

5. Friederich Seiler and Anna Catharina Spaar or Spahr and their 3 children
Friederich or Fridlin Seyler was baptized 12 Mar 1702, father, Theodor Seiler von Bottmingen, mother, Maria Schweigerhauser, witnesses: fl? Johann Rudolf Genath, councillor, Friederich Jundt, Miss Margaret Schweighauser. [Binningen 2, page 125, image 129]  Friederich came to America around 1752 with his third wife and three children by her, under "fraudulent and clandestine" circumstances without permission from the Council. It may be possible that some of his older children came as well. Friederich died before 1770 in Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pa. His surname of Seiler/Seyler became Sailor/Saylor.

Alan Albright has been working on the Swiss registers and has concluded that Friederich had three marriages. First to Anna Rapp (1721), second to her sister Elizabeth Rapp (1725) and third to Anna Catharina Spaar (1734). Below are the records to support this conclusion. Alan has been aided by a Swiss cousin, Ernst, who is able to decifer the records and provide a more complete transcription.

Alan writes, "that the Friederich baptism clearly shows the name Friederich not Fridlin. The name is spelled Fridlin Seyler in the Kirchenbucher Parish Register showing the baptismal dates.  However, the Manumission Register spells the name Fridlin Sailer."

First marriage
Friederich Seiler marries Anna Rapp on 12 May 1721; Friedrich Seiler of Bottmingen & Miss Anna Rapp, the Councilmans daughter of Binningen [image 8, entry 38, Binningen 3].

Anna was baptized, 4 May 1690, parents Antonius Rapp, the cooper of Binningen & Elisabeth Jundt [image 101, Binningen 2].

Anna Rapp dies in 1724, three days after her third unnamed child dies. 17 Nov 1724 Anna Rapp, wife of Friedrich Seiler of Bottmingen. She died after giving birth to a child that died 3 days earlier [entry 136], Age 34 1/2 years. [Image 280, entry 137, Binningen 3]

  1. Elisabeth bap 14 Apr 1722, parents, Friederich Seiler and Anna Rapp
    Note: witness Friedrich Seiler is Theodor's son [image 94, entry 73, Binningen 3]
  2. Hans Jakob, bap 11 Jul 1723 Hans Jakob - Friederich Seiler and Anna Rapp [image 99, entry 111, Binningen 3] Note: witness Katharina Rapp of Binningen could be a sister to Anna.
  3. Child born 14 Nov 1724 dies 14 Nov 1724 [image 280, entry 136, Binningen 3]
Second marriage
Friederich Seiler & Elsbeth Rapp 5 Mar 1725 it looks like it says Theodor's son?
Friedrich Seiler of Bottmingen, son of Theodor & Miss Elisabeth Rapp of Binningen

Friederich Seiler marries Elisabeth Rapp, sister to his first wife. 5 Mar 1725, Friedrich Seiler of Bottmingen, son of Theodor, marries Elsbeth Rapp of Binningen. [Image 11, entry 108, Binningen 3] 

Elisabeth was baptized 18 Oct 1689, child Elidsabeth - parents Antonius Rapp, the cooper of Binningen & Elisabeth Jundt. [image 96, Binningen 2]

  1. Theodor baptized 14 Mar 1728 parents Friedrich Seiler, son of Theodor, of Binningen & Elisabeth Rapp, witnesses: Theodor Löchlin, innkepper at Binningen & Jakob Matthys & Anna Seiler the sister. [image 119 entry 256, Binningen 3]
  2. Ursula baptized 26 Feb 1730 parents Friedrich Seiler, son of Theodor, of Binningen & Elisabeth Rapp, witnesses: Johannes Jundt of Bottmingen & Anna Seiler & Ursula Obmann of Binningen. [image 126, entry 313, Binningen 3] Alan thinks she dies but not sure on death. [image 291, entry 340, Binningen 3]. This from Ernst - 5 Mar 1730 little Ursula dies 10 days old. [image 290, entry 328, Binningen 3]. These need checking.
Elisabeth Rapp dies in 1733.
15 May 1733 death of Elisabeth Rapp, wife of Friedrich Seiler, Binningen, age 44 years and 5 months, died of loss of blood during pregnancy. [image 295, entry 419, Binningen 3]

Third marriage
Friederich Seiler marries Anna Katherina Spahr on 25 Jan 1734
Marriage of Friedrich Seiler, son of Theodor, of Binningen & Anna Katherina Spahr of Holee (Binningen). [image 22, entry 315, Biningen 3]
  1. Matthias, bap 16 Dec 1738
  2. Hans [John] Ulrich, bap 7 Jul 1743
  3. Hans Jakob, bap 17 Apr 1746
  4. male child born and died 15 Jul 1748
Anna Katherina Spahr was married 1st to Emanuel Löw. Emanuel Löw lived at Holee, still a part of Binningen today.
  1. Their child Johannes Leonard Löw. [image 138, entry 411, Binningen 3] It has been stated that "Leonard Low, their stepbrother, emigrated with them in 1752 and had gone back to live in the Canton of Basel once more until 1763." [Source ??]
Alan thinks this is the death for Emanuel Löw
20 May 1733, Emanuel Löw of Holee dies of typhus in 3 weeks after getting blind. 1 widow with 1 child. 40 years 2 1/2 month old, was a fine man. [image 295, entry 421, Binningen 3 Totes]

Other Friederich bits
  1. 18.07.1730 - death of Friedrich Seiler of Bottmingen, late husband of Ursula Stahl - age 61. This Friedrich was born around 1669 and the name of his widow doesn't fit.
  2. Also on Totes Alan sees a Friederich Seyler that looks like the husband of Ursula Rapp. Could we have three Friederich Seylers that marry Anna Rapp, Elisabeth Rapp, and Ursula Rapp?
  3. 15 Oct 1721, Theodor Seiler, young son of Friedrich the herdsman/shepherd of Bottmingen. [image 275, entry 49, Binningen 3] This Theodor Seiler died too soon to be my Theodor b-abt 1670; it just doesn't seem Theodor was a widely used name in the Seilers except in that particular Seiler line.
  4. For me there are at least two different Friedrichs at Bottmingen. Since Friederich son of Theodor is witness to Friederich the Herdmans on a blessing we can know their not the same person.
    1) the herdsman/shepherd.
    2) the son of Theodor
  5. 25 Jun 1720, Anna Maria baptized, Parents: Friedrich Seiler & Barbara Seiler of Bottmingen. [image 88, entry 25, Binningen 3] Note: witness Maria Seiler is Theodor's daughter
  6. The note about Anna being the daughter of Councilman Rapp of Binningen is important because as Ernst states, "to find her parents and a daughter of a councilman would probably never marry a shepherd named Friedrich Seiler." Anna Rapp's father was a cooper. Ernst writes, "It's an old tradition in Switzerland that tasks like Judges, Coucilmen or others are done by persons elected by the population. These men (in those days) were well known and respected in the community. It is always a part time job and they keep their normal occupation."
  7. image 92 entry 58 Carl-Friederich Seiler and Elisabeth ???
    Karl, Parents: Friedrich Seiler the hersman of Bottmingen and Elisabeth Abt
  8. image 7 entry 29 Friederich Seiler & Elisabeth ??? 7 May 1720
    Friedrich Seiler, the herdsman at Bottmingen & Miss Elisabeth Abt of Bretzwil (BL)
    you should find Elisabeth Abt online in the books of Bretzwil if needed
From Jack Saylor
In 1769-1770 Jacob Schaffner, a storekeeper in Lebanon (PA), re­turned to Switzerland and succeeded in collecting the inheritance of the "Seyler Boys".  The date of their Manumission and release of their property is recorded as March 28, 1770.  At this time the record shows that they are living in Carlisle, PA.  All are married, their father deceased and their mother living with them. One is a tinner, one a locksmith, and the third is a saddler. It should be noted at this point that the name "Hans" is often translated to John or Johann and the name "Matthies" is trans­lated to Matthew.
Source: From The Desk Of:  Jack R. Saylor, Date: 24 March 1993

Baptized: #548 Matthias, father Friederich Seÿlor, 16 Dec 1738 in Binningen, Switzerland.
Source: Protestant Parish Records 1719-1789, Binningen, St Margarthen, Basel, State Archive Basel County, E9.1.10.10 Binningen 3, found and transcribed by Alan Albright, 2015, image 156

Died: 02 Sep 1826 in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., PA. Buried: in: Trindle Spring Lutheran Cemetery. Occupation: Tinner

Matthies/Mathias Sailor enlisted in Captain Perry's Company, one of the first of the PA companies in the Provincial service, and served five years against the Indians & French, being with Wolfe at the capture of Quebec. He was Captain of the First Company, First Battalion, Cumberland Co. militia, com­manded by General Shoufler & Colonel Ephraim Blaine. He was assessed for nine acres of land in Pennsboro Twp. Cumberland Co. His brother Jacob (1746-1816) also served with Cumberland Co. PA Militia in Rev. War - Rank of Ensign. Wife: Mary Margreth Meyer , Died: 01-Sep-1826                                        
Their Children:
            1   Maria Margreth Sailor Born: 04-Jan-1764 in: Carlisle, Pa, Died: 15-Jan-1764  in: Carlisle, PA
            2   Cathrina Sailor #Born: 16-Feb-1765  in: Carlisle, Pa, Died: 20-Sep-1768 in: Carlisle, PA
            3   Jacob Sailor Died:   -  1838  in: Perry County, Pa
            4   John Sailor Born: 10-Oct-1769  in: Cumberland Co. Pa, Died: 05-Oct-l 828 in: Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co. PA. By will dated May 8, 1828, John Sailor left a tract of land to his three grandsons, John Sailor, George Sailor, and Mathias Sailor.
            5. Henry Sailor, Born 1779 in Cumberland Co., Pa
Source: Alan Albright

5B. JOHN ULRICH SAILOR, 1743 - c1802

In Dec 2016 I heard from Deanna Perez, a descendant of a John Sailor whose children, for the most part, match those below for John Ulrich Sailor. Her John Sailor died c1801-1802 because Elizabeth came with her children and to Bath Co, KY. In 1810 she is in Montgomery Co, KY with one male 15-25, and 16-28 and 5 kids under 16. So we have some unaccounted for kids.
Source: "United States Census, 1810," Montgomery, Kentucky, p. 354, FHL microfilm 181,352.

Also, she is alone when she signs for the marriage of daughter Sarah Sally Saylor's marriage to Samuel Allen Cobb on 27 Oct 1811 in Fleming, KY. It says mother Elizabeth Saylor. Guardian is John Minear and he is bondsman. Deanna assumes that the Saylor and Minears were friends in St George now Tucker Co, WV and that some of the minor kids of John Saylor probably needed a guardian appointed. Samuel and Sally Saylor had 10 children.
Source: Montgomery County History, p. 249,
Source: See Cobb burials in New Providence Cemetery, Montgomery Co, KY
Source: See this posting on

Deanna has concluded that her John Sailor is the same man as John Ulrich Sailor who was born in 1743 in Switzerland.


Hans Ulrich, father Friederich Seÿlor, 7 Jul 1743, Binningen, Switzerland.
Source: Protestant Parish Records 1719-1789, Binningen, St Margarthen, Basel, State Archive Basel County, E9.1.10.10 Binningen 3, found and transcribed by Alan Albright, 2015, image 170

John Ulrich Seylor
Occupation: Locksmith
Elizabeth Wolf
Married: 18 Sep 1766, near Carlisle, Cumberland County, PA
Source: Marriages by Rev John Conrad Bucher, 1763-69, p. 378 on line at jstor

Their Children: - all born in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pa
           1   Frederich, born: June 6, 1768 [Pennsylvania Births and Christenings, 1709-1950," FHL microfilm 20,357]
           2   Catherine Sailor, Born: abt 1769
           3   Mathias Sailor, Born: abt 1773
           4   John Sailor II, Born: abt 1775
           5   Jacob Sailor, Born: abt 1777
           6   William Sailor, Born: abt 1779
           7   Emmanuel Sailor, Born  abt 1783
           8   Samuel Sailor, Born abt 1783
           9   Sarah Sailor, born abt 1791. [There are two notes by Jack Saylor; "died at age 5" and also "died 1836. Deanna has Sarah as Sally and she married Samuel Cobb, Fleming Co., KY.]
Source: Children and parents; Jack Saylor in a mailing to Randy Saylor, item 31, 1998

Baptism: Hans Jacob, father Friederich Seÿlor, 17 Apr 1746, Binningen, Switzerland.
Source: Protestant Parish Records 1719-1789, Binningen, St Margarthen, Basel, State Archive Basel County, E9.1.10.10 Binningen 3, found and transcribed by Alan Albright, 2015, image 178

Jacob Saylor married Frances Hannah Sharp (Shep). He died 19 Jun 1816 in: Buffalo Twp.Wash.Co. PA. Buried: in: Buffalo Twp.Wash.Co. PA. Occupation. Saddler, Farmer
  1. Margreth Sailor Born: 28-Jul-1768  in: Carlisle, PA died 20 Dec 1768
  2. Frances (Fannah) Sailor B: 24-Mar-1774 in: Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA, Died: in: Euclid, Ohio Asa Dille b-11 Sep 1767,  married in 1792 she died 18 Dec 1842.
  3. Keterin Sailor Born: ABT 1770 in: Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA married Abraham Earlewine b-1742 d-18 Jan 1820 Marshall Co. Vir. one cousin has her birthdate as 10 Dec 1771 and death 9 Feb 1833. I have not seen evidence of either date being correct. (This is my line) Their son Jacob Saylor Earlewine b-8 Jun 1800 in Vir. d-27 Jun 1887 in Monroe Co. Ohio  married Ruth Connor 30 Jan 1823 in Ohio Co. Vir. (also my line)
  4. Mary (Polly) Sailor, Born Dec 14, 1778 and died Sept 19, 1851 in Newark, Licking County, Pa. she married David Dille b-31 Oct 1752 d-19 Oct 1935
  5. Samuel Sailor, Born Dec 23, 1781 in Cumberland Co., Pa, died March 16, 1872 in Sharon Tp., Noble,Co, OH. married Mary Sims b-11 Dec 1783 d-7 Dec 1864
  6. Elizabeth Sailor, Born 6 Jan 1786 and Died 21 Apr 1864. married John Sterling they were married 23 Dec 1806.
Jacob was commissioned as an Ensign, 4th Company, 2nd Battalion, Cumberland County (PA) Militia per a Battalion Return dated July 11, 1777. Residence is ascribed to Carlisle Twp. He served a tour of active duty in Captain Matthew Gregg's Co. of the 1st Class under Order of Council dated July 20, 1777. In 1790 Jacob & Frances sold their house (Lot #59 on W. Pomfret St.) in Carlisle & moved to Wash. Co. Mar. 20, 1793 obtained warrant for 200 acres in Buffalo Twp. Tract called "Remainder" - Surveyed: 8-19-1808; Patented: 9-20-1808.
Wife: Frances Sharp. Married: 03-Jul-1767 in: Carlisle,Cumberland Co.,PA
Ref: Cumberland Co. PA marriages, 1761-1817, compiled by Susan Penrod, pub. by Southwest PA Genealogical Services, P.O. Box 253, Laughlintown, PA 15655, Copyright 1983, page 32.
Source: Alan Albright, a descendant of Jacob.

The 1780 Tax List shows Jacob Sailor, a tax payer in Carlisle, Cumberland County. A deed is on file in the Cumberland County Courthouse in Carlisle showing the sale of a property on Pomfret Street to Jacob Sailor in 1775.  Another deed shows that Jacob Sailor and his wife Francis sold the Pomfret Street property to Adam Cope on January 18, 1790 and moved to Washington County, PA.  Witnesses to the deed are Henry Saylor and Matthew Saylor.
Source: From The Desk Of:  Jack R. Saylor Date: 24 March 1993.

6. Email from Wesley A. Sayler
I'm the 4th Great Grandson of Hans Jacob Seiler (Crown 1749) and the third Great Grandson of George Michael Seiler (Sayler). We are a close Y DNA match (36/37). In doing research I have concluded that Hans Jacob and Friederick were brothers and Margaret Spahr was a Sister. Theodore was their father.  Another brother was Christoffel who also came on the Crown with Jacob and Margaret. Other relatives were on the same ship. A brother-in-law Adam Brodbeck was also there. He was the brother of Jacobs wife Chrishona Brodbeck. They were from Bottmingen , Basel, Switzerland.

Concerning group 3 of the Saylor YDNA Project, there always has been indications that some of the Seilers went south, for example Nicholis Seiler, one of the early immigrants from Basel around 1740
Jacob came here with his family 1747 on the Crown. The same time as his sister Margaret Seiler Spahr, sister also of Friederich Seiler.  Friederich's wife was the sister of Hans Ulrich Spahr.  They were from Bottmingen, Basel, Switzerland.  George Michael Sayler, Jacob's youngest son, was born 1752 in Cocalico, Lancaster, Pa.

I haven't researched their full relationship with the Sayler Boys; but I think they were at least paternal cousins based on our DNA results and the fact that they were all from Binningen, Basel, Switzerland. The above Jacob Seiler lived in Cocolico, Lancaster, Pennsylvania up to the 1770's. I have a release of title to land (from him) he tried to buy in 1750, showing that he was still in Lancaster County and he was also in the tax records (1750-1770). 
If you notice in the Passenger Lists for Jacob and Christoffel Seiler that an older Lawyer named Matthias was a God Parent and uncle of the children.  This is why the name is popular within the later Seiler Families.
Source: The above is a combination of content from emails from Wesley from 2009 and also late 2012.

7. Additional families that we are examining - starting in 1700
There are many Seiler familes in the Bottmingen record. Below is an attempt to identify families and apologies for the poor effort at transcription of many names.
  1. Carle Seiler
    1. 15 Jan 1700, Carle Seiler married Miss Elisabeth Schweighauser, of Bottmingen [page 302, image 272]
    2. Karl and Elisabeth married 2 months after Theodor Seiler and Maria Schweighauser. Could they be brothers and sisters?
    3. 27 Oct 1700, Maria baptized, father Carle Seiler of Bottmingen, mother Elisabeth Schweighauser, witnesses: ??, Maria Schweighauser, Miss Elisabeth Ritt??? [page 121, image 125]
    4. 5 Nov 1702, Barbara baptized, Carle Seiler of Bottmingen, mother Elisabeth Schweighauser, witnesses: ?? ?? Schweighauser, Pr? Anna Maria ??, Miss Barbara Seiler [page127, image 131]
    5. 10 Mar 1704, Jacob baptized, Carle Seiler of Bottmingen, mother Elisabeth Schweighauser, witnesses: Jacob Schweighauser, Jacob ??, Miss Ursula? ?? [page 129, image 133]
  2. Christoffel Seiler, wife Catharina
    1. A Christoffel Seiler came to America.
    2. 25 Jan 1705, Jacob baptized, father Christoffel Seiler of Bottmingen, mother Barbara ??, witnesses: ?? P??, Jacob Ritter?, Miss ?? Seilerin [page 132, image 136]
  3. Christoffel Seiler, wife Barbara
    1. Festo Ascension 1705, Jacob baptized, father Christoffel Seiler of Bottmingen, mother Barbara ??, witnesses: ?? ??, Maria Schweighauser, Miss Rofina? Seilerin [page 133, image 137]
    2. See also Ulrich Seiler on this page 133.
  4. Ulrich Seiler, wife Maria ??
    1. 20 Jan 1704, Anna Ursula, father Ulrich Seiler of Obraglatt??, mother Maria ??, witnesses: ?? ??, Anna ??, Ursula ?? [page 133, image 137]
    2. 3 Apr 1707, Simroy??, father Ulrich Seiler of Obraglatt??, mother Maria ??, witnesses: fl? Simroy??, fl? ?? ??, Miss Judith? M??, [page 138, image 142]
  5. [looks like Soup", but isn't] Seiler, wife Clara Rapping?
    1. 25 Oct 1705, Cristoffel, father Soup?? Seiler of Bottmingen, mother Clara Rapping?, Witnesses: Christoffel Jundt?, Cristoffel ??, Miss Ursula Rapping [page 134, image 138]
  6. Friderich Seiler, wife Ursula ??
    1. 20 Dec 1705, Jacob, father Friderich Seiler of Bottmingen, mother Ursula ??, witnesses: Jacob Seiler ?? of Bottmingen, Cristoffel ??, Miss Catharina ?? [page 134, image 138]
  7. Anders? Seiler, wife [looks like Nattria, but it isn't]
    1. 3 July 1707, Elisabeth, father Anders Seiler of Bottmingen, mother Nattria??, witnesses: ?? ??, Clara Raggis, Miss Elisabeth Seilerin [page 139, image 143]
  8. Friderich Seiler, wife Barbara
    1. 7 Aug 1707, E??, father Friderich Seiler ??, mother Barbara Seilerin, Witnesses: Ulrich Schweighauser, Jo? ??, Miss ?? ?? [page 139, image 143]
  9. Siblings of Theodor Seiler
    1. These are from film copied by Alan Albright. More details to follow.
      004 is maybe Hans Seiler and  Maria Egarin ? supposed to be the parents of Hans who married Margaret Bruderlin
      006 Hans Heinrich son of Hans Seiler and Margaret Bruderlin (would it really be Bruder or Bruderl?
      008 Claus son of Hans Seiler and Margaret Bruderlin
      009 Mary daughter of Hans Seiler and Margaret Bruderlin
      010 Barbel daughter of Hans Seiler and Margaret Bruderlin