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William Middleton (M)

     He married Mary A. Sharpless on 1 September 1832.


Children of William Middleton and Mary A. Sharpless
Ann H. Middleton b. 1 Jun 1833
Mary S. Middleton+ b. 3 Dec 1834
Elizabeth Middleton+ b. 26 Jun 1836
Benjamin S. Middleton+ b. 24 Mar 1838
I. Margaret Middleton+ b. 28 Oct 1846

William Gilby Middleton (M)
b. 24 April 1865
Pop-up Pedigree

     William was born on 24 April 1865. He was the son of Benjamin S. Middleton and Sarah Gilby.


(?) Migliore (M)
d. 12 February 2000

     (?) died on 12 February 2000.

Marie Migneault (F)

     She married Henry Ivan Horner.


(?) Mikels (M)

     He married Nellie Trogdon.


Rufus Merrill "Mike" Mikesell (M)
b. 17 April 1893, d. 8 May 1972

     Rufus was born on 17 April 1893. He married Minnie May Shigley at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana, on 8 September 1940. Rufus died on 8 May 1972 at Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana, at age 79. His body was interred in May 1972 at Clear Creek Twp., Monroe Co., Indiana, at Clear Creek Cemetery.


Frederick B. Mikkelson1,2 (M)
b. 22 March 1962, d. August 1992

     Frederick was born on 22 March 1962. Frederick died in August 1992 at age 30.



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Eugene E. Milam1 (M)

     Eugene E. Milam married Lillie Perkins Stroup, daughter of John James "J.J." Stroup and Louisa Cathryn Crow.1



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Malinda O. Milam (F)

     She married Jesse Letherwood at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 11 April 1846.

Child of Malinda O. Milam and Jesse Letherwood
Mary Alice Letherwood+ b. 7 May 1859, d. 20 Oct 1880

Anthony Milanoski1 (M)
b. 5 June 1911

     Anthony was born at Shenandoah, Schuykill Co., Pennsylvania, on 5 June 1911. He married Helen Pauline Rinker on 24 October 1931.


Children of Anthony Milanoski and Helen Pauline Rinker
Geraldine Milanoski
Anthony Milanoski


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