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Charles James Bell (M)

     He married Rachel Isabella Bigham.


Child of Charles James Bell and Rachel Isabella Bigham
John Montgomery Bell+ b. 8 Apr 1875, d. 18 Feb 1947

Charles Montgomery Bell (M)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Charles Montgomery Bell was the son of John Montgomery Bell and Margaret M. Lewis.


Daniel Stinson Bell (M)
b. March 1909, d. 16 July 1932
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     BURIED: Evergreen Cemetery. His body was interred at Chester Co., South Carolina. Daniel was born in March 1909. He was the son of John Montgomery Bell and Margaret M. Lewis. Daniel died on 16 July 1932 at age 23.

Dennie Bell (F)
b. 18 September 1888, d. 10 September 1967

     Dennie Bell was born on 18 September 1888. She married Jones Butler "Sam" Temple, son of Preston Carroll Temple and Alice Ann Palmire Roselee Dellinger. Dennie Bell died on 10 September 1967 at age 78.


Edward Martin Bell (M)
b. 1823

     Edward was born at Fairfield Co., South Carolina, in 1823. He married Martha Simonton Douglas at South Carolina in 1846. Edward was listed as the head of a family on the 1850 Census at Fairfield Co., South Carolina. 1850 South Carolina, Fairfield Co., lists the following family: Edward M. Bell, age 27, born in South Carolina; Martha, age 24, born in South Carolina; Martha, age 3, born in South Carolina; Alex D., age 4 months, born in South Carolina..

Children of Edward Martin Bell and Martha Simonton Douglas
Martha M. Bell+ b. 1848, d. 5 Mar 1869
Alexander Douglas Bell b. Feb 1850

Elizabeth Bell1 (F)

     Elizabeth Bell married Thomas Morgan.


Child of Elizabeth Bell and Thomas Morgan
Martha 'Patsy' C. Morgan+ b. c 1803, d. 26 Mar 1826


  1. Last name also given as Beall.

Elizabeth Bell (F)
b. 1751, d. 1799

     Elizabeth Bell was born in 1751. She married Edward Roberts, son of John Roberts and Rebecca Jones, on 4 August 1784 at Christ Church, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Bell died in 1799. She was buried in 1799 at Quaker Burial Grounds, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania; Cemetery is located at 4th and Arch Streets.


Children of Elizabeth Bell and Edward Roberts
John Roberts+ b. 17 Jan 1787, d. Aug 1827
Jonathan Roberts b. 1788, d. 5 Sep 1790
Mary Roberts b. c Sep 1789, d. b 4 Aug 1790
Thomas Roberts b. c 4 Aug 1791, d. b 6 Aug 1791
(?) Roberts b. c 12 Aug 1792, d. b 13 Aug 1792

Essie Bell (F)
Pop-up Pedigree

     Essie Bell was the daughter of William M. Bell and Margaret Roxanne Dellinger.


Hubert Guy Bell1 (M)
b. 3 June 1906, d. 3 November 1975
Pop-up Pedigree

     Hubert was born at Calhoun Co., Mississippi, on 3 June 1906. He was the son of James Robert Bell and Alice Jane Costner. Hubert died on 3 November 1975 at Angelina Co., Texas, at age 69.


  1. [S143] GEDCOM file # 5, Costner & Tindall descendants.

Ina Bell1 (F)

     She married John Lowe.


  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

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