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Harry Ellsworth Zimmerman (M)

     He married Nora Gertrude Davis.


Child of Harry Ellsworth Zimmerman and Nora Gertrude Davis
Harold F. Zimmerman+ b. 12 Oct 1909

Heinrich Zimmerman1 (M)

     Heinrich was born at Affolturn, Canton Zurich, Switzerland. He married Elsbth Winterlin at Affolturn, Canton Zurich, Switzerland, on 6 August 1580.

Child of Heinrich Zimmerman and Elsbth Winterlin
Caspar Zimmerman+ b. 9 Jul 1594


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Jacob Zimmerman (M)
b. circa 1734, d. 3 May 1807

     Jacob Zimmerman was born circa 1734 at Pennsylvania. He married Catherine Ramsaur. Jacob Zimmerman died on 3 May 1807 at Lincoln Co., North Carolina.


Children of Jacob Zimmerman and Catherine Ramsaur
Margaret Carpenter b. c 1760
Katherine Elizabeth Carpenter+ b. 16 Mar 1767, d. 27 Aug 1833
Mary Carpenter+ b. 30 Apr 1771, d. 26 Nov 1851
Jacob Carpenter b. 1778, d. 18 Oct 1821

Jana Mae Zimmerman (F)
b. 12 May 1943, d. 29 April 1946
Pop-up Pedigree

     Jana was born on 12 May 1943. She was the daughter of Harold F. Zimmerman and Mae Griffith. Jana died on 29 April 1946 at age 2.


John W. Zimmerman (M)

     He married Susan Torrance at Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina, on 24 November 1897.


Louisa Zimmerman (F)

     Louisa Zimmerman married Samuel S. Nicodemus, son of John Nicodemus and Sarah J. (?).


Child of Louisa Zimmerman and Samuel S. Nicodemus
Ora Samuel Nicodemus+

Margarthe Zimmerman (F)
b. circa 1611, d. 27 March 1695

     Margarthe Zimmerman was born circa 1611. She married George Schwab in 1631 at Sinsheim, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany. Margarthe Zimmerman died on 27 March 1695 at Sinsheim, Heidelberg, Baden, Germany.


Children of Margarthe Zimmerman and George Schwab
George Albrecht Schwab+ b. 1645
Yost Schwab+ b. 22 Feb 1655/56, d. 29 Jan 1726/27
Johann George Schwab b. 1659, d. 3 Jan 1717/18

Mary Zimmerman (F)

     Mary Zimmerman married James Gelvin.


Child of Mary Zimmerman and James Gelvin
Mathew William Gelvin+ b. 11 Dec 1838, d. 4 Aug 1910

Peter Zimmerman (M)

     Peter Zimmerman married Anna Marie Cronise, daughter of Frederick Cronise and Anna Nicodemus, on 19 May 1847.


Peter Zimmerman (M)


Child of Peter Zimmerman
Barbara Zimmerman+ d. 1798

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