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Eames Store Destroyed by Fire
Roman Citizen, December 14, 1888

The store and residence of A. J. Eames was entirely destroyed by fire this morning. At about 7:30 our residents were startled by a vigorous ringing of the Union Church bell. No one knows how the fire started.

The combustible nature of many of the contents caused the fire to spread with lightening rapidity.

Mrs. Eames had not arisen when the fire broke out, and barely escaped in her night clothes. Mr. Eames endeavored to enter the building to get his books and papers, and had his eye-brows and mustache singed off, and failed to get what he was after.

Nothing was saved except a showcase and two handsleds from the store. All of Mr. Eames books and papers were burned, together with $100 in money. The total loss amounts to about $5,000. This includes the stock of drugs, fancy goods, household effects, and Mrs. Eames millinery. There was only $1,200 insurance on the whole. Mr. Eames, whose health is poor, is prostrated by his injuries and the shock to his system.

The residence of Henry Stokes adjoining caught several times and was only saved through the strenuous efforts of our citizens.

Mr. Stokes places his damage at about $300. The residence of George Parke was scorched, and the paint on Carl Simons store across the street was blistered. Our citizens did nobly fighting the flames. We have no fire apparatus, and all water had to be carried in pails.

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