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April 2003

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April 2003

The following were added:

I have added the first two the township maps to the site so you will have an idea what they will look like. (see below for more information on these.)
Bridport Township, Addison County
Bristol Township, Addison County
I will be visiting my daughter for a couple of weeks this month, so I won't be working on maps for this site until the end of April. I will, however, be adding maps throughout the spring and summer. Another major project I am working on is a new section to VGR where I will be posting scans of photographs I have collected. Most of these pictures come from old postcards of various Vermont towns, some of them are photos of events, such as the 1927 flood. I have perhaps a couple of hundred of these. I also have a few dozen scans of old portraits of Vermonters, many of which are unidentified, sometimes with only a surname of the subject or the name of the photographer to identity them, sometimes not even that. I encourage you to contact me if you can identity any of these people because many of these pictures came from photo collections and estates sales that were broken into lots and sold at auctions and are no longer in the possession of the members of that family. I hope to unite these faces with their descendents. Although I don't have any of the original photographs and the scans are of varying quality, I have found that just SEEING the likeness of my ancestors was a major thrill. So I hope to reunite some of you with the Vermont ancestors you are seeking!
March 2003

The following were added:

I have been working for months on updating the township and county maps for this site and have uploaded two of the county maps so you can see what these will be like. These maps are more detailed and should prove to be a great deal more useful than those that have been on the site these last three years. Although I haven't completed any of the township maps (though several for Addison County are near completion), they will contain the locations of towns, cemeteries and the names of the main roads and landmarks. Click on the links below to view the upgraded county maps for Addison and Essex. The new layout has thumbnails of the county maps which you may click on to enlarge. I have also stopped using the JPEG format and will now use GIF exclusively. Although JPEG is supposed to be a better quality graphic, I have found that by the time it is uploaded to my server, the quality has been greatly reduced. With GIF, I find the maps look much better when viewed on the web site. (At least the full sized ones do, I'm still working on figuring out how to reduce the maps and still maintain this clarity!)
Addison County Map
Essex County Map

January 2003

Vermont Genealogy Resources was awarded the Home Page Pick of the Month for February by Genealogical Journeys in Time, a site maintained by Curt & Bonnie Miller. Thank you very much!

December 2002

The following were added:

Some Pictures of Vermont

  In And Around Montpelier
  Winter in Vermont
  Spring in Vermont
  Summer in Vermont
  Autumn in Vermont
Outside of an upgrade in the site design (to make it more user friendly and softer of the eyes), I fixed all the broken links in the map section -- there were a lot of them as many sites have either discontinued or changed the URL for the maps featured on the Vermont Maps on the Web page. There were a few other sites (mostly town oriented sites) that have changed their URL and those links have also been updated. I want to thank all of you who have pointed out where links are broken so that I could promptly get their fixed!

September 2002

I finished and uploaded the Township Pages, so there are separate pages for each township which contain the following information:

Official/Political Status
Cities, Towns, Villages, Hamlets within the Township
Town Clerk
Web Sites (see below)
Population According to the U.S. Federal Census
Cemeteries & Years in Use
Local Historical Societies, Libraries & Museums
The Web Sites information on each township page contains links to sites that contain information on that township that might be of interest to researchers. In addition, whenever there is a link to that township from the following five genealogy web sites -- American Local History Network, US GenWeb, Vermont Gateway, Virtual Vermont and Vermont in the Civil War -- this link is included on the page. These five sites are VERY valuable for Vermont researchers. Although some of these sites have little or no information on certain townships and not all counties are covered, many of these projects are new and gaps will probably fill in as time goes on.

August 2002

I have added a page for every Townships in Vermont -- that 265 pages! As I get time, I will be adding more information to these pages, including several of the counties where I haven't filled in the web site links for the following five genealogy web sites: American Local History Network, US GenWeb, Vermont Gateway, Virtual Vermont, Vermont in the Civil War.

Townships Pages
Townships are listed under the county in which they currently appear, but they are all listed on the above page, so it should be fairly easy to see where your town comes in.
I have added SIXTEEN maps to Vermont Genealogy Resources which can be accessed through the links below or from the Vermont Maps Section:
  The following historical maps of Vermont were added:
1756 1780 1794 1860
1761 1784 1820 1895
1777 1790 1835
  The following historical maps of Vermont & New Hampshire were added:
1867 1914
  In addition, three other maps were added:
Map of Townships (without county names)
Map of Lake Champlain in 1844
Map of Eastern Townships of Quebec
July 2002

I have removed the Books I Own section of this web site. I have received dozens of requests for look ups, unfortunately, few of them have been requests for looks ups from books! I have been asked to do just about everything from trekking around cemeteries to searching census and vital records in Boston -- a five hour drive from Montpelier where I live. It is clear that people do not realize that it is impossible to trek through cemeteries for about six months a year in Vermont -- as they are either frozen, under a few feet of snow or have a foot of mud through which one would have to walk.

Please, do not ask me to search for your family in Vermont. I do not have enough time to search for my own family. Just because this state is small does not mean it is easy to get from one end to another. We have mountain ranges and few good roads that cross them. Please limit your requests for information to Vermont Genealogy Resources -- meaning how and where can you find what you are looking for in the State of Vermont. That I can help you with!

March 2002

A Search Engine was added to Vermont Genealogy Resources which should help you find exactly what you are looking for. You will not find your ancestors using this search engine any more than you can find them without the search engine. This site does not contain family information. It contains Resources found in the State of Vermont from which you can search for information on your ancestors and the state in which they lived.

You can either search this site or search the entire web. You have a choice of searching by ALL or ANY word(s). It does generate a Site Map and a What's New section, but I don't think they are any better than mine. (In fact, I think the Site Map generated by the search engine makes no sense at all!) I have been working hard on getting the individual township pages finished. I hope to have them up in the next couple of weeks. For those who are interested, my daughter has a baby girl named Mallory, born on February 4th. Being with my grandchild was the most glorious experience!

November 2001

As with all of us, the events of September 11th have had a profound effect on my life. My daughter is expecting her first child in early February 2002 and her husband was on his way to the Gulf aboard the aircraft carrier, Carl Vinson, when the tragedies of 9/11 took place. We have been worried for his safety and were recently reassured that he will be back in time for their child's birth. I will be staying with her for six weeks (two before the birth, four after) to help her out, so in the meantime, Vermont Genealogy Resources has been placed on the back burner. By mid-to-late March, I will be back at work, diligently adding material to this site. Please bear with the delay!

September 2001

The following was added:

Guest Book

August 2001

The following were added:

Vermont on the Web

General Web Sites
State Web Pages
Places on the Web
People & Families on the Web
Military on the Web
Cemeteries on the Web
Miscellaneous on the Web

At the time, all I've done is split the page into seven sections, but they contain the same information as before. Two pages will be added to this section that will list each township and links to their web sites (one page will be alphabetical, the other by county). Another page will contain links to county and regional web sites.

LDS Family History Centers in Vermont
List of Vermont Governors
Vermont Covered Bridges
Buttons (Go to Section Page):
 Vermont Genealogy Resources is divided into sections (groups of pages under a title such as Geography), which have a table of contents for that section (Section Page). Buttons have been added to pages within each section for easy navigation back to that page's Section Page.
July 31, 2001

I was delighted to find the following e-mail message:

Dear Vermont Genealogy Resources Webmaster,

Congratulations! Family Tree Magazine at has chosen Vermont Genealogy Resources at as Site of the Day for 8/1/01 because we think it will be a wonderful online resource for our readers.

Family Tree Magazine is the new magazine about discovering, preserving and celebrating your family's history. Though our magazine's Web site has only been live since October 1999, 100,000 people are visiting us each month, and more are coming each day. We hope our site's visitors will check out Vermont Genealogy Resources when it's highlighted on our home page. Also, because your site will be mentioned again in our weekly e-mail newsletter and indexed in our Select Site Resource Guide at  Family Tree Magazine will continue to send more visitors your way. (Look for your listing under the Regional Roots category.)

Attached to this e-mail, you will find two different GIF logos--one horizontal, one vertical--that you can place on your Web site to let visitors know you were chosen as a Family Tree Magazine Site of the Day. We would appreciate it if you would link whichever logo you choose back to our site,

If in the future you add a new, significant feature to your site, please let me know. We may feature your site again as Site of the Day because of the additional value to our visitors! Please contact me if you have any questions. Again, we salute your excellent site and hope it continues to grow in the future!

Susan Wenner
Associate Editor, Family Tree Magazine

July 2001

The following changes were made:

 Census & Population

Lamoille-Windsor Town Population
  A-L Town Population
  M-W Town Population
Geography & Place Names (section name changed)
Grants, Patents & Charters Sorted By Name (formerly called Charters by Name)
  Grants, Patents & Charters Sorted By Date (formerly called Charters by Date)

I have finally completed these lists so that they include ALL the grants, patents and charters.

  New York Patents & Map
  New Hampshire Grants & Map
  Vermont Charters & Map

I have slightly altered the History and Geography sections. This is due to the fact that I felt it was confusing having the grants, patents and charters pages separate from the geography. Although they are historical events, they are none-the-less vital for those looking for place names, so they have been moved. This is the reason I never moved County Changes to the maps section, even though they are maps. I have also included actual lists of the grants, patents and charters to supplement the maps.

Town & City Clerks
  Courts: County, District, Probate & Superior

The page Clerks and Courts has been separated into two pages. Previously, the town & city clerks information was found under the town in which the clerk served. Likewise, the County, District and Superior court information was found on the county page in which the court was located. Although the information still remains on the town and county pages, they can also be found here. The clerks are listed by their townships, the courts by their counties.

There were some problems with the original county changes maps, mainly spelling errors. Also, I realized that I should have been more careful in labeling the counties as the words obscured information on the original maps. Both of these problems have been resolved and the new maps have replaced the original drawings. As before, I don't mind if you download the maps to your computer, use them in your research or post them on your web site, as long as you don't alter them, remove my copyright notice or sell them. It isn't necessary for you to make a link to this site or contact me, but I would be very grateful if you did.
June 2001

Four new sections were added:

About this Site (this page)

Site Map

Census & Population

The Vermont Federal Census
  Vermont Federal Census Microfilm
  The 1890 Federal Census
  State & County Population
  Addison-Grand Isle Town Population
Some Pictures of Vermont
A Trip through Smuggler's Notch
  Snow Removal in Montpelier, Vermont
March-June 2001

Major overhaul of the site:

Changes in graphics and design so pages will load faster

  Pages organized into sections for easier navigation

  Links were rechecked, a number of new ones were added

  Added the link If you need assistance in using this site, click this link to each page
(so visitors can find help with the site if needed)

Fall 2002 and beyond...


  County maps that show each boundary change in more detail than the maps that are currently provided which cover the entire state of Vermont. (These will be cross referenced so that they will also be accessible from each county page)

  Maps of each of the townships showing the locations of villages.
(These will be cross referenced so that they will also be accessible from the county and town pages)

  Pages will be added for each historical county, even those that no longer exist.

Counties and their Townships

Most of the following has been completed and posted as Township Pages, but there are a number of other details still not posted to the site.

See Maps above for details of county and township maps that will be added to this section.

  Individual pages will be added for each township to allow room for additional details.

  Web site addresses and township population in each census will be two of these new details added to each township page (they will be cross referenced with other pages)

Some Pictures of Vermont
The following pages will be added:
Autumn in Vermont
Vermont in Winter
Vermont Landscapes
In and around Montpelier

Some of this indexing has been completed, but I have a long way to go to complete it!

When most of the above are completed, I will be adding extensive cross references to the Index, which is only partially completed at this point. This is due to the fact that as long as I keep changing the pages, it isn't worth the effort to keep changing the Index links!

(the tools I used to put this site together)
Web Authoring Tool
  Netscape, the other web browser, can be downloaded for free from their site:
Most of this site was created with Netscape Composer 4.74, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web authoring tool which doesn't require any knowledge of HTML. I tried Netscape 6.0 but soon dumped it. The reason was simple: Netscape 6.0 was designed to attract those who like Internet Explorer and I'm not one of them. I like all the wonderful and versatile features which make Netscape so delightful to use.  I went back to Netscape 4.74, later upgrading to 4.77. The above link is where I went to get my download of Netscape 4.77.
  The ePublishing Company:
I saw some of The Netter's graphics on eBay and won some really cool graphics for a real premium price. I found a selection of graphics that I really liked in the sets and came up with the new layout for Vermont Genealogy Resources. I think it looks softer now, more artsy. These new graphics are just some of the wonderful stuff that Alizare has created and if you are interested in really good stuff at an affordable price, check out her site. She has ongoing auctions of her work at a REALLY great discount on eBay. I highly recommend this site! She is GOOD! The new logo for VGR was created by using Microsoft Paint as an image editor over one of the Netter's many logo designs. I also used Paint to rotate, flip and otherwise alter some of the other graphics used on this site.
  Flaming Text:
I switched to Flaming Text because I liked their matching sets (logo, dividers, bullets) and being a graphics fanatic, I used Flaming Text's Online Graphics Generator to create the following:
The Vermont Genealogy Resources logo
The dividers used throughout the site
The Roots Web link at the bottom of each page
The bullets used on this site
  Cool Archive:
The arrows used on this site came from Cool Archive's graphic selection. I switched to Cool Archive from Cool Text, because Cool Archive has a greater variety of styles to choose from over the selection at Cool Text and there isn't as much traffic to the site, so graphics are rendered more quickly. From here came the second collection of graphics used on this site earlier in 2001.
  Cool Text:
I used Cool Text's Online Graphics Generator to create most of the original graphics used on this site.
  iGraphics Version 1.0, graphic text creator from iCatchers software, which I purchased for $13.00.
I used this to create the Directory, Maps, Site Map and Index buttons on the bottom of each page.
  Microsoft Paint, one of the extras that came with our Windows 95 software package.
I used Paint to create my maps and to touch up other graphics.

This site is generously hosted by:

This Site was created by Jalanne C. Barnes. If you know about a web site that contains information on Vermont
Genealogy that is not included here or you find a link that doesn't work, email the URL  with a description of the web site/problem to me at: <[email protected]> and I will make the changes when I do my next update.