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Ackerman Burials

Please remember that these are BURIALS, not DEATHS.

By law Anglican ministers had to bury the dead, irrespective of their religion. As very few Non-Anglican faiths had their own burial ground inevitably many of them were buried in the Parish Churchyard, but often in non-consecrated ground. The only exceptions were suicides who, I believe, were buried at crossroads!

Generally, if not in this website, you should still be able to find the burial of your Ackerman ancestor. A lot of people were not baptized, and a number never married, but after death there is always a body to be disposed of, and somewhere there will be an official record of that event. The only exceptions may be still born or infant deaths but even this is very rare

1599 - 1781
1782 - 1831
1832 - 1898