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Descendants of Thomas Whitaker  - please note, I have much more information on this line than is shown here. Please contact me if you are interested in additional information.

Generation One

Thomas Whitaker was born Bet. 1744 - 1747 in Prince Georges Co., MD, and died 1809 in Logan Co., KY.  He married Isabel Jane Acklen Bef. 1770.  She was born Abt. 1747, and died Bef. 1809.

Notes for Thomas Whitaker:  Thomas was believed to have been born in MD, probably Prince Georges Co. He died in 1809, his estate having been inventoried and sold in Dec 1809, Logan Co. Book 1-A, page 121-128.  In a DAR application, a descendant said his wife was Isabel Jane Acklen.  There is no record of service in the Revolution, but he could have been among the thousands for whom a service record is nonexistent.  When the Sandy Creek Baptist Church was organized on 15 Jun 1805, there was a membership list of 40 persons and the first four on the list were:  Wm. Gough, Thomas Whitaker, Isbel Whitaker, Nancy Whitaker (identify of Nancy has never surfaced).  Also in the records of that church, there is a checkmark in the column "died" for Thomas and Isbel.  There is a checkmark in the column "dismissed by letter" for Nancy to join another church.

In Butler Co. Deed Book B, page 23, 9 Jan 1815, there is an indenture between Mark Whitaker, Jinny Whitaker, Henry Whitaker, David Whitaker and Thomas Whitaker, heirs and representatives of Thomas Whitaker, dec'd, of the first part and Abedengo Shelton of the second part....whereas the aforesaid Whitaker heirs in virtue of contract entered into by their father in his lifetime do....confirm unto said Abedengo Shelton a certain tract or parcel of land....in Butler Co. granted by commissioner certificate number 3099 in the year 1798, containing 100 acres as appears by patent ....14 Dec 1813.  Signed by Henry, David, Jinny, and Thomas (the Mark named was Jinny's husband).  In the record of inventory and sale of the estate of Thomas Whitaker, the only Whitaker buyers were: livestock and household goods by Henry, David, Mark and Jane/Gean.  Since there was no dower allotment for Isabel, it is assumed she predeceased Thomas.

Children of Thomas Whitaker and Isabel Acklen are:

i Jinny Whitaker, born Bef. 1778.  She married Mark Whitaker December 19, 1790 in Logan Co., KY; born Abt. 1778.
ii David Whitaker, born Abt. 1778; died Aft. 1840 in IL.  He married Cloey Evans March 26, 1799 in Logan Co., KY.
iii John Whitaker, born Bef. 1780; died Aft. 1809.  He married Caty Hargrove.  Notes for John Whitaker:  In the 1860 Butler Co. census, page 95, Rochester, 28 Jul: #695/644 Johnson Whitaker, age 73, farmer, real estate $750, personal $450, KY; Susan R., age 47, spinning, can't read/write, VA; Nancy M., age 9, attended school, KY; John F. age 7, attended school, KY; Mark, age 5, KY
iv Thomas Whitaker, Jr., born Bef. 1780; died Aft. 1830.  He married Caty Johnston December 12, 1806 in Logan Co., KY.
v Susan Abigail Whitaker, born Abt. 1784; died Abt. 1821.  She married Rev. William Henry Martin December 19, 1805 in Logan Co., KY.
vi Henry Whitaker, born Bet. 1786 - 1787 in Rowan Co., NC; died 1864 in Butler Co., KY.  My line, see more below.


Generation Two

Henry Whitaker was born Bet. 1786 - 1787 in Rowan Co., NC, and died 1864 in Butler Co., KY.  He married (1) Levicia McCoy Abt. 1810 in Butler Cty, KY, daughter of Willis McCoy and Holland Daugherty.  She was born Abt. 1796 in Craven Co., NC, and died Bet. 1840 - 1843 in Butler Co., KY.  He married (2) Nancy Coots March 20, 1843 in Muhlenberg Cty, KY.  She was born Abt. 1807 in TN.  See the McCoy line.

Notes for Henry Whitaker:  1840 Butler Co. Census:  Henry Whitaker: 2 males 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 40-50.

1850 Butler Co. Census:  #62 Henry Whitaker, age 63, farmer, real estate value $753, NC; Nancy, age 43, TN; Thomas, age 15, KY; Calvin, age 7, KY; Hollin (Male), age 1, KY; Curran (Male), age 4, KY; Elizabeth Penly, age 16, KY; Rebecca Hawes, age 22, KY.  (He remarried after Levicia died)


     #66, David Hall Whitaker, born abt 1818.

     #69, Henry Whitaker, born abt 1826

     #72, Christopher Whitaker, born abt 1830

     #109, Presley Whitaker, born abt 1827 (also listed in #118)

     #110, Johnson Whitaker, born abt 1798

     #535, James Whitaker, born abt 1799

     #678, Alexander Whitaker, born abt 1826

     #751, Susannah Whitaker, born abt 1829

1860 Butler Co. Census, Morgantown, 23-24 Aug 1860:  #1182, Henry Whitaker, age 73, farmer, real estate $1,350, personal $1000, born NC; Nancy, age 52, sewing, can't read/write, TN; Calvin, age 17, farm labor, attended school, KY; Curran (male), age 14, attended school, KY; Hallin (male), age 11, attended school, KY.

#1181, Henry I. Whitaker, age 38, farmer, KY - born abt 1822

Notes for Levicia McCoy:  Book G, page 68, 3 Jan 1851/52.  Mark H. Whitaker of Graves Co., KY, David H. Whitaker, Henry J. Whitaker, Christopher A. Whitaker, Smith Pendley and Sally his wife, Francis Penley and Casander A. his wife of Butler Co. sell to John Tigert of Logan Co. for the sume of $700 - $100 to each legatee - title and interest in the estate of Willis McCoy, dec'd, of Butler Co. both personal and real....monies arising from the sale of lands in the State of North Carolina to which the party of the first part are entitled as....heirs of Levica Whitaker, dec'd, who was the mother of the contracting party of the first part and daughter of said Willis McCoy.  Witness:  Jno P. Ferguson, Francis Pendley, Thomas E. Whitaker, Henry J. Whitaker, Smith Pendley, Christopher Whitaker.  Thomas was not named in this document presumably because he was not of legal age.  In Butler Co. Court, Dec 1851, Thomas E. Whitaker, over 14, came to court and made choice of Henry Whitaker, his father, as guardian together with Reuben McCoy his security

Children of Henry Whitaker and Levicia McCoy are:

i Sarah "Sallie" Whitaker, born February 01, 1811 in Butler Co., KY; died November 22, 1882 in Butler Co., KY.  My line, see more below.
ii Mark Harrison Whitaker, born July 11, 1813; died Bet. July 16, 1852 - 1853 in Graves Co., KY.
iii Willis M. Whitaker, born Abt. 1816; died Aft. 1850 in Pulaski Co., IL.
iv David Hall Whitaker, born Abt. 1818; died Bet. 1853 - 1854 in Butler Co., KY.
v Henry J. Whitaker, born Abt. 1822; died Bet. 1880 - 1884 in Butler Co., KY.
vi Cassandra B. Whitaker, born May 24, 1827 in Butler Co., KY; died August 22, 1896 in Butler Co., KY.
vii  Christopher A. Whitaker, born Abt. 1830; died Aft. 1903 in Butler Co., KY.
viii Thomas E. Whitaker, born Abt. 1831; died Bet. 1860 - 1867 in Butler Co., KY.

    Children of Henry Whitaker and Nancy Coots are:

i Calvin C. Whitaker, born April 23, 1843; died August 22, 1888.   Burial: Bethel Cemetery, Butler Co., KY
ii Curren Whitaker, born March 30, 1846.
iii Holland Matthew Whitaker, born February 25, 1849 in KY; died July 21, 1911.

Generation Three

Sarah "Sallie" Whitaker was born February 01, 1811 in Butler Co., KY, and died November 22, 1882 in Butler Co., KY.  She married Smith Randolph Pendley February 17, 1824 in Butler Co., KY3,4, son of James Pendley and Amelia Smith.  He was born December 24, 1805 in Wilkes, Burke Co., NC, and died April 04, 1864 in Butler Co., KY.  See the Pendley and Smith lines.

Notes for Sarah "Sallie" Whitaker:  Some records show that Sarah was born in Missouri.  If her parents were married in Butler Co., then she was born in KY and not MS.  Burial: Sandy Creek Cemetery, Butler Co., KY

1870 Butler Co., Census: #162/162 Sarah Pendley, age 60, KY; Scott Smith, age 16, KY; Calvin Lee, age 45, TN, carpenter; Milly, age 33, TN, spinning; Salina, age 1, KY; Charles, age 4, IN; Henry, age 2, IN.

Note:  Calvin Lee was also in the 1870 census before he married Milly.

Notes for Smith Randolph Pendley:  KY Traces, Vol. 6, No. 2, page 23 shows their marriage date as 16 Feb 1825.  Burial: Sandy Creek Cemetery, Butler Co., KY

1860 Butler Co. Census, page 138, Morgantown, 14 Aug:  #1005/928 Smith Pendley, age 55, farmer, real estate $900, personal $400, NC; Sarah, age 49, spinning, can't read/write, MS; Amelia, age 19, sewing, KY; Solomon, age 16, farm laborer, KY; Smith, age 7, KY.

Kentucky Land Grants:

Survey 10 Dec 1836, 50 acres on Sandy Creek, DB L-2, page 461.

Survey 21 Mar 1854, 100 acres on Grassy Lick Creek, DB 44, page 355.

Survey 4 Sep 1858, 18 acres, DB 55, page 65.

Laura file 1233260 Ancestry World Tree shows his name as Smith Rudolph Pendley, born 24 Dec 1804 in Burke Co., NC; died 4 Apr 1860 in Butler Co., KY; married Sarah Whitaker on 17 Feb 1825 in Butler Co. (the early marriages CD shows a marriage date of 1829 which would put her at age 18 instead of age 14).

She says Smith got his first name from his mother's maiden name, a tradition still carried on today.  Smith worked his father's farm until his marriage to Sarah.  Smith died of a heart attack on 4 Apr 1864 (contradicts the 1860 date given first).  Dean Lunsford shows his name as Smith Randolph Pendley.

Smith and Sarah are supposedly buried in Sandy Creek but their graves are not marked by a tombstone.  There are several unmarked graves there.

Children of Sarah Whitaker and Smith Pendley are:

i Miles Pendley, born August 01, 1826 in Butler Co., KY; died April 15, 1860 in Butler Co., KY.
ii James H. Pendley, born July 19, 1830 in Butler Co., KY; died January 10, 1831 in Butler Co., KY.
iii Levi B. Pendley, born January 09, 1832 in Butler Co., KY; died September 11, 1876 in White Co., IL.
iv Elizabeth Pendley, born April 21, 1834 in Butler Co., KY; died 1924 in AR.
v David Hall Pendley, born September 29, 1836 in Butler Co., KY; died October 30, 1915 in Butler Co., KY.
vi Baby Pendley, born 1838; died 1838.
vii Amelia Ann "Millie" Pendley, born October 04, 1840 in Butler Co., KY; died May 22, 1925 in Butler Co., KY.  My line, from here see the Pendley line.
viii Solomon Moses Pendley, born January 21, 1844 in Butler Co., KY; died December 15, 1905 in Hanna, OK.
ix Smith Scott Pendley, born July 15, 1852 in Butler Co., KY; died April 17, 1932 in Butler Co., KY.

From here see the Pendley Line.

See the Pendley Endnotes

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