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Frendz Logo
PLAY THE GAME OF FRENDZ! The little aliens enjoy the company of others. In this fun game of strategy, you control the Blue Frendz team while the computer controls the Red Frendz. Each team tries to conquer the playing field. Make a good move, and your team cheers. Make a bad move, and watch your opponent do his own victory dance. Three difficulty levels make this a real challenge. Can you beat the computer on the hard level? I did! Click here or the graphic above to begin.

Switcharoo Logo
This is one cool website. The Switcheroo Zoo allows you to mix 'n' match different animals' body parts to result in one crazy, messed up animal. Mix a cheetah's body with a pig's legs, a dog's tail, and a elephant's head. Also, play the two games "Zookeepers Wanted" and "Switcheroo Clues" for additional fun. Click here or the graphic above.

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Click on these links for hours of fun and entertainment:

Daily Cartoon:

Are You a Man or a Woman? - Take the GENDER TEST
Who Were You in Your Past Life? (Javascript)
Magic Trick - Pick 21

Puzzix (Java script game from PixelStorm)
Gravity (Java script game from PixelStorm)
Candee (Java script game from PixelStorm)
Wrath of God ... your people deserve to be punished
Test Your Response Time (Java game)
Pig Races (shockwave game)
Basketball Shootout (shockwave game)
Hangaroo! (shockwave game)
Bookworm! (shockwave game)
Word Shark! (shockwave game)

Puzzles & Brain Teasers:
Puzzles, Brain teasers & personality tests
Petals Around The Rose -- Puzzler
Left or Right Brain - Which is Dominant (brain teaser)
Daily Brain Teaser

Funny & Interesting Pictures:
Create weird animals...Switcharoo Zoo!
Suggestive Camping Sign -- This Is True!
Link to Grand Illusions
Be more efficient at the office (picture)
Winners of 'I Look Like My Dog' Contest (picture)
Another Day on the River (picture)cat on a toilet

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Last Updated: February 20, 2005