Lucretia Patterson



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Lucretia Patterson
Born: 02 July 1777 Piermont, Grafton, New Hampshire


Married 1st: 28 Feb 1795 in Missouri
Husband 1st: John Shepherd

Husband 2nd: James G. Jones

Married 2nd: 01 Oct 1815  Perry Co., IN (license issued) Perry
Co., IN m. 1 Oct. 1815 by Jas. McDaniel, Judge, Perry Co., IN

The next day they were married at St. Augestine
Catholic Church by Fr. Chas. Coomes

 James G. Jones

Justice of the Peace in Perry Co., Indiana in 1815
Commissioned coroner of Warrick County IN in Oct 1814
The deed records of Warrick County show that James G. Jones and Lucretia Jones, his wife, in September, 1817, were residing in Breckenridge County, KY.



Benjamin Patterson


Elizabeth Abigail Safford


John Shepherd

James G. Jones

CHILDREN with John Shepard or Shepherd

1. Hiram Shepherd
    b. Abt. 1796 New Madrid, MO
    m. 7 Aug 1817 to Linda Candice (Dicey) Markham in Breckinridge Co, KY
    d. After 1868 Arkansas

2. Solomon Shepherd
     b. 01 Jan 1800 Breckinridge Co., KY
    m. 5 Jan 1821 to Nancy Pate in Breckinridge Co., KY
    m. 31 May 1847 to Pleasant Smith in Audain Co MO
    d. 17 Aug 1866 Rall Co., MO

3. John Shepherd
    b. 25 Nov 1802 Breckinridge Co., KY
    m. Jul 1831 to Tennessee McComas in Putnam, IL
    d. 14 Mar 1883 Union Hardin, IA

4. Sophia Shepherd
    b. 1807 Breckinridge Co., KY
    m. 11 Jan 1824 to William E Blanchard in Perry, IN
    m. 28 Jun 1832 to William Doss in Vermillion Co., IN
    d.May 1863 Vermillion Co., IN

5. Benning (Ben) Shepherd 
b. 29 Oct 1808 Breckinridge Co., KY
    m. 28 Jul 1835 to Eliza Johnson in Vermillion Co., IN
    d. 11 Apr 1897 Vermillion Co., IN

Lucretia Patterson was born in New Hampshire.  When she was about four they moved to Quebec, Canada where they stayed for just a couple of years, moving next to Bradford, PA when she was about six and then to Chenango Forks, NY at age eleven.  Her father was an Indian trader and a Ranger and thus he moved the family to Belpre, OH in 1791, a brand new community on the frontier.  The Pattersons with their eight children moved into Cabin # 12  and were joined by another three rangers.  One of them  was a ranger named John Shepherd, who was about twenty-three. Lucretia Patterson was about thirteen.
"The garrison at Belpre contained about twenty young females in the prime of life, with fine persons, agreeable manners, and cultivated minds.  A dangerous recreation of the younger girls was to steal out of the Castle in the pleasant moonlight summer evenings, and, taking possession of a canoe, push it silently up the shore of the Ohio for a mile or more; then paddle out into the middle of the stream, and float gently down with the current.  some favorite singer then struck up a lively song in which they all joined, their voices making sweet melody on the calm waters of the 'Belle riviere.' greatly to the delight of the young men and guards on the watch towers, but much to the alarm of their mothers who were always in fear of the Indians." (1)
There was an outbreak of smallpox in 1793 and Challes Patterson, one of Lucretia's brothers, died at the age of ten.  The next year, however, her parents had another child, Sophia, who was born 22 Nov 1794.
They all left Belpre around 1794, moving to New Madrid, MO.  Lucretia probably married John Shepherd in Missouri, for their first son, Hiram, was born in MO about 1797.
Farmer's Castle at Belpre

By 1800 they were in Breckinridge County, KY.  Her husband, John Shepherd, died ten years later in Jan 1810. Their five children ranged from Hiram, the oldest at age 13, to Ben who was an infant.  In June 1812, his estate paid Lucretia $39 for boarding "One year & three months old (Benning) for one year & six months at 50 cents per week. $39.00" (2)

In 1815 Lucretia married for the 2nd time to James G. Jones.  She and her husband are recorded several times after that in the land records.  However, there are no found records of them after 1817.

The recorded deed below confirms that this Lucretia Patterson was the widow of John Shepherd who married James G. Jones in Perry Co., IN.  In that same county, her daughter, Sophia Shepherd, married William Blanchard.  Sometime after their mother's second marriage, Sophia, by then a widow, and her brother Benjamin Shepard moved to Vermillion Co., IN


Recorded in Deed Book C Breckinridge Co, KY p. 467 "January 9, 1816, David Curtis and Sophia his wife late Sophia Patterson, Isaac Patterson, of Breckinridge County, and James G Jones and Lucretia his wife late Lucretia Shepherd, widow and relict of John Shepherd, dec'd of the Indiana Territory, to Benjamin Patterson of Breckinridge County, whereas Benning Patterson and Hiram Patterson late of New Madrid County, Missouri Territory, died seized in fee of a tract of land each situated in said New Madrid Territory, Territory of Missouri, the said two tracts being the only lands confirmed and granted to the said Benning or Hiram in the said County of New Madrid, and whereas the said Sophia and Lucretia, sisters of the said Benning and Hiram, and Isaac Patterson, brother of the said Benning and Hiram, are each entitled to 1/6th part of the same tracts as heirs and legal representatives, Now the said David Curtis and Sophia his wife, James G. Jones and Lucretia his wife, and Isaac Patterson, for and in consideration of the $5.00 paid by the said Benjamin Patterson, have sold to the said Benjamin Patterson their undivided 3/6ths parts of the said two tracts of land, to which they may be entitled as heirs and legal representatives of the said Benning and Hiram Patterson. Certified and recorded January 9, 1816." See original documents on page for Benjamin Patterson

(1) A History of Belpre Washington County, Ohio by C. E. Dickinson, D. D.1920  (google book)

(2) Shepherd, John Estate    Breckinridge County Court, Shepherds John, Inventories, Appraisements & Sale Bills 1812 box 1 folder 5

Payment to Lucretia for boarding children
Payment to Lucretia for boarding children
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