The Family of Charles TILBURY
Otterbourne, Southampton & Aldershot in Hampshire, UK
His Descendants also went to London and Essex

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Charles Tilbury, b. Otterbourne
From the "Publications of the Catholic Record Society" (Great Britain),1905 edition
(11) Die 17 Junii 1775, Natus die 15 ejusdem Mensis, baptizatus fuit Carolus TILBURY filius Johannis & Ruth TILBURY (Conjugum) in Parochia de Otterborne. Patrinus fuit Richardus GOLDFINCH, Matrina Francisca LINKHORN.
A me Gul. WALMESLEY O.S.B. M. & P.
[On 17 June 1775, b. 15 of previous month, Charles TILBURY, son of John & Ruth TILBURY, was baptised in the Parish of Otterborne. Godfather: Richard GOLDFINCH; Godmother: Frances (or Francisca) LINKHORN. By me Wil. WALMESLEY O.S.B. M. & P.]

So far as I know, there is no proof to date that John & Ruth's son Charles was the father of Charles of Southampton, but it seems a very high probability: no other Charles b. Otterbourne is apparent at that time. In 1851 James TILBURY b. c.1772 Otterbourne, was living in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, with his family. Both Charles and James may have been descended from the same line as James TILBURY d. 1817, probate Will 1818.

The 1818 Will of James Tilbury

Family Mythology

"Eliza Robinson married 1840 Charles Tilbury - he was a widower at the time, living at Winchester Terrace, Southampton. Witnesses were James Tilbury and a Harriet Hiscock?
Charles was a gambler (lost all his money) - liked women and died 1866 in bed with another woman in Southampton. This I was told many years ago."
"After he lost all his money, Charles' children had to go out to work - they had been born into a comfortable middle class family.
The Royal Hotel Aldershot was apparently built when Aldershot developed as a garrison town during the early 1800s. It was demolished during the 1930s due to road improvements."
"Charles Tilbury (Sheriff officer) was a widower when he married Eliza Robinson in 1840. I've found out his 1st wife was Catherine Hayward Mundy. They married 3rd May 1838 All Saints Southampton Hampshire. Vol 7 page 207. This is what I don't understand (did he commit Bigamy?): his 1st wife Catherine Hayward Mundy died 3Q 1840 Farnham Hants Vol 4 page 97 so he remarried before she died. Actually reading about his character, I wouldn't be surprised!!!!!!"
[Or did he forget the civil registration of Catherine's death until after marrying Eliza?]


Charles TILBURY, widower, Sheriff's Officer (Father: Charles TILBURY); b. 1810
m. Eliza ROBINSON, spinster, 11 February 1840 registery office Southampton (7/211); b. 1821

The Robinsons and Pear Tree Green, Hampshire

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1841: Union Street, St Mary, Southampton
Charles TILBURY age 60 b. [1781] Hampshire (Ind.)
Catherine TILBURY age 60 b. [1781] (out of Cty) (Ind.)
Sarah OUTRIDGE* age 63 b. [1778] OutofCty (Dress Maker)
Sarah OUTRIDGE* age 20 b. [1821] Hampshire (Dress Maker)
William OSMAN age 18 b. [1823] OutofCty (Laborer)

* Coincidence - or family relationship? Sometime before 1862 Charles TILBURY, victualler, was in collaboration with Stephen OUTTERIDGE, sauce maker: see link below.

1841: Orchard Lane, St Mary, Southampton
Charles TILBURY age 30 b. c.1811 Hampshire (Sherriff Officer)
Eliza TILBURY age 20 b. c.1821 Hampshire
David BARWICK b. c.1811, Mary BARWICK b. c.1821, George BARWICK b. c.1826, Mary BARWICK b. c.1838

Post office Directory of the Borough of Southampton, 1843
TILBURY, Charles, sheriff's officer, 2, Orchard lane
TILBURY, Jas. flyman & livery-stable keeper, Vincent's walk
From the "Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle" Saturday, March 7, 1846
This was an action of trespass brought by the plaintiff who is a schoolmaster, of Southampton, against the defendant, who is a sheriff's officer, for an illegal distraint of six cows, at Bitterne, and other property at West End.
Mr. COCKBURN and Mr. BARSTOW conducted the case of the plaintiff; and Mr. CROWDER and Mr. SAUNDERS that of the defendant.
The point in question was whether 140l. advanced by Mr. CLARK to Robert SNOOK on his property was a bona fide transaction, or whether it was only [c]olourably done in order to enable SNOOK to defraud Mr. JEW, builder, of Southampton, to whom SNOOK was indebted a considerable sum. It appeared that SNOOK rented land of Mr. JEW, at Northam, and was in arrears for rent; in addition to which he owed him above 100l. and becoming involved in pecuniary difficulties applied to the plaintiff, who advanced him the sum of 140l. on a bill of sale on his property. The cows, which till then had been in pasture at Northam, were driven to Bitterne, and placed in Bitterne Park, arrangements having been made for their keep there for a week with Mr. HAYES, whilst a portion of the household was removed to a house at West End. A few days afterwards, the cows and property were taken in execution by the plaintiff [?defendant?], in the course of his duties as sheriff's officer, at the suit of JEW, and were afterwards sold. SNOOKS, in his evidence, admitted that he did not inform the plaintiff that he was indebted to JEW; that with a portion of it he paid a bill of sale which he had given him for 58l. 7s. 8d. and had expended the remainder upon himself.
Verdict for the plaintiff, damages 140l.
From "The Jurist" 1848
Who have filed their Petitions in the Court of Bankruptcy, and have obtained an Interim Order for Protection from Process.
Charles TILBURY the younger, Southampton, officer to the sheriff of the county of Southampton, Jan. 27 at 11, Court of Bankruptcy, London.
From the "London Gazette" Friday, November 9, 1849
Charles TILBURY, of Southampton, sheriff's officer.

Charles TILBURY b. 4Q 1841 (Southampton 7/162)

This seems to be the only birth of an Ellen TILBURY registered for the years 1845-7 (FreeBMD November 2008):
3Q 1846 (Chelsea 3/64)

James TILBURY b. 4Q 1848 (Southampton 7/210)


Francis William TILBURY b. 1Q 1851 (Southampton 7/215)

1851: lvg. Fredrick street, Southampton, Parish of St. Mary, Hampshire (HO 107/1669 bd.15, pg.22)
Charles TILBURY b. c.1810 Southampton (Head) (Sheriff's Officer)
Eliza TILBURY b. c.1820 Pear Tree Green, Hampshire (Wife)
    Charles TILBURY b. c.1842 Southampton (Son) (Scholar)
    Ellen TILBURY b. c.1846 Southampton (Daughter) (Deaf)
    James TILBURY b. c.1849 Southampton (Son)
    Francis W. TILBURY b. c.January 1851 Southampton (Son)
Charles TILBURY* b. c.1777 Otterbourne, Hampshire (Father) (Stage Coachman)
+ Fanny EASON b. c.1834 Dorset (House Serv)

From "The Jurist" Saturday, February 26, 1854
(pg. 87)
Orders have been made, vesting in the Provisional Assignee the Estates and Effects of the following Persons:-
... Chas. TILBURY the younger, Southampton, publican: in the Gaol of Southampton.
(pg. 100)
The following Prisoners are ordered to be brought up before a Judge of the County Court, to be examined and dealt with according to the Statute:-
At the County Court of Hampshire, at Southampton, March 30 at 10. [1854]
... C. TILBURY the younger, Southampton, dealer in pictures.

Mary Ursula TILBURY b. 2Q 1853 (S Hampton 2c/18)
Eliza TILBURY b. 3Q 1854 (Southampton 2c/3) - at the "Union Hotel", Richmond Street

1855 Post Office Directory, Hampshire
Charles TILBURY, "Richmond Hotel" Union place, Marsh (Southampton)

From "The Morning Chronicle" London, Monday, November 19, 1855
Mr. SHEBBEARE, one of the coroners for the county of Hants, and a jury, resumed the inquest, adjourned from the 6th instant, on Friday, at the Alliance Tavern, in the village of Aldershott, on the body of John GORDON, a private soldier, in the West Kent Regiment of Militia, now stationed at the camp at Aldershott [...]
Charles TILBURY, the landlord of the Alliance Tavern at Aldershott, deposed to the witness CHAMBERS coming to his house alone about eleven o'clock on the night of Saturday, the 3d inst., drunk, and applying for some beer, for which he tendered half-a-crown in payment, but he refused to serve him. CHAMBERS then struck at him, and a slight scuffle ensued, in which the half-crown fell to the ground, but was afterwards found and restored to him. After that CHAMBERS had a quarrel in his (witness's) taproom with some men drinking there, and witness turned them all to the door, and he never saw CHAMBERS again that evening. He had previously advised him to go to his quarters in the camp, for the picket would be coming round, and he (CHAMBERS) would get into a scrape, but he refused to follow his advice.
[...] The jury, after a short interval of deliberation, found that the deceased had come by his death from the wounds on his head, but how those wounds had been inflicted there was no evidence to show.

25 March 1856 - Lease for 14 years of the "Alliance Inn", Aldershot,
from: Jane MAY of Bath, spinster, John SIMONDS of Reading, banker and Charles SIMONDS of Reading, banker;
to: Charles TILBURY of Aldershot, victualler (ref: H[ampshire] R[ecord] O[ffice] 59M87/1)

20 December 1856 - Counterpart lease for 7 years of the "Royal Hotel Inn", Aldershot
from: Jane MAY and others (as in 59M87/1);
to: Charles TILBURY of Aldershot, victualler (ref: HRO 59M87/2)

wishes to draw the Attention of the Public to this Hotel
which is replete with every Comfort, Convenience.
Dinners for large or small Parties on the shortest Notice.
An Ordinary Everyday at 1pm. Wine & Spirits of the first Quality.
Good Stabling and well aired Beds.
Ordinary on Weekdays at 1pm. On Sundays 1.30.

Charles TILBURY in collaboration with Stephen OUTTERIDGE, Pickle & Sauce Maker

Catherine TILBURY b. 3Q 1857 (Farnham 2a/63)
[Were there other children born/died?]

1859 White's Directory, Hampshire
Chas. TILBURY, "Royal Hotel", Aldershott

Many large inns or hotels were the scene for inquests and preliminary hearings; there was a room on the first floor of the Royal Hotel, "where delinquents were brought up for trial". The following report is of an inquest into one of the so numerous deaths in childbirth.

From "Medical Times and Gazette", October 15, 1859
Mr. CHANDLER, coroner for Hants, held an inquest on Thursday last, at the Royal Hotel, Aldershot, on the body of Bridget TURNER, aged 26, wife of a sawyer, whose death appeared to have resulted from the unskilfulness and neglect of a midwife named Ann YOUNG, whom the deceased had engaged to assist her.
It appeared that the case from the commencement of the labour exhibited a very serious aspect; but, notwithstanding some neighbours present urged that a doctor should be sent for, Mrs. YOUNG represented that it was quite an ordinary case, which she was perfectly competent to conduct. Ultimately, deceased was delivered of a dead child, and, falling into a state of syncope, Mr. RENTZSCH, Surgeon, was sent for. He saw immediately that the case was hopeless, and the patient died in about twenty minutes after birth. Great haemorrhage, described by Mr. RENTZSCH as a highly dangerous symptom, requiring most cautious treatment, had preceded the birth several hours, but of which it appeared the midwife had taken no notice.
The jury, after some deliberation, returned a verdict of manslaughter against Ann YOUNG, and she was thereupon committed by the coroner for trial at the next assizes.

1861: l1, The George Hotel, High Street, Aldershot, Surrey
Charles TILBURY, Head age 51 b. Southampton, Hampshire (Licensed Vicualler)
Eliza TILBURY, Wife age 41 b. Southampton, Hampshire
    Charles TILBURY, Son age 19 b. Southampton, Hampshire (Assistant Master)
    Eliza TILBURY, Saughter age 7 b. Southampton, Hampshire (Scholar)
    Catherine TILBURY, Daughter age 3 b. Aldershot, Hampshire
+ 9 servants, 3 others

1861: New Road, New Shoreham
Joseph WHITE age 21, Head Master of Prepar____ School (Unm) b. London, Middlesex (Assistant Master St Saviours School)
    James TILBURY age 12 (Pupil, Scholar)
    Francis Wm. TILBURY age 11 (Pupil, Scholar)
+ 19 other boy pupils age 9-12

1861: The Brighton Institution for the Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Children of the Countries of, Sussex Hampshire and Kent
E. TILBURY age 14 b. Hampshire, Southampton (Scholar; Deaf & Dumb from birth)

10 May 1861 - Counterpart lease for 5 years of the "Royal Hotel Inn", Aldershot
from: Thomas MAY and John MAY of Basingstoke, common brewers;
to: Charles TILBURY of Aldershot, victualler (ref: HRO 59M87/3)

1865 Harrod & Co.'s Directory, Hampshire
Charles TILBURY, "Royal Hotel" family & commercial house, wine & spirit merchant, High street & Wellington street, Aldershot

Advertisement for the Royal Hotel

Charles TILBURY d. 1Q 1866 age 56 (Farnham 2a/58)

Saturday 31 March 1866

Death of Mr. Charles Tilbury
Our readers will remember that a short time ago we announced the retirement of Mr. TILBURY from the Royal Hotel, which house he had kept for many years. It is now our painful duty to refer our readers to our obituary, in which is an announcement of his death on Saturday last. His remains were interred at Hele churchyard on Monday last, attended by several of his old friends and neighbours. We have no doubt that the sympathy of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood are with Mrs. TILBURY, and that many will condole with her on her troubles; and also feel for her on being left with so large a family.

Displayed obituary notice for Charles Tilbury, in The Aldershot Military Gazette

Charles Tilbury's 19thC Christmas Pudding Recipe


1871: 2, Glebe Road, St Mary, Southampton
Eliza TILLBURY (Widow) b. c.1820 St Mary Extra, Hampshire
    Ellen TILLBURY, Daughter b. c.1847 Southampton, All Saints, Hampshire

1871: in Hampshire
Kate TILBURY b. c.1857 Southampton, Hampshire - Niece of
Charles ROBINSON b. c.1816
Harriet ROBINSON b. c.1817

1871: lvg./wkg. Winchester reg. dist., Hampshire
Eliza TILBURY* b. 1854 ___, Hampshire, Servant to
Edwin RUSS b. c.1832, Elizabeth RUSS b. c.1836, Norman RUSS b. c.1863, Edwin RUSS b. c.1869, Stanley RUSS b. c.1870
+ Ann SHARP b. c.1850, Emily WARD b. c.1852, Grace L. WARD b. c.1854, Elizabeth WHATE b. c.1854, Agnes BROOMFIELD b. c.1854, Mary Ann CHASE b. c.1839

[* Ancestry: DEBBERY; findmypast: TIBBERY]

Eliza TILBURY b. 1853; d. 1933
m. Charles TURNER 4Q 1874 (Southampton 2c/46); b. 1853; d. 1931

Eliza Tilbury's Turner Family

Were these mother Eliza and daughter Catherine?
1881: lvg. Portswood Road 6 Anglesea Terrace, South Stoneham, Hampshire
Kate WOODFORD, Head (Widow) age 69 b. London, Middlesex (Lodging Housekeeper)
Eliza TILBURY, Lodger (Widow) age 61 b. St. Mary Extra, Hampshire (No Occupation)
    Kate TILBURY, Lodger (Unmarried) age 23 b. Aldershot, Hampshire (No Occupation)
Robt. Chas. HILL, Lodger (Unmarried) age 25 b. Southampton, Hampshire (Brewers Agent)

A Catherine TILBURY d. 1Q 1882 age 24 (W. Ham 4a/33) - her brothers and sister were living in Essex.

Mother Eliza seems to have died between 1881 and 1891 - a possibility:
Eliza TILBURY d. 4Q 1888 age 68 (Kensington 1a/65)]

The continuation of this family line - Charles & Francis William on the boats; sisters Ellen & Mary Ursula, brother James - is on this page:

Hampshire to Essex: Ebb & Flow


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