Ancestors of John Moss Mason
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James Mason
James Richardson
Anna /Tilly Tilley
(1792-After 1862)
William Mason
(1790-Bef 1850)
Eleanor (Nelly) Richardson
(1807-Bef 1862)
John Moss Mason


Family Links

1. Martha Griffin

2. Elizabeth Jane Shain

John Moss Mason

  • Born: 11 Aug 1833, Howard/Macon County MO
  • Marriage (1): Martha Griffin on 5 Oct 1858 in Macon Co.MO
  • Marriage (2): Elizabeth Jane Shain on 20 Nov 1870 in Macon Co.MO
  • Died: 20 May 1912, Macon Co.MO at age 78
  • Buried: Steele Cemetery Macon County MO

bullet  General Notes:

Hi Char, I'm so glad to be sharing this info with some Garlock cousins. My grandfather knew little of his mother Grace's family so I've been diggin at this for years. Here is what I have found out about the immediate family.

George Jackson Garlock Ada Belle Mason B-Oct. 17, 1870 ILL or IA B-Mar. 31 1873 Macon Co.MO D-Oct. 14, 1943 La Plata,MO D-May 3, 1899 Macon Co.MO Buried- La Plata Cem. Buried- Steele Cemetery in (no tombstone) Macon Co.MO

They were married Nov. 25 1891 at the residence of the brides parents John Moss and Martha Mason in Richland Township, Macon Co.MO.

They had four daughters: Grace Garlock was born Nov. 23, 1893 in La Plata and died Oct. 11, 1962 in Kirksville, Adair Co.MO. She was first married to Richard Warner Snow on Dec. 22, 1916. They had four children, Cleta Lucille, Martha Irene and Mary Ione (twins) and Juanita Fae. Only Lucille and Irene lived to adulthood, Irene had to be instutionalized because she was mentally challenged. Warner Snow died in 1923 and on May 27, 1926 Grace married William Edward Voyles. He was an old bachelor (about 25 years her senior) and had never been married. He was born Dec. 9, 1868 in Greene Co.IL and died Oct. 18, 1950 in Leonard, Shelby County, MO. They had Loy Edward Voyles on Apr. 26, 1927 and Lola Belle on Sept. 22, 1929. My grandfather Loy died on June 19, 1999 in La Plata and is buried in La Plata Cemetery. Grace and Ed Voyles are buried in Cherry Box Cemetey in Cherry Box, Shelby County, MO. Lola is still living. Their half-sister Cleta Lucille was born in 1918 and died in 1996 in Kirksville,MO, and half-sister Irene was born in 1922 and died in 1986.

Jessie Garlock was born Dec. 6, 1897 in La Plata. She moved to Ft. Worth and married Mr. Roach. My grandmother remembers the name Richard Roach but is not sure if that was her husband or her son. We think she had one son but he may have been adopted. She died at the age of 91 on Dec. 19, 1988 in Ft. Worth and is buried in Greenwood Memorial Park in Ft. Worth, TX. I suppose we could look for this cemetery and she if she is buried next to her spouse. I have a copy of her death certificate and she was widowed at the time of her death.

For Ola Garlock I have born Sept. 9, 1898 and died Jan. 12, 1990 in Tioga,ND. She had nine children, and I see she also had a set of twins!!

Ada Belle Garlock was born Apr. 1, 1899 in Macon Co.MO and died Jan. 24, 1976. They lived in Hurst, TX, just outside of Ft. Worth. She is buried in Greenwood Mem. Park in Ft. Worth also. As I stated before, she had this son (Leon Garlock) and moved to Ft. Worth. Her husband's name was Howard Willingham. Her death certificate reads Helen Louise Willingham, for she changed her name so her son would not find her. She still signed her name as "Belle" when she wrote or sent cards to my grandmother. They adopted three children, Guy, Christie, and Tim Willingham, but know nothing of their whereabouts. I only know their names because grandma never throws cards away-Ha,Ha!! My Grandma Ruby is still living and I enjoy visiting with her often.

Now, Ola's mother Ada Belle died in 1899 and George J. remarried Minnie Shain on Aug. 15, 1900 in Macon Co. She was born Nov. 22, 1864 in Macon Co. and died Apr. 21, 1941 in Macon Co. They had two children:

Thomas J. Garlock was born Jan. 23, 1902 in La Plata, and died Mar. 3, 1916 in La Plata. He was ran over by a freight train while crossing the tracks north of the Wabash depot in La Plata. He and a friend were on their way to watch the high school basketball game.

Mary Edna Garlock was born Apr. 13, 1906 in La Plata and died July 3, 1919 of spinal meningitis at home one mile east of La Plata.

Minnie and her two children, Tommy and Mary are buried in La Plata Cemetery and their names appear on the same tombstone, however no stone was ever put there for George, but I am assuming he is buried in the same lot.

Yes, the story you heard about the grandson (Leon) is true. I did copy George J. Garlock's will from microfilm records and it does state: "...Item 3. I will and desire that all my real estate, that I may die seized of where ever located, which is lot 7, block 7, La Plata, to go to Leon Garlock and Katheryn Garlock, his wife, to Ola Garlock, Jessie Garlock, and Belle Garlock, I will nothing but as a dolllar each." How about that!! Grace's name is not mentioned anywhere, so there must have been some hard feelings. I do have a copy of his obit and it does mention the 4 daughtes names and residences and that he had 13 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

The 13 grandchildren would be Lucille, Loy and Lola from Grace, your nine from Ola, and Leon from Belle. This was in 1943, and I know for a fact that Leon did not have any children so we could possible have all the blood descendants of George and Ada Garlock through your Ola and my Grace. The three great-grandchildren would be Olive Ramberg's first two children, George Jr. b-1938, Wayne b-1941, and Lucille's dau., Shirley b-1937, am I right?

George Garlocks parents were Henry Clay Garlock and Mary Ann Pierson (Pearson). They did divorce between 1880-90 and H.C. is buried in Prairie Bird Cemetey near Gibbs, Adair Co.MO and Mary is buried in La Plata Cemetery but her tombstone is off in a section all by itself.

Henry Clay Garlock Mary Ann Pierson June 2, 1842 Preston Co.VA July 9, 1833 TN Jan. 2, 1925 Brashear, MO July 16, 1913 La Plata father-Henry Garlock don't know her parents mother-Esther Cuppett

Their children were Henry Will, Geo. J., Edward C. Kate Mae, Lydia, and Lucian. Lydia died in infancy and the other moved to OK and CO.

Now for the Masons---

John Moss Mason Martha Griffin Aug. 11, 1833 MO Mar. 14, 1842 MO May 20, 1912 Macon Co. June 4, 1902 Macon Co. bur. Steele Cem. bur. Steele Cem. in Macon Co. MO. fath- Wm. Mason fath- John Griffin moth-Eleanor Richardson moth-Margaret Murley

They were married Oct. 5, 1858 in Macon Co.MO. They had nine children: John Wm., James M., infant dau., Laura Ann, Ida Belle, Ada Belle, George D., H.C., and Roy S.

Our Ada Belle had a brother named George Mason and grandfather John Moss also had a brother named George Mason so there were several Georges in Macon Co.

The Mason, Griffin, Richardson, and Murley families have been in Macon since the formation of the county in 1838. They came from KY about that time.

Henry and Esther Garlock, this would be George J.'s grandparents, came from Preston Co. VA (now WV) to Adair Co. MO in 1855. I know Esther's parents were John Cuppet and Susannah Spahr but dont know anything of Henry's parents. There is alot of info on the internet on the Cuppett-Spahr family, but I have not copied any of it yet.

Well, I had better quit babbling for now, although I know how much you are interested in the new info. Feel free to pass all my info on to others in ND. I love to get Vera's updates for the Frisinger family and you all may certainly have all the info I have found out on the ancestors. It is a pleasure to pass this info along. I just finished with the Garlock family on entering names into my computer but have lots of Mason, Griffin, Richardson, and Murley info ready to add.

Well, Write back soon, and I'd love to hear from others also. Lynn

Char...Here is what I have on John Moss children. I have dates for most of them. Would like to find out where Laura Ann Frizzell is buried in Calif. Also, I know nothing on Roy S. Mason.

Descendants of John Moss Mason

1 John Moss Mason b: August 11, 1833 in Missouri d: May 20, 1912 in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri Burial: Steele Cemetery in Macon County, Missouri
. +Martha Griffin b: March 14, 1842 in Macon County, Missouri d: June 04, 1902 in Macon County, Missouri m: October 05, 1858 in Macon County, Missouri Burial: Steele Cemetery in Macon County, Missouri

...... 2 John William Mason b: November 1859 in Macon County, Missouri d: December 18, 1934 in Manitou Springs, El Paso County, Colorado Burial: Crystal Valley Cemetery in Manitou Springs, El Paso County, Colorado
.......... +Nellie E. b: February 1865 in Iowa d: December 04, 1912 in Manitou Springs, El Paso County, Colorado m: 1890 Burial: Crystal Valley Cemetery in Manitou Springs, El Paso County, Colorado

...... 2 infant daughter Mason b: May 20, 1862 in Macon County, Missouri d: December 28, 1862 in Macon County, Missouri Burial: Steele Cemetery in Macon County, Missouri

...... 2 James Milton Mason b: 1864 in Macon County, Missouri d: June 1900 in El Paso County, Colorado Burial: El Paso County, Colorado

...... 2 Laura Ann Mason b: February 04, 1869 in Macon County, Missouri d: January 12, 1958 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California Burial: Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
.......... +Neal
...... *2nd Husband of Laura Ann Mason:
.......... +Robert Montjoy Frizzell b: August 23, 1876 in Canada d: April 25, 1956 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California m: 1896 Burial: Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

...... 2 Ida Belle Mason b: March 05, 1870 in Macon County, Missouri d: October 05, 1958 in Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri Burial: La Plata Cemetery in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri
.......... +Benjamin Franklin Plemmons b: May 06, 1870 in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri d: April 15, 1958 in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri m: 1887 in Macon County, Missouri Burial: La Plata Cemetery in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri
...... *2nd Husband of Ida Belle Mason:
.......... +Stephen Edward Husted b: May 27, 1864 in Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas d: March 12, 1936 in Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri m: 1932 in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri Burial: Forrest-Llewellyn Cemetery in Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri

...... 2 Ada Belle Mason b: March 31, 1873 in Macon County, Missouri d: May 03, 1899 in El Paso County, Colorado Burial: Steele Cemetery in Macon County, Missouri
.......... +George Jackson Garlock b: October 17, 1870 in Illinois d: October 14, 1943 in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri m: November 25, 1891 in Macon County, Missouri Burial: La Plata Cemetery in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri

...... 2 George Daniel Mason b: December 31, 1876 in Macon County, Missouri d: December 23, 1953 in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri Burial: La Plata Cemetery in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri
.......... +Amelia Ellis Shain b: December 25, 1880 in Macon County, Missouri d: January 31, 1953 in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri m: February 03, 1897 in Macon County, Missouri Burial: La Plata Cemetery in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri

...... 2 H.C. Mason b: March 20, 1878 in Macon County, Missouri d: July 31, 1879 in Macon County, Missouri Burial: Steele Cemetery in Macon County, Missouri

...... 2 Roy S. Mason b: March 1885 in Macon County, Missouri

*2nd Wife of John Moss Mason:
. +Caroline Griffin b: September 1841 in Macon County, Missouri d: September 14, 1940 in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois m: September 22, 1903 in Macon, Macon County, Missouri Burial: La Plata Cemetery in La Plata, Macon County, Missouri

bullet  Research Notes:

Here is what I know of this are right...most of these are our kin but I don't have obits for everyone of them, but I can give you more details who they are. I have highlighted the ones that are ours and in the italics are some of my notes. Have fun....

Mason, Amelia - 1953, wife of George
This is the wife of George Daniel , who is a brother to our Ada Belle Mason. Her maiden name was Shain and she was a sister to Minnie Shain who was our G.J. Garlock's second wife.....So, G.J. Garlock was remarried to his brother-in-laws wifes older sister.....did you get that???

Anna Griffin (shows Arma) Mason - 12/23/1966, md. J. D. Mason who is son of J. B.
This Anna was a dau. of Chas. and Nancy (Richardson) Griffin. Charles was a son of Jesse and Catherine Griffin and was a brother to our John Griffin. Nancy was the dau of James and Anna (Tilly) Richardson and was a younger sister to our Nelly Richardson. This Anna married Jefferson Davis Mason, son of James William and Celia (Enyart)Mason. James William was son of Wm. and Nelly, and brother to our Moss. Oh... I hope you are still with me on this.

Jefferson Davis Mason was first married to Leila Shain, sister to our Minnie Shain Garlock and the above Amelia Shain Mason. Anna Griffin was his second wife.

Caroline Griffin Mason - 1940, has dau. Harriet Gates
Caroline was the dau. of our John & Margaret (Murley) Griffin and was the older sister of our Martha Griffin who married Moss Mason. Moss first married Martha Griffin and then after she died, he married her older sister, Caroline. I believe Caroline's first husband was Wm. Severs and the Harriet Gates is their daughter.

Charles Henry - 1960, son of Charles & Lucinda
I dont believe this is any of least I have not come across him yet.
Charles (shows Clyde) - 1903, son of George, nephew of Moss
He was a son of Geo., the brother of our Moss, making him a nephew of Moss and a cousin of our Ada Belle.

Elizabeth Beall (shows Edith) Mason - 1960, wife of Charles, has son Jack
Elizabeth - 1936, dau. of William, has son Charles
Both of these are not the best of my knowledge....

Emily F. - 1910, md. #1 Thomas Hall, md. #2 James Mason
She was Emily F. Enyart and was first married to Thos. Hall. She later married James William Mason, brother of our Moss. James Wm's first wife was Celia Enyart, who was Emily's sister....So....after his first wife died...he married her sister...just like our Moss did with Martha and Caroline Grifffin....How about that!!

George - 1953, son of Moss
This is Geo. Daniel Mason, brother of our Ada Belle, and son of Moss. His wife was the Amelia Shain, who was a sister of our Minnie (Shain) Garlock.

J. Moss - 1912, father of James, George etc.
I'm sure you know who he is.....if I haven't thuroughly confused you yet...Ha-Ha.

James Reuben - 1958, son of George & Angeline
Not sure...maybe the obits willl help

James - 1900, son of Moss
He was a son of Moss and Martha and was a brother of Geo., Ada Belle, etc. I think I remember reading this obit in the LaPlata Library and I think he died in Colorado when the clan was living out there....that is why I always thought our Ada Belle died in Colorado also....she died in 1899.

Martha - 1902, maiden name Griffin, md. J. M.
This is our Martha Griffin Mason, wife of Moss and mother of Geo., Ada Belle, etc.

Vera Moore Collins Mason - 1914, md. Everett, buried Steele Cem.
She was married to Everett Mason, who was the son of Jefferson Davis (J.D.) and Leila Shain. Moore was her middle name, but I think her maiden name was Corbin, not Collins.

Garlock, Clyde - 1916, son of H. W., nephew of George H., md. Erma Flood
Clyde was the son of Henry William (or William Henry) Garlock, who was the son of H.C. and Mary Ann (Pierson) Garlock. Henry Wm. was a brother to our Geo. J. and is probably where the name comes in about Wm. Henry on the death certificate as Geo. J.'s father. So...Clyde was a cousin of Ola Garlock.

George Jackson - 1943, son of Wm. Henry & Mary
Our grandfather.....but I think obit states wrong name for his father.

Henry G. - 1941, md. Jane Long, children-Esther, Mary, Ruth, Olin
I think this Henry G. is a son of Jacob Garlock which is on the line of Dennis Garlock of Gibbs that you have spoke of.

Lucian - 1939, uncle of George, md. Rosetta Kelly
This Lucian was a brother of our H.C., sons of Henry and Esther. Our H.C. and Mary Ann had a son Lucian also. I have not been able fo find him yet.

Mary A. - 1913, survived by two sons (no names)
This is our Mary Ann Pierson.

Mary V. - 1919, dau. of G. T.
This is Mary, little half sister to Ola. She died of spinal meningitis. I think her name was Mary Edna...Mary E. not Mary V.

Minnie Shain Garlock - md. George
She was the second wife of our Geo. J. Garlock. Both of her sisters, Leila and Amelia, married Mason's.

Tommy - 1916, son of George J.
This is Tommy, little half-brother of Ola Garlock. His name was Thomas J.....his middle name could either be Jackson...after his father Geo. J. ,or I know Minnie's father was Thomas his middle name could be Jefferson. I'd like to get his death certificate and find out. I know he was hit by a train.

I remember reading some of these obits but never copied them. I hope this helps you a little and not confuses you more. I have a book on the LaPlata Cemetery and I will copy the Masons and Garlocks out of it and send it to you...I am about ready to send you your info...I am putting the final touches on some picts I have made you. I found a pict of the Love Valley school house that my grandmother had and I am giving you a has Grace, Jessie, Ola, Belle, Tommy and Mary in it. I asked my grandmother if she knew who had any pictures of the family and she said she didnt think any of Geo's daughters got any pictures...all of his things went to this Leon Garlock who was the illigetimate child of Aunt Belle. That is why we need to try and figure out if he is still alive or not. I think he is living in Florida now. His widow has passed away...her name was Bobbie Garlock and her death dates are on Soc. Security Death index. But I cant seem to locate him. I know he graduated from LaPlata H.S. in 1935 and will try to find some of his old classmates and ask of his whereabouts. Whew...I had better let you decipher all this info.
I'll chat with you later...Lynn
here is the census for Moss and Ada. She only appears on the 1880 census. By 1900 she was dead and 1870, she wasn't born yet. In 1900, Moss and Martha were living (or visiting) with their dau. in Manitou Springs (El Paso Co.) Colorado. By 1902 they were back in Macon Co. where Martha died.

1880 CENSUS MISSOURI, Macon County, Richland Township, family 144:
M-250 John M. Mason 46 MO farmer, Martha 39 MO housekeeper, John
W. 20 MO farm laborer, James M. 16 MO farm laborer, Laura 13
MO at home, Ida 11 MO at home, Ada 7 MO, Daniel 4 MO.
1900 CENSUS COLORADO, El Paso County, Manitou Township, Manitou Springs,
enumerated with Robert M. Frizzell, son-in-law.


John married Martha Griffin, daughter of John Griffin and Margaret Ann (Peggy) Murley, on 5 Oct 1858 in Macon Co.MO. (Martha Griffin was born on 15 Mar 1842 in Macon Co.MO, died on 4 Jun 1902 in Macon Co.MO and was buried in Steele Cemetery Macon County MO.)


John next married Elizabeth Jane Shain on 20 Nov 1870 in Macon Co.MO.

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