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*Note to us, from PRONI about prisoner's records*
Regarding Prisoners in Tyrone County Jail in 1836, unfortunately Prisoner records for this period do not survive.
You may get some records of Crime reports in the 1830's from the 'Outrage papers' which are held by the National Archives of Ireland.

Notices Published of Absentee Convicts from Co. Tyrone in Australia
Ardstraw & Urney Parishes Outrageous Acts, February 1836
Aughnacloy Petty Sessions, Co. Tyrone, July 1868
Co. Tyrone Convicts to Australia & NSW 1833-1864
BAILIE / ROSS of the Townland of Kilmacardill Re: Ejectment, 1840
Bankruptcy - Petitions of Insolvent Debtors, Omagh, 1821
Bankruptcy - Petitions of Insolvent Debtors, Omagh, 1822
Bankruptcy - Discharge of Insolvent Debtors, Omagh, 1823
Bankruptcy - Petitions of Insolvent Debtors, Omagh, 1824
Bankruptcy - Petitions of Insolvent Debtors, Omagh, 1838
Bankruptcy - Petitions of Insolvent Debtors, Omagh, 1840
Bankruptcy - Co. Tyrone Adjudications in Bankruptcy 1882
Carrickmore Petty Sessions, September 1850
Dungannon Petty Sessions, February 1846
Dungannon Quarter Sessions, Co. Tyrone, October 1847
Dungannon Quarter Sessions, Co. Tyrone, January 1849
Dungannon Quarter Sessions, Co. Tyrone, July 1849
Dungannon Quarter Sessions, January 1851
Gortin Petty Sessions, Co. Tyrone, July 1864
Gortin Petty Sessions, Co. Tyrone, April 1868
Irish Chancery & Common Law Reports
Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal 1868 - Items involving Co. Tyrone Residents
John McCaine of Castlewarren Faces Court
McSorley, Thomas b.c.1828, Escaped Convict
Moy Petty Sessions, Co. Tyrone, January 1846
Newtownstewart Murder of William Henry Glass by Thomas Hartley Montgomery, 1871
Omagh Assizes 1820 a Case Against Watts, Stewart & Beatty 1835
Omagh Gaol Report 1839
Omagh Gaol (Jail) Co Tyrone Statatable Inspection 12 October 1876
Outrage at Maghery Co. Armagh Many Co.Tyrone People Listed
Omagh Petty Sessions, Co. Tyrone, July 1868
Process Servers & Bailiffs, Co. Tyrone, 1812-1837
Process Servers, Co. Tyrone, 1843
Process Servers, Co. Tyrone, 1845
Process Servers, Co. Tyrone, 1870
Grand Jury, Omagh, December 1869
Arrest of a Robber
Sixmilecross Petty Sessions, Co. Tyrone, July 1868
Strabane & Neighbourhood - Law & Disorder in 1812-37
Strabane Sessions, July 1825
Strabane Sessions, October 1836
Strabane Quarter Sessions, April 1837
Strabane Quarter Sessions, April 1839
Strabane Quarter Sessions, April 1841
Thompson An Adulterer 1842
Tyrone Assizes, March 1815
Tyrone Assizes, March 1817
Tyrone Assizes, March 1822
Tyrone Assizes, July 1822
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh March 1823
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh July 1823
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh March 1824
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh August 1824
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh March 1825
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh August 1825
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh March 1826
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh July 1826
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh March 1827
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh August 1827
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh March 1828
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh August 1828
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh March 1829
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh August 1829
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh March 1830
Tyrone Assizes, August 1830
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, March 1831
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, March 1832
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, March 1833
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, July 1833
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, March 1834
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, March 1835
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, July 1836
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, March 1837
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, July 1838
Tyrone General Quarter Sessions, Omagh, December 1840
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, March 1848
Tyrone Assizes, Omagh, April 1862
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