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Becky Frailey Baugher
Baugher Price Winders

(A frontier wife and mother...)
Becky seemed destined by cruel fate
To have bad problems with a mate.
So, Becky poisoned her first two,
Then she had Aleck shoot three through.
When four refused their sis to wed,
The Frailey boys soon shot him dead.
Her boy she sicked on number five;
The shotgun blast left him alive,
But he left home for many a-year,
While Becky got his deeds all clear.
Now she'd got all the bunch had had-
did this make Becky really bad?
Or was it just the way things were?
She did what seemed the best for her.
Divorce was then a mortal sin,
But Becky could get rid of men.
And, she could keep their property;
With Loge Belt's Law she was quite free
To send them to their early grave
And all their worldly goods to save
To raise her kids, who must be fed,
So Becky's husbands wound up dead.
She vowed each husband was a cad!
Did this make Becky really bad?
It surely left her far more rich,
Though maybe got her called a witch.
Of women's "Lib" she'd never heard;
She knew the theory, not the word.
She practiced "Lib" on bad, bad men;
She'd plant them deep, then try again.
If only one had "done her right,"
She might've never felt such spite.
We can't know what hard times she knew,
Or what in her place we might do.
To kill for profit was the fad!
Did this make Becky really bad?

I found this poem on Bill Belt's Homepage when I first started my research, I posted it to the Hardin County Families Site at and here is what Liesa Robarge came up with in her quest for the truth.
Nov 27, 2002

Well all I can tell you about Becky's story is that one of James L. Price's brothers (grandsons of Becky) made up the story pretty much because he could. Two of Becky's husbands died of lead poisoning, I believe the two Baugher brothers, I forget how they got the lead poisoning or if it was just speculation.
The fifth (by the poem) was shot but not killed by one of her sons. It was a son by a prior marriage, and she did not sic the boy on him but the boy did it because the man had beaten the crap out of him. I think there was something about tying him up and hanging (not as in to kill but just lifted off the ground) from the rafters but this part I am less sure about. The man was so scared that he ran off, and the boy told him that if he ever set foot in town again he would kill him. Years later when the man was real old he came in on the ferry and begged the son to let him come home and die and the boy told him NO, so he left again on the ferry. I am pretty sure this is the Angleton husband.

Arthur is the one that she supposedly sent her brothers after.

Someone (I believe I was told Logan Belt) told Alex that Arthur Price (James L Price grandfather) was telling stories about the all this. So Alex went to kill Arthur, when he confronted Arthur, Arthur had been sitting with Francis Winders whittling. Arthur told Alex he had not said anything but since he only had a pocketknife, he could not stop him from killing him (which he did).

Francis was told if he wanted to live, he had better be out of town before sun up. Francis took him serious and road down to the ferry at about 2 or 3 in the morning and him and the ferry driver drank coffee and talked until it was light enough to cross the river into KY.

I will have to check my stuff to see who the ferry driver was but James says he repeats story in later years.
I know that the same Francis Winders is listed as one of her husbands but it would have had to be a common law marriage since there is no marriage certificate for them. Also Frances is still married at the time to Elizabeth Scarbrough.

The stories about Logan Belt from what I understand are true.
This part is conjecture but many people believe that Logan Belt burnt down the Court House in Hardin Co to get rid of incriminating evidence.
I do not remember now if it was from this incident or another.


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