London Merchants 1677 - EFG

London Merchants of 1677 - EFG

First Name Last Name Address Occupation
John East   Oxford Court Cannon Street  
Mr. East   Horsey-down  
Mr. East   in the Strand Goldsmith
Isaac Eastwick   Hackney Town  
John Eaton   Buttolph-lane  
Nich. Eaton   Buttolph-lane  
Theod. Ecckelston   Gracechurch street Crown-court  
Dan. Edwards   Walbrook  
John Edwards   Philpot-lane  
Mr. Edwards   Ropemakers Alley  
Palati Edwards   Mary Oldstairs Southwark  
Sir Jam. Edwards   Islington  
Will. Edwards   Coleman-street  
Hump. Edwin   Great St. Hellens  
Mr. Edworth   Hogsden  
Mr. Eggelston   Bankside  
John Eglesfield   at the Pewterplatter Cannonstreet, Lodger  
John Eldreed   at Mr. Folio in Dove-Court  
Franc. Elison   Mark-lane  
John Elison   Berry-street  
Matth. Elison   Cannon-street near London-stone  
Johnmartin Elkins   Lawrence Pountney lane  
Mr. Elkins   Bishopsgate without  
Ald. Ellis   Saint Pauls Churchyard  
Mr. Elson   at the Postern Blackwelhall Factor
Jerem. Elwise   Tokenhouse-yard  
Rich. Ely   Bishopsgate-street over against Posthouse  
Rich. Emes   Fanchurch-street  
Mr. Emson   Warwick-Court in Warwick-lane  
John Evans   at Mr. Sparows a Packers in Swan Alley Coleman-street  
John Evans   Michael-lane  
Stephen Evans (refer Peter Percefull)   Goldsmith
John Ewing and Benj. Norington at the Angell and Crown in Lumbard street Goldsmith
Derick Eyles   Leadenhall-street  
John Eyles   Great St. Hellens  
James Eyton   Fish-street Hill Goldsmith
Mr. Fade   Bowlane  
Edw. Fane   Philpot-lane  
Mr. Fanne   Broadstreet  
Ralph Far   at Mile-end Green Goldsmith
John Farfax   Bunhill  
Tho. Farington   his warehouse Mincin-lane, at a Packers  
William Fasset   Dutch Walk Exchange Goldsmith
Jos. Feak and Comp. Gracechurch-street Nagshead Court  
Sam. Feak   Bowlane  
John Fellowes   Throgmorton-street
Rob. Fellowes   Aldersgate-street
Rob. Fendall   Nicholas lane
Prosper Fenton   Seething lane
George Finch   Great St. Hellens
Mr. Finch   Petty France by Moorfields
Tho. Finch   Great St. Hellens
Edw. Fincham   Budge-row
Mr. Fincham   Kingsland
Tho. Firming   Three Kings Court Lombard-street
George Fisher   Three Kings Court Lombard-street
John Flavill   Lawrence Pountney's Hill
Mr. Fleet   Mark-lane
Mr. Fleming   St. Mary Ax
Mr. Fletcher   Spittle-fields
Mr. Fletcher   Thomas Apostle
Franc. Flide   Bankside  
Mr. Flide   Milkstreet  
Tho. Flowerdew   Poultrey Goldsmith
Jef. Foldes   Loathburry  
John Folio   Broadstreet  
Mr. Folio   Berry-street  
Rich. Folio   Broadstreet  
Rob. Folkner   Lymestreet  
Rich. Foot   Roodlane  
Mr. Ford   Kings-Arms-yard Colemanstreet  
Mr. Ford   Shadwell  
Sir. Ri. Ford   Tower-hill  
John Forley   St. Dunstans-hill  
Jer. Forman   Lawrence Pountney's Hill  
Mr. Fortley   Execution Dock  
Anth. Foster   Berry-street  
Mr. Foster   at the Ball in Lombard-street  
Mr. Foster   Queen street  
Rich. Foster   Lawrence Pountney's Hill  
Will. Foster   Three Kings Court Lombard-street  
James Foules   Clements-lane at a Milliners  
Mr. Founds   Pickle herring  
Peter Fountain   Watlingstreet  
Thomas Fowles   at the Black Lion in Fleetstreet Goldsmith
Sam. Foxley and Comp. Nagshead Court Gracechurch street  
Tho. Framton   Milkstreet near the Red Cow  
Jos. Frances   Camomile Street  
Mr. Frances   Clarkenwell  
Dom. Francia   Leadenhall-street  
Simon Francia   Leadenhall-street  
Sir Jo. Frederick   Old Jury  
Ald. Freeman   Deadmans-place  
John Freeman   Fanchurch-street
Will. Freeman   Fanchurch-street
Phil. French   Bush-lane Scot yard
Mr. Frencham   Leadenhall-street
Matth. Fuller   Cateaton street
Sam. Fulwood   Throgmorton-street
John Furley   at Mr. Pater Langley, Garcechurch street
Basil Fyerbraste   Mark-lane
Hen. Gall   Great St. Hellens
Franc. Gardner   Bow Churchyard
John Gardner   Fanchurch-street
Will. Garfoot   Nicholas lane
Mr. Gaseronne   St. Mary Ax
John Gasp   Tokenhouse-yard
Dan. Gates   Artichoak-lane Wapping
Mr. Gaudiat   at a Packers, Loathbury
Franc. Gay   Basinghall-street
Mr. Gay   Hogsden
Mr. Gener   Milk-street
Hen. Genneu   at Mr. Dukes Suffolk lane
John Genopen   Castleyard Westminster
Mr. Gewan   Drans Yard Westminster Street
Hen. Gibes   Clarkenwell
Will. Gibes   Southwark
Mr. Gibness   Blackfryars
John Gibson   at Mr. Preston's Brewhouse in St. Katharines
Mr. Gibson   Waterlane
Thom. Glover   Clements lane
Thom. Glover   Nicholas lane
Mr. Godard   Mugwell street
Mr. Goddard   Little Britain
Tho. Goddard   Coleman street
George Goderis   Laurence Pountney Lane
Benj. Godfrey   Tokenhouse-yard
Mich. Godfrey   Bush-lane
Sam. Godfrey   Poultrey
Edw. Godwin   Soaper lane
Hen. Gold   Brigendine Court, Basighall-street
Jam. Gold   Islington, Turkey Walk
John Gold   Crutchet-Fryars in Gold Court
John Gold   Turkey Walk in the Exchange, or at Clapham
Mr. Gold   Newington
Nich. Gold   Lymestreet
Sir Th. Gold   Aldermanberry
Mr. Goldens   Austin-Fryars
Mr. Goldney   Bloomsbury
Cha. Goldstone   Newington
Will. Golstone   Nicholas lane
Anth. Gomesera   Berry-street
Anto. Gommeswares   Creedchurch lane
Jacq. Gonsaldus   Dukes-place
Ja. Gonsalus   Leadenhall-street
Hen. Goodhew   Buttolph-lane
Mr. Gooding   Bishopsgate without
Christ. Goore   Coleman street
Will. Goslin   Pancras lane
George Gospright   Tokenhouse-yard
Mr. Gouff   Armitage
Mr. Goyer   Princes-street
John Grace   Half-Moon Alley Bishopsgate without
Mr. Granenta   Lymestreet
Cha. Gravener   in Watlingstreet at the Black Swan
Phil. Graves   Martins Lane
Nich. Gray   Barge yard Crutchet Fryars  
Roger Gray   Crutchet-Fryars  
Roger Gray   Garlick-hill  
Mr. Grayso   Moorfields  
Anth. Green   Bishopsgate without  
Thomas Green (refer Tho. Rowe)   Goldsmith
Edw. Griffeth   Barge Yard Bucklersberry  
Rich. Griffeth   Bucklersberry  
Richard Griffeth   Bishopsgate street  
Tho. Griffeth   at a packers in Eastcheap  
Thom. Griffeth   Bishopsgate street  
Mr. Grindall   Dukes-place  
Mr. Grinwell   Coleman street Blackwelhall Factor
Anth., Adam, Fred. Gronen   Devonshire house  
Rich. Grouden   Old Fishstreet  
John Grove   Princes-street  
Phil. Grover   Martins Lane
Mr. Groves   Dukes-place
Mr. Gumper   Bunhill
Will. Gun   Billingsgate
John Gunston   at Blackwelhall
John Gurden   Mark-lane
Thom. Gurden   Turkey Walk at the Exchange

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