London Merchants 1677 - ST

London Merchants of 1677 - ST

First Name Last Name Address Occupation
John Sadler   Walbrook  
Mr. Sadler   Mugwell Street  
Samuel Sale Comp. with Scopin in Lymestreet  
John Sallaway   at Mr. Cockran, Swithins lane  
Richard Sallaway   Oxford Court Cannon Street  
Henry Salter   Fan-Church-street  
Mr. Salter   Princes-street  
Samuel Sambrook   Tower street  
William Sambrook   Queen street  
Mr. Samuel   Dukes-place  
Edward Sanders   Newington Green  
Edward Sanders   Thomas-Apostle  
Henry Sanders   Broad Street  
John Sanders   Throgmorton Street  
Mr. Sanders   Bucklers Berry  
Mr. Sanders   Thames street  
Edward Sanders   Buttolph Lane  
Philip Sanderson   St. Lawrence lane  
Mr. Sands   Beerbinder lane  
Mr. Saneeis   Talbot Court Grace Church street  
John Sanford   Basinghall-street  
Clem. Sawyer   little Trinity lane  
John Sawyer   Ivy-lane  
Abra. Sayon   at Mr. Stubbs in Swithins lane  
Mr. Scanly   the Bridge  
Lucas Scantes   Lymestreet  
Mr. Scarlet   Newington Green  
William Scarlet   Tower street at a drapers  
Michael Schrimpshaw   at the Go Lion in Fleetstreet Goldsmith
Bar. Scirps   at Mr. Nelmes, packer in Beerbinder lane  
William Scoing   Lawrence Pountney lane  
Daniel Scoken   Threadneedlestreet  
John Scopen and Comp. Lymestreet  
Mr. Scot   London-wall Blackwelhall Factor
Richard Scot   Basinghall-street  
Mr. Scowell   Buttolph Lane  
John Scrape   Loathbury  
Edward Scuyt   Loathbury at the Bear and Fountain  
John Seale (refer John Temple)   Goldsmith
Edward Seaman   Thames street  
Michael Sederis   Mark-lane  
Mr. Sedgwick   Beerbinder lane  
Mr. Sedgwick   Swithins lane  
Obad. Sedgwick   Fan-Church-street  
Peter Sedgwick   Martins Lane  
Mr. Seneris   little Eastchip  
Joseph Serjeant   St. John street, Irish Walk Exchange
Arnold Sertillion   Fan-Church-street
Arth. Sexagomes   Minories
Mr. Shaw   St. Dunstans-hill
Henry Sheeth   Aldermanbury
John Shelden   Cannon-street
John Shelden   in Dukes-Place near the Church
William Shelden   the Bridge
John Shepherd   White Hart Court, Garce Church street
Mr. Shepherd   Bucklersbury
Samuel Shepherd   Michael-lane
Thomas Shepherd   Abchurch lane
Mr. Sherbrook Company with Mr.Clark Cheapside
William Sherbrook   St. Hellens
James Sherlock   at Queen Hive
Basal & Edmond Sherman   Tower Hill
William Sherrington   Bishopsgate Street
Mr. Shieres   Crutchet-Fryars
Mr. Shieres   Ratliff Cross
Mr. Shilgrove   Buttolph Lane
William Shipman   Tower Hill
Willaim Short   at Queen Hive
Charles Shorter   at Queen Hive
Sir John Shorter   Bankside
Mr. Signes   Goodmans-fields
William Sikes   lodger at a packers in Swithins lane
Mr. Silgrove   Love Lane
Mr. Silver   Camomile-street
Mr. Silver   Minories
Edward Silvester   Thames street
Mr. Silvester   Camomile-street
George & Robert Sitwell   Leadenhall-street
Michael Sivex   Mark-lane  
Daniel Skinner   Bartholomew-lane  
Daniel Skinner   Crutchet-Fryars  
John Skinner   Austin Fryers  
Mr. Skinner   Camberry House at Islington  
Mr. Skinner   Cateaton-street  
Mr. Skinner   Ironmonger-lane  
Nath. Skinner   Kings Arms Yard Coleman street  
Benj. Skutt   Great St. Hellens  
Par. Slater   Basinghall-street Blackwelhall Factor
Richard Slinger   Philpot-lane  
Benj. Smart   Broad Street  
Ald. Smith   Bankside  
Ald. Smith   Clarkenwell Green  
James Smith   Clink street  
John Smith   Camomile-street  
John Smith   Cheapside
John Smith   Mark-lane
John Smith   Walbrook
Mr. Smith   Clarkenwell Green
Mr. Smith   Clarkenwell Green
Mr. Smith   Grubstreet
Mr. Smith   Grubstreet
Mr. Smith   Peter's Alley Cornhill
Mr. Smith   Water side near Billingsgate
Nath. Smith   Woodstreet at an apothecary's
Nicholas & John Smith   little St. Hellens
Sir Jam. Smith   Kings Arms Yard Coleman street
Thomas Smith   Bankside at a packer's
Thomas Smith   Bankside, the Exchange at a packer's
William Smith   Bunhill
George Snell   Lawrence Pountney Hill
John Snell   at the Fox in street Goldsmith
John Snelling   Tuly street  
Mr. Snow   Shadwell  
Willaim Somers   Aldermary Church Yard  
John South   George Yard Lombard Street  
Mr. Southerby   Hackney  
Samuel Southton   Broad Street  
Mr. Southwell   Crutchet-Fryars  
Peter Southwick   Coleman-street  
Henry Spencer   Mark-lane  
Mr. Spencer   Minories  
Mr. Spencer   Newington Green  
Mr. Spicer   Abchurch lane  
Mr. Spicer   Goodmans-fields  
Peter Spilt   Armitage Wapping  
Mr. Squib   Palace Yard Westminster  
Roger Stackhard   Coleman-street  
Isa. Stackman   Broad Street  
Mr. Stacy   Pickle herring  
Mr. Stacy   Thames street near Billingsgate  
Sir. Tho. Stamp   Basinghall-street  
Mr. Standley   St. Dunstans-hill  
George Stanpel   a stationer near the Exchange  
Will. Stavendish   Thames street  
Richard Stayley   in Covent Garden Goldsmith
Richard Steele   Nags-head Court, Gracechurch street  
Mr. Stenenis   Berry-street  
Mr. Stenenis   Hogsdon  
Mr. Steneque   Threadneedlestreet  
Farly Stephenson   at Billingsgate every morning  
Mr. Steres   Tuly street  
Mr. Stevenson   Bishopsgate Street  
Mr. Stevenson   Threadneedlestreet  
Thomas Stevenson   Old Fishstreet  
Mr. Stiles   Shadwell  
William Stiles   Fan-Church-street  
Mr. Stipkins   Pauls Wharf  
Roger Stockhard   Coleman-street  
Humph. Stocks   at the B.. Horse in Lumbard street Goldsmith
Jer. Stone   Nicholas's Lane  
Mr. Stonnier   Durham Yard  
John Storey   Bow Church Yard  
Samuel Storey   Sice lane  
John Story   Leadenhall street at a packer's  
Mr. Stracey   Grace-church Street  
Nath. Strange   Swithins lane at a packer's  
Mr. Streete   Mark-lane  
George Strinyard Crutchet-Fryars  
Mr. Stronge   Queen street  
Hugh. Strood   Pudding-lane  
Mr. Strood   Lawrence Pountney lane  
Henry Stroud   Lawrence Pountney lane  
William Strude   at Mr. Atterberry Throgmorton street  
Thomas Stubbings   Cloak lane  
John Stubbs   St. Swithins lane  
Anthony Sturt   Minories  
Mr. Sturt   Throgmorton Street  
Mr. Swanham   St. Katherines  
Isaac & Jacob Swares   Dukes-place  
John Sweetaple at the .. Moors-Head in Lumbard street Goldsmith
Mr. Swift   Welstreet Hackney  
Samuel Swinock   Fanchurch street Pye Alley  
John Swinton   Water lane  
Richard Swithins   Lawrence Pountney Hill  
Edward Symons   Masons Alley Cornhill  
Thomas Symons   Cateaton-street  
Mr. Tannell   Tower Hill  
John Tanner   Berry-street  
Mr. Tares   Dukes-place  
James Tawden   St. Martins lane  
James Taylor   Fleetstreet Peterborough Court  
John Taylor   Basinghall street Blackwelhall Factor
John Taylor   Budge Row  
John Taylor   Mile-end Green  
John Taylor   Talbot Court Grace Church street  
Mr. Taylor   Newington Butts  
Mr. Taylor   Throgmorton street  
Mr. Taylor Wildstreet  
Mr. Tedway   Distaff lane  
Isaac Tellis   Berry-street  
John Temple and John Seale at the Three T in Lumbard street Goldsmith
Mr. Terick   Kingsland  
Mr. Terrenis   Watling street  
Isaac Testard   Throgmorton Street  
James Therey   Fanchurch street  
Walter Thimbleton   Bednal Green Irish walk  
Mr. Thinn   Lawence Pountney lane  
Kategen Thomas   Bankside  
William Thomas   Basinghall street Blackwelhall Factor
William Thomas   Cullam Street  
Francis Thompson   Tower Hill  
Major Thompson   Newington  
Sir Will. Thompson   Lymestreet  
Coll. Thornborow   Mincin-Lane  
Robert Thorner   at Mr. Leigh Finsbury  
Robert Thornton   Lymestreet  
Mr. Thornwell   Lymestreet  
Benj. Thorowgood   Cornhill  
William Throgmorton   Trinity lane  
John Thursby   at the Ball in Lumbard street Goldsmith
Mr. Thursby   Bishopsgate without  
William Tichburn   Lawrence Pountney lane  
Edward Tidcombe   Coleman-street  
Francis Tierrens   St. Swithins lane  
Abra. Tilard   Finsbury  
Richard Tilden   Tower street  
Richard Tilden   White Chappel  
Jos. Tillingson   Kings Arms Yard Coleman street  
Mr. Tilsoard   Chiswell street  
Ald. Tinch   Fanchurch street  
Mr. Tinch   Newington Green  
Mr. Tinch   St. Mary Ax  
Walt. Tindall   Bunhill  
Mr. Tolson   Cateaton-street  
Christ. Tomlinson   Martins Lane  
Mr. Tomliz   Bow Church Yard  
Benj. Took   Loathbury  
Samuel Tookie (refer Bar. Turner)   Goldsmith
George Toriano   Nicholas's Lane  
Richard Torner   lodger at Mr. Edw. Wats in Mark lane  
Edward Towes   Great St. Hellens  
Ald. Fran. Townely   Mincin-Lane  
John Townley (refer Robert Ward)   Goldsmith
John Townsend   Broad Street  
Mr. Townsend   Fishstreet Hill  
Robert Townsend   Lawrence Pountney lane  
Mr. Trenacker   Clopton Hackney  
Mr. Treres   St. Olives street, Southwark  
Anthony Tretheuie   Portugal Row  
George Trinchard   Billiter lane  
Charles Trinquand   Mark-lane  
Mr. Tronantle   Bankside  
Theod. Trotle   near Fishmongers Hall Thames street  
Per. Trott   Vine Court Bishopsgate without  
Rignal Tucker   Rood lane  
Sam. Tucker   Martins Lane  
John Tudman   Throgmorton Street  
Sir Hen. Tulce   Loathbury  
Mr. Turnel   Billiter lane  
Bar. Turner and Samuel Tookie at the Fleece in Lumbard street Goldsmith
John Turner   Suffolk lane  
Mr. Turpin   Throgmorton Street  
Thomas Tuson   Swithins lane  
Mr. Tut   Berry-street  
Thomas Twisden   little More Fields  
Thomas Twisden   Throgmorton Street  
Francis Tyson   Philpot-lane  
Mr. Tyson   Coleman-street Blackwelhall Factor


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