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On these pages we hope to share some of our family history. We started researching Colinís family because my mum and dad were Ďdoingí mine. I was looking for something that didnít entail carrying heavy bolts of fabric and lifting heavy boxes and family history seemed like a good idea. I didnít realize that it was addictive!

"Do my family," said Colin, "I donít have many relations." Little did he know how wrong he was!

We havenít managed to get far with his PAINTER, JOHNSON and DAVIES ancestors but there sure are a lot of MACEYs.

My dad traced his fatherís family back to Benjamin GIBBON on the Pembrokeshire Muster Rolls of 1807 and I have been chasing NATHANs from his mothers side.

Mum found that her MCDADE Scots ancestry wasnít really that Scottish because both of her fatherís Ďsetsí had immigrated from Ireland in the 1840s. The BRIDGERs, her motherís family, are being sought out by Geoff BRIDGER and they seem to be firmly settled in the Sussex/Surrey area except for those that emigrated to the United States.

For Colin's family follow the Macey links, for Ann's family follow the Gibbon links.

Take a look at the family Ė there are a few pictures so see if thereís a family resemblance Ė and if there is a connection please contact us

At: annmacey@ntlworld.com