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William Gates, was born in 1785 in Virginia.  He died in 1850 in Simpson County, Mississippi.  He married Elender__________.   They moved to Madison County, Tennessee, settling near Jackson, Tennessee, where their children were born.     They moved to Lawrence County, Mississippi in 1828 settling on the Topsaw Creek.   Later, they moved to the western part of Simpson County, between Harrisville and Hopewell where their son, John Jackson Gates and daughter, Mary Gates (Matthews), remained.   Their other sons, William and G.C. Gates moved to Copiah County settling near Hopewell and Gatesville.   Gatesville was named for this Gates family, a son of G.C. and Margaret (Sistrunk) Gates -- Daniel William Gates.

The family bible of John Jackson Gates has written on the fly leaf:  "William Gates, the father of John Gates, bought this bible 150 years ago, John Gates, father of Amanda Gates Harris.  This book was bought in the year 1774."  This book is in the possession of Wiley P. Harris, youngest child of Thomas Hinds and Amanda (Gates) Harris.

Another family bible which mentions William Gates is the Harmon P. Matthews' family bible which is in the possession of Ruel Matthews of Hopewell Mississippi.

H. P. Matthews born May 22, 1813,
Bible Bought year 1870 and cost $12.00....
Read Leviticus ChXX v 6 ....
Read Nehemiah the V Ch  .....
Born Twiggs County, Ga.
Came to Miss. Perry County in 1827
Came to Lawrence County in 1834 married Mary Gates
21 when married in Lawrence County to Mary Gates (Daughter of William Gates

Children of William and Eleander Gates:

William Gates, born 30 May 1812, Jackson, Tennessee died 4 June 1870.  Married 4 February 1841 to Sarah (Sallie) Barron who died in Copiah County, 28 August 1873.  He was a Baptist minister.  They lived in Copiah County and had the following children:

        1.  Fannie Mariah Gates, born 9 March 1842, married 12 December 1860 to Rufus Jasper Scott who was born 4 December 1832.  They had children:
  a.  Sallie Winnona Scott, born 5 February 1862
  b.  Rebecca Morris Scott, born 24 September 1866
  c.  William Gates Scott, born 19 December 1869

        2.  Martha Jane Gates, second child of William and Sarah (Barron) Gates was born 28 October 1846 in Copiah County, Mississippi, and died 1 July 1908.  Her first husband was Charles Ernest Christian Letwinger.  They were married 6 January 1869.  He was born 3 April 1829 in Germany, coming to the United States in 1846 and worked seven years for the father of Martha Jane Gates.  He died 28 September 1875 and is buried in the Old Crystal Springs Cemetery.  They had two children:
  a.  Clara Emily Letwinger
  b.  ???

        3.  Permelia Eliza Gates, third child of William and Sarah Gates, born 8 April 1848.  Died 21 April 1907.  She married Edwin Conn 30 October 1873.  He was born 20 April 1848, died 8 November 1899.  They are buried in the Hazlehurst Cemetery.  Nothing further is known concerning this line.

Mary Gates, born about 1814-15, in Madison County, Tennessee, died 8 August 1865.  She married Harmon P. Matthews 25 December 1834 with William Gates, Jr. as bondsman (Ref. The Lawrence County marriage records).  Both are buried in the Old Cemetery, Palestine Church, Hopewell, Mississippi.   Their children were:

        1. Frances E. Matthews, born 15 October 1835, married H.J. Sandifer 28 December 1857.  Had children:
a. Mattie Rose Sandifer, married Elijah Sandifer
b. Mary Jane Sandifer, married Morgan Miller

        2.  Sitty V. Matthews, born 26 August 1838, died 18 February 1858, married H. F. Sandifer 13 December 1855.

        3. Mary Ann Matthews, born 18 March 1841.  For information on this line see Matthews Family Third Generation Part III.

        4.  Allen M. Matthews, born 11 October 1842, in Simpson County, Mississippi, marred Frances A. Wilks 11 March 1867 in Copiah County, Mississippi.  In 1880 he and his family were listed in the Census of Copiah County, Hopewell Pct.: Allen M, age 38; Frances age 30; and children: William F. age 12; Mary E. age 10; Evritt, age 8; Ettie, age 6; and Florence age 2.  Nothing further is known about this family.   It is known that there was one Allen Matthews that was called "Long Allen" to separate him from his cousin, Allen.   Mrs. Olive Zelle Matthews Barnes said in 1962 that the Allen Matthews, known as "Long" had a son named Bill Matthews and Bill had a son named Caz, who married Reba Evans, who lived in Ridgeland, Mississippi.  When Caz died, Reba remarried: Frank Fore.  Caz and Reba had one son named Bruce Matthews.

        5.  Arthur F. Matthews, born 9 May 1844, married Susan McKinley in Copiah County.   In 1870, they were living in Simpson County with their two children:  Julia and Henry.

        6.  William Jasper Matthews, born 2 February 1845.  For information on this line see Matthews Family Third Generation Part I.

        7.  Margaret E. Matthews, born 22 August 1848, who married J. M. Reed 12 February 1868.  Nothing more is known about this couple.

        8.  Emaline M. Matthews, born 29 April 1850, died 13 June 1885.  She never married.   An amusing story was told to me by Mrs. Eula Matthews Lewis which was told to her by her grandmother, Mattie Rose Sandifer who was a niece of Emaline Matthews.   During the Civil War, the soldiers would raid the homes in search of food; therefore, everyone would try to keep most of the food hidden.  One young soldier was under the bed at Emaline's parents' home looking for food with his "rear end" sticking out.  Emaline couldn't resist giving him a good lick with a leather strap that was hanging nearby--right smack on the part that was sticking out!   Guess she just couldn't let that go by....

        9. Sebron J. Matthews, born 3 April 1852, died 29 November 1914, married Mary (Molly) Haines who was born about 1854.   She was the daughter of Elisha Flowers and Sarah (Cooper) Haines.  For additional information on this line see the Matthews Family Third Generation Part II.

        10.  Isarada Matthews, born 19 February 1854, married John I. Miller 16 November 1876.  Nothing further is known about them.

G. C. Gates, born 17 August 1817, Madison County, Tennessee, died 5 April 1892, buried in Hopewell Cemetery.   Married Margaret Ann Sistruck, born 5 January 1821, died 28 October 1886. The lived in Hopewell and had the following children:

        1.  David Franklin Gates, born 2 April 1843, died 20 February 1906.  He married Mary_______, who was born 8 October 1852 and died 15 March 1919.  Both are buried in Hopewell Cemetery.   They lived in Hopewell and had the following children:
         James Gates, born 10 October 1877, died September 1886.
         Oscar Gates, married Miss Ramsey
         David Franklin Gates, Jr., married Delphine Hampton
         Lillian Gates, married Theodore Hill Cook
         Annie Gates, married William V. Bridges

        2.  Daniel William Gates, born 1 July 1846, died 24 October 1917.  Married Frances Jane Sistrunk 8 February 1865.  She was born 22 September 1848 and died 27 December 1921.  Both are buried in the Hopewell Cemetery.   Their children:
         Mary Jennie Gates, married Wash Douglas
         John G. Gates, married Nora Barlow
         Walter Q. Gates
         William E. Gates
         Margaret Gates, married J.H. Johnson

        3.  Albert B. Gates, born 7 September 1848, died 17 February 1917.  Married Rebecca J. Addison.   Their children:
         Ava F. Gates, married Carl Davis
         Cora C. Gates
         Charles G. Gates, married Pearl Davis
         William Addison Gates, married Minnie Young
         Robert Gates, married Mammie Mitchell
         Albert Gates married the second time to Portland Matthews.  Their children:
         Grace Gates, married Robert Mitchell

         4.  John Jackson Gates, born 30 June 1850, died 25 March 1919.  Married Ellen Cuter.  Their children:
         Dr. Lewis Gee Gates, married Jessie Hemphill.  He was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Laurel for over 40 years.
         Mary Gates, married Hosea Ellis Farmer
         John Vernon Gates, married Lora Slay

         5.  Frances Ann Gates, born 3 September 1852, died 12 January 1926.  Married B. T. Bennett.  Their children:
         Margaret Bennett
         Mary Bennett, married Alvin Luther Hutchinson
         Pearl Bennett, married J. L. Morgan
         Vollie Bennett, married Lucille Abby
         Emma Bennett
         Claude Bennett, married Viva Worrell

         6.  James Marion Gates, born 12 December 1854, died 12 December 1919, married Eloise Bennett.  Their children:
         Lena Gates
         William L. Gates
         Ruby Gates

         7.  Jefferson Davis Gates, born 20 May 1857, died 21 May 1907, married first time to Sallie Tillman.  Their children:
         Howard Gates
         Margaret Gates
         Lilla Gates
         Cary Judson Gates
         G. C. Gates
         Clyde Gates

        Jefferson Davis Gates married the second time to Anna Tillman. Their children:
         Eva Gates
         Jeffie Gates

        8.  Jasper S. Gates, born 3 June 1861, died 2 December 1923, married Nancy Joan Burt.  Their children:
         Elma Geneva Gates, married Eugene Chutz
         William Burt Gates, married Eva Berry
         Harvey O. Gates, married Nona Brister
         Alma (M.A.) Gates, married Thomas J. Howard
         J. L. Arden Gates, married Vivian Harrell
         Daniel Earl Gates, married Olive Slay
         Charles Jefferson Gates, married Robbie McDonald
         Edwin Francis Gates, married Claudia Parkman

John Jackson Gates, fourth child of William and Eleander Gates, was born in Madison County, Tennessee.  He married Dinna Mullican.  They had 16 children:

        1.  Mary Elizabeth Gates, born 27 December 1836, died 18 January 1910, married John Haney Sistrunk in 1856.   Their children:
         Laura Jane Sistrunk, married Alexander Newton Collins
         Joseph Sistrunk, married Margie Steen
         William Sistrunk (twin), married Mrs. Jones Collins
         John Haney Sistrunk (twin), married Nora Carter
         David Sistrunk, married Hannah P. Steen

        2.  James Elliott Gates, second child of John Jackson and Dinna Mullican Gates, was born 10 Jun 1839.  He was a member of the Third Battalion of Mississippi Infantry, Confederate States Army, and served as a Private in Company A of this organization.  He died in the Confederate Hospital at Chattanooga, Tennessee following his engagement in the Battle of Shiloh.  He died about 1 October 1863 which was with three days of the death of brother, William, who also served in the campaign at Shiloh.

        3.  William Gates, was born 16 January 1841.  He served in the Confederate States Army during the War Between the States being attached as a Private in Company A of the Third Battalion of Mississippi Infantry.  He served in the campaigns at Shiloh and Chickamuaga.  Later, about 1 October 1863, he died at Chattanooga, Tennessee of typhoid fever.  His body, with that of his brother James Elliott Gates, were shipped home for burial.

        4.  Thomas Madison Gates, fourth child, born 21 July 1842, served in the Confederate Army.  He married Minerva Jane Sistrunk, 11 December 1866, in Copiah County, Mississippi.    They moved to Sabine Parish, Louisiana, where they reared their family.  They are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery (Sabine Parish).  Their children:
         Frances Gates, married Andrew Jackson Burkett
         Mary Gates, married Mr. Bloxton
         Dinnie Ann Gates, married Lucia A. Eagan
         John Jackson Gates, married Francis Jane Sistrunk
         William Daniel Gates, married Martha Sherwood
         Flora Gates, married Mr. Fuller
         Hattie Gates, married Elisha Neal
         Thomas Gates

        5.  John Jackson Gates, Jr., fifth child, was born 8 January 1844.  He served during the War Between the States. He was single and died at the age of 21.

        6.  Martha Elenor Gates, born 5 June 1845, died 23 August 1884, married William Jefferson Burkett.  Their children:
         John Gates Burkett, married Laura J. ______
         Dinna Elender Burkett, married Hugh Patterson
         Nannie Burkett, married R. T. Brown

        7.  Dinna Ann Gates, the seventh child, was born 2 October 1846 and died 22 December 1922.  She married John Floyd Sistrunk, born 18 February 1849, died 1 October 1915.  Both are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.   Their children:
         John Wesley Sistrunk, married Dollie Moore
         Andrew Sistrunk, married Ella Birdwell
         James William Sistrunk, married Mary Birdwell
         David Lee Sistrunk, married James Etta Birdwell
         Dollie Varlie Sistrunk, married Lillie Mae Patrick
         Thomas M. Sistrunk, married Jewel Litton
         Dan G. Sistrunk, married Minnie Raymon
         Frances Jane Sistrunk, married John Jackson Gates

        8.  G. C. (Gee) Gates, the eighth child of John Jackson and Dinna Mullican Gates, was born 18 January 1848.  He was drafted into the Confederate Army during the Civil War at the age of 16.  He died about one month later at Corinth, Mississippi of Typhoid Fever.  His father went in a mule wagon and returned his body home for burial (1865).  He was a member of the First Battalion of State Troops, Mississippi Calvary, and served as a private in Company D of this organization.

        9.  Jeremiah Franklin Gates, born 16 April 1849,in Gatesville, Mississippi.  He married 22 December 1879 to Nancy Matthews of Hopewell at the home of the brides' parents.  (This is likely the Nancy Matthews, born 1863, daughter of Sebron Caswell and Jane Matthews.)  They resided in Wesson, Mississippi, where he operated a cotton gin and had farming interest until about 1911 when they went to Gainestown, Alabama to make their home until the time of their death.   He served under General Johnson in the Civil War for 15 months, enlisting November 1863.   Their children:
         Eunice Helen Gates, married Henry Dee Burt
         Lelia Eudora Gates, married Dallas Bennett
         Infant son (1885)
         John Franklin Gates, married Mary Thurman
         Jefferson Davis Gates died young
         Florence Lillie Gates, married Dollie Claude Bennett
        Anse McLaurin Gates, married Cordell Richardson
        Will Jord Gates, married Mary Lou Williamson
        James Eugene Gates
        Frances Rea Gates, married Didlake Bennett
                Married second time to Blackie Campbell
        Isaac Henry Gates, married Minnie Mae Roby
        Maggie Zell Gates, married Bosso M. Wilson
        10.  Frances Leander Gates, the tenth child of John Jackson and Dinna Mullican Gates, was born 5 November 1853, died in 1877.  She married Webb Touchstone 15 January 1876.  They had no children

        11.  George Washington Gates, was born 26 August 1853 and died 25 August 1933.  He married the first time to Rena V. Whatley 30 August 1881.  Their children:
        George Washington Gates, Jr., married Ethel Searight

        Geroge Washington Gates, Sr., married the second time Ellen Catherine Harris 13 December 1885.  Their children:
        Everett Gates, died infant
        William Philemon Gates, married Velie Ann Barlow
        Joseph Gates, died infant
       Ava Gate, married Walter Barron
        Druie Gates, married Linnie Byrd
        Lonnie Gates, died infant
        Emma Gates, married Bert Sandifer
        John P. Gates, married Clyde Buckley
        Penelope Gates, died infant
        Ida Gates, married Thomas Jewel
        James Gates, married Marie Berry
        Spurgeon Gates, married Eva Berry
        Roy Gates, died infant
        Velie Gates
        Ethel Gates, married Roy Luke

        12. Amanda Melvina Gates, the twelfth child, was born in Simpson County 22 March 1857.  She married Thomas Hinds Harris.   They reared their family in Harrisville,
Mississippi.  He died 29 January 1938 and she 14 August 1941.  Both are buried in the Harrisville, Cemetery.   Their children:
        Mary Elizabeth Harris, died infant
        John Jackson Harris, married Dessie Mae Barron
        Susan Dina Harris, married Norvel B. Barlow
        Jasper Green Harris, married Annie Gordon
            Married second time, Orna Fortenberry
        Pearl Ada Harris, married George Mark Brock
        Sam Jones Harris, married Eunice Whatley
        Zena Asenith Harris, married Dalton Duval Dulaney
        Maggie Mae Harris, married Roy Barron
        Laura Eula Harris, married Estus F. Barlow
        Wiley Pinkney Harris, married Thelma Owen

        13.  Triplets were born to John Jackson and Dinna Mullican Gates about 1859. They were:   Elisha Gates; Eliza Gates; and Ligie Gates.   Elisha and Eliza lived a day or two but Ligie lived to be seven years old.  They are buried in the Gates Cemetery southwest of Harrisville, Mississippi.

        14.  Jeff Gates, the sixteenth child, was born in 1861 and died at the age of 15, about 1878.  He is buried in the Gates Cemetery.

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