91st PA--Edward Wallace's Regiment

Col. Wallace's regiment

[source: Press, Monday 30 September 1861, page 2]
[source: ActivePaper Archive, Penn State University (viewed 8 November 2008)]
[see 30 September 1861]
[see Wallace's regiment]


COL. WALLACE'S REGIMENT.--The regiment now forming under Col. Ed E. Wallace, an old and experienced Mexican soldier, will soon be complete. The men, as soon as sworn in, are equipped and sent to Camp Edwards, on Islington lane, opposite the Odd Fellows' Cemetery. This regiment will be as fine and composed of as hardy a set of men as has yet left the city, and will be among the first to leave for the seat of war. None but picked men are accepted, as it is the desire of Col. Wallace not to leave for Washington with a regiment of which one half will be rejected. Old and capable officers have been selected, most of whom have already been in the three-months service. Lieut. Col. Geo. W. Todd, formerly of the Scott Legion regiment, has also seen service in the Mexican war. The headquarters of the regiment are at the Government Buildings, on Chestnut street below Fifth.

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