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Isaac Wilkins isn’t blood kin, as far as I’ve discovered to date (6/6/02), but our Munroes and Russells are tightly intertwined with the Wilkinses, both in Carlisle and in Hillsborough. Isaac, in particular, shows up in several contexts:
  • Lieut. Isaac Wilkins, brother to putative Minute Man drummer Timothy Wilkins, Jr., married our first cousin (1C7R) Margaret Munroe, daughter of Uncle Joseph Munroe, Jr., granddaughter of 7GGF Corporal Joe, and older sister of 1C7R Doctor Joseph.

  • “One story relates that Lieut. Isaac Wilkins had an apprentice named Calvin Stevens and a slave named Tony who were both in the engagements at Concord and Lexington. Tony was killed, but Calvin Stevens survived, and later married Lt. Wilkins’ niece, Esther.”1

  • At the founding of the Second District of Carlisle in 1780, Isaac, then 47 years old, is listed among the founding group of six Surveyors of Highways.

1Ruth Chamberlin Wilkins, Carlisle, Its History and Heritage The Carlisle Historical Society, Inc. (Carlisle:1976), pp. 68-9.
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