Margie Marie Sadler

F, #443, b. 28 October 1921, d. 21 January 2013
Grandaunt of Sheila Sue Altenbernd
Father*Gustave McCager Sadler1 b. 19 August 1888, d. 6 October 1964
Mother*Francis Anna Mae Reeder2,1 b. 14 February 1884, d. 1 July 1957
     Margie was 11 and Billie was 4 or 5 when he came to live with them. He seemed so lost and Floyd was devastated.3

     When Margie Sadler was born, Loice picked her up and said this is MY baby. in 1921.4
Other sources show Margie Marie Sadler was born on 28 October 1921 in St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri, USA.2
     Margie was born in Oran, Scott County, Missouri, USA, on 28 October 1921.5,1 She was the daughter of Gustave McCager Sadler and Francis Anna Mae Reeder.1,2
     Her common name was Pudge, Midge Sadler.
     When Margie Sadler was young, Cecil Herrel would play cards wtih her. He would hide the cards on his person and suddenly, there were no cards. It was very, very funny.4

     When Margie was about five her mother would tag her and put her on a train to go see Muriel.

Margie was still a child when Lois Herrell and Gus Reid were married. Since Lois had always mothered Margie, Margie spent much time with them after their marriage. Lois was eight years older than Margie. As of October, 1991, Margie and Gus remain close.

Margie's mother made all of her clothes, even coats, until she was 14. Lois Reid (nee Herrell) and Marie Herrell (nee Sexton) also made many of Margie's clothes. Beautiful dresses that Margie still remembers.

Muriel Sanders (nee Herrell) was grown and away from home by the time Margie was born so Margie didn't get to know Muriel until she was older.     

Margie and Harold met while Harold was visiting his aunt. She was a neighbor of Margie's family. When I asked Margie what she remembered best about Harold, her reply was, "His beautiful smile, sense of humor, and disposition." Margie's fondest memory of Harold is the love he gave her for 44 years.

Margie is to be buried in National Cemetery, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri alongside her husband Harold.

In September of 1991, Margie wrote the following about herself.
"I am a professional artist. I paint in oils, water and on porcelain and had my own kiln in St. Louis. I paint portraits, seascapes, land, birds, animals, any and everything. When Harold lived, I painted a 20 x 24 oil (Cheryl has this) and an 8 x 10 on porcelain, which I have.
"I began playing clarinet in 5th grade and continued thru high school. I played in elementary and high school marching bands and also at a dance orchestra. I taught myself piano and have played for over 20 years.
"I have sold paintings and hand painted porcelains since I began painting. I have many paintings and porcelain here, even though my neighbors, relatives and friends bought nearly everything when Harold died and I left St. Louis.
"I have studied Russian (Harold too), French, Italian, and Spanish.

"I was an honor student, graduating with a 97% average.

"I made my clothes, Cheryl's and the grandchildren's for years. Also, embroidery, crewel, etc.

"I had taken tap as a child and truly always wanted to be an entertainer (which never materialized).

"Did I mention I am a great-grandmother? Rachel is two.

"Harold was the sweetest, kindest most loving and gentle man. I loved him even more after 44 years than when I married him. We had a great life and it has been very difficult to go on without him. Do you recall he was 6' tall and very handsome? He treated me like a queen, always and gave me all his love. He was one of a kind.

"I have a photo of Floyd (Herrell) holding me on his shoulders when I was a baby. Dorothy (nee Miller) and I were very close. She was 19 and I was 14 when Floyd married her. She was to the end, a dear, sweet, kindly loving girl, whom I loved like a sister. When she was dying, she looked at me and said sister. I remember Lois Ann and Sue as two beautiful, precious little girls with jet black curls, very petite. I loved Floyd, although he was grown when I was born and was not home very much, so I wasn't around him too much.

"Billy came to live with us when his Mom, Florence, died at 23. He was 5. Billy was always more like a brother than a nephew. I loved him dearly and was crushed by his death. We had lots of fun before we both married. Bill was very intelligent. He had so many sides that people didn't know about. He was sweet, a great sense of humor, great musician, and a fine man."

Margie says, "The Herrell's and Mom were known to change records, ages, and dates to favor them. Mother's age is still a mystery."

Margie's legal and baptismal name is "Margie".

Margie has been asked to join the DAR because of her grandfather, Hollis Sadler, being a member of the Confederate army.

Margie has several nicknames. Among them are Pudge, Midge, Margy, and Margit.

The following letter was received from Margie Christmas 1994.
"                    January 7, 1995

Dear Sheila,

When I returned from Texas, I received your card and letter. I'm glad I hear from you since your Mom never writes. Is she well? Were you aware that Judy's father, Gus Reid, died December 8th in St. Louis? He was 81. I had a letter from Cecille in Kansas; Lila and Bill came to see me and of course I always hear from Judy. I spoke with Muriel recently. I hope you are well. I know your are enjoying life. Love to your Mom and Lois.                    

Aunt Margie."

     When Margie was young, her mother would put a name tag on her, put her on a bus and send her to Poplar Bluff, Missouri to see Muriel Sanders.4

     Kim Sanders would always call Margie, Marjorie.4

     Muriel and Kim Sanders came to live with Gus, Anna Mae, and Margie Sadler when Margie was about 7 or 8. This was during the depression. circa 1928.4
Majorie Sadler and Maze Charles Herrell owned chevrolet with a rumble seat circa 1929 He took Margie and Anna Mae Sadler everywhere in that car.4
     Margie Marie Sadler lived with Cecil Dewey Herrell and Anna Marie Herrell; During the depression, Cecil and Marie Herrell lived with Gus and Anna Mae Sadler for a time.4
     One year Loice sent Margie Sadler and Billy Herrell a rail ticket to come to Chicago for the summer. They all had a great time.4

     Margie Marie Sadler lived with Gustave McCager Sadler and Francis Anna Mae Reeder on 7 April 1930 at 2813 South 18th Street, St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, USA.6
     Majorie Sadler was listed as Gus Sadler's daughter on the 1930 US Federal Census of St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, enumerated 7 April 1930.6 Her age at her last birth date was listed as 8. She was born in Missouri. . Her father was born in Missouri. Her mother was born in Missouri. She did attend school or college after September 1, 1929.6 She was able to read and write. She was able to speak English.6
     Margie remembers her mother telling her stories about the family. The stories were repeated many times.7

     Maze worked for the Sante Fe Railroad. He traveled a lot and would sent Margie Sadler native dolls from different places.4

     Per Margie Seago, Dorothy was a lovely, sweet, kind, girl whom she loved like a sister.4

     When Margie was little, her mother, Marie Herrell, and Lois Reid made clothes for her until she was a teenager.4

     After Maze' breakdown, he lived with Gus and Anna Sadler until Margie was 16. circa 1936.4

     Margie and Billie would play school and Bank. They played together a lot.3

     When Margie was 18 Bill had a friend he wanted to fix her up with. The friend was a farmer. Margie got all dressed up for the date. The friend drove up in a brand new convertible and was very good looking. Margie had the best time on that date. Bill couldn't understand why they didn't get married. circa 1939.7

     Margie Marie Sadler was a commerical artist. She can paint on many different mediums. These pictures show some examples of her work.7

     She resided Miami, Florida, USA, 1940's. Margie lived in Miami in the 40's. Beaches were for Gentiles only then.7

     Photo. Original photo in the possession of Margie Seago (#443.)8

     Photo of Margie Sadler. Original photo in the possession of Sue Myers (#130.)

Margie Sadler

     Harold Nelson Seago married Margie Marie Sadler, daughter of Gustave McCager Sadler and Francis Anna Mae Reeder, in St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, USA, on 28 September 1942 or 1943 . They married before Harold shipped out.2,7

     Photo on 28 September 1943. Original photo in the possession of Margie Seago (#443.)7

     Bill was shipping out soon. He came to visit Margie and her mother before leaving on a train at 4 am. Bill took Margie to a midnight Burlesque show. It was very funny and they had a good time. When he left, Bill kissed and hugged a very pregnant Margie. The neighbor noticed. The next day the neighbor called Margie's mother to ask if Margie's husband was in town. Margie's mother said no and didn't bother to explain further. in October 1945.7

     Per Margie Seago, Bill Herrell had brown hair, and blue tinge of green eyes. He was like a brother to Margie. Bill was so sweet and kind. Bill was very intelligent.4

     Margie and Anna Mae Sadler visited Parse and his 2 daughters at one point.7

     Photo of Margie Seago (#443). Original photo in the possession of Sheila Altenbernd (#172.)9

Margie Seago

     Margie Seago felt like Marie Herrell was a sister.4

     Margie Marie Sadler and Harold Nelson Seago lived at 1120 Cont Drive, Creve Couer, St Louis County, Missouri, USA.2
     Margie saw a lot of John and Sue Altenbernd when they were living in Concord Village. between 1958 and 1964.7

     Photo. Original photo in the possession of Margie Seago (#443.)7

     She was baptized in St Louis, Independent City, Missouri, USA, in 1961.5
     Margie Marie Sadler and Harold Nelson Seago lived at 4760 Pare Orlean Court, Missouri, USA, in 1970.10
     Margie was in a hurricane in Galvaston.7

     Harold and Margie studied Russian and Japanese.7

     She resided in Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA, in 1985.1
     Margie and Harold wanted to retire to Florida. When Harold died, Margie decided to go ahead and retire there anyway on her own.7

     Margie Marie Seago lived at 11060 Caravel Circle SW 202 Cinnamon Cove, Ft Myers, Florida, USA, between 1985 and 2013
Margie lives in a very nice 2 bedroom condo. She has a screened in balcony that looks over the lake.

She has many of her paintings and artwork hanging up in her condo.

She lives in a complex with 30 units. She has a good relationship with her neighbors.9,1,7
     Margie Marie Seago played the piano.11
     Margie was evacuated during hurricane George. She went to Disneyworld. George passed by and nothing happened. Donna devastated Ft. Myers in 1963. This was before Margie moved there. in September 1998.7
She voted for Bush for President in November 2000.7
     Margie had a drug rash when Muriel died and couldn't get back for the funeral. on 16 September 2001.7

     Margie is dating a surgeon named Tom. He is younger than she is. His mother lives in the same complex as Margie and is also younger than Margie. She has been seeing him for 4 years. He works a lot. in September 2003 at Ft Myers, Florida, USA.7

     Flying is pretty hard on Margie these days. She goes to Texas to see Cheryl McCormick and her family, but doesn't fly anywhere else anymore.

Margie still has one friend from her childhood. They have been friends for 67 years. Her friend has Alzheimer's now.

Margie used to have lots of shoes. She had a friend that worked in a shoe store and would get her display shoes very cheap.

She still drives, but generally doesn't go too far from home.

Margie likes her independence.

She always votes.

Margie crotchets in September 2003.7

     Margie is allergic to preservatives so she has to be careful about what she eats. She loves cheese but can't eat it anymore.

Margie takes care of her neighbors when they are sick.

Margie is a good cook and makes very good blue berry muffins.

Margie has no debt so she is doing better in this slow economy than many of her friends are. She has a great credit rating.

Margie likes walking on the beach. Whenever she feels down, she goes to the beach to lift her spirits.

Margie likes to have a soda with her meals.

Margie thinks Florida is paradise. in September 2003.7

     Photo taken by Sheila Altenbernd(#172) on 14 September 2003 in Ft Myers, Florida, USA. Original photo in the possession of Sheila Altenbernd(#172.)9

     Margie worked at AJ Florist, Ft Myers, Florida, USA, in 2013. She worked as a floral designer.1
     Margie died on 21 January 2013 at Lee Memorial Hospital, Ft Myers, Florida, USA, at age 91.1

The following guest book appeared online in February 2013
Sheila Altenbernd
Avondale, Arizona
February 12, 2013 8:59 PM I was surprised and sorry to hear about Aunt Margie's death.
I am thankful I was able to have a visit with her in November. It was a quick trip, but we had an enjoyable time.

Aunt Margie had a wonderful sense of humor and made me laugh whenever I was with her. Her many friends and family will miss her.

Sheila Altenbernd


Cheryl Ann McCormick
Humble, Texas
January 28, 2013 6:29 PM Dear Momma, No words can describe the deep sorrow I feel losing you. My heart aches because I can no longer talk to you, hug and kiss you. You have been my mother for over 68 years and I never imagined you would ever be gone. I know you are with the Lord, happy and at peace but, the pain and sorrow is for those of us left behind. I am your only child and until God calls me home, I will live with the memories I have of you. I'm sorry I wasn't with you at the end but I pray you heard my cry and tears of love for you. I miss you so much mommy!


Jarrod C. McCormick
Humble, Texas
January 28, 2013 2:36 PM Nana, I can remember you painting a picture of me when was visiting you and Papa in St Louis. You spent a significant amount of time getting me dressed to go out in the snow and once I was outside, I immediately wanted to get back into the warm house. You told that story so many times and painted a picture that I will always have. I miss you. Love, your gradson, jarrod.


Jarrod C. McCormick
Humble, Texs
January 28, 2013 9:45 AM Nana, we all miss you, love you and hold you in our hearts. Love Jarrod, Jamie, Jordan, Kaleigh % Sean.


Cindy Pratt
Houston, TX.
January 25, 2013 8:31 PM My Dear Nana, I think about you all the time, and have cried so many tears. I pray that God will give me strength and somehow get me through, as I struggle with this heartache that was caused by losing you. I'll cherish every memory of you deep inside my heart, for memories never fade because we are apart. I know you are in Heaven waiting there for me, until the day God calls me home on earth is where I'll be. Love your granddaughter, Cindy


Bob & Lilian Macy
Cinnamon Cove, Fort Myers, FL
January 25, 2013 1:07 PM


Mary H. Klunk
Ft Myers, Florida
January 25, 2013 11:00 AM Marge was an inspiration and great role model for "how to grow old gracefully." I met her 10 years ago when we bought the condo next to hers. I was teaching school, and was here in the summers, she always baked brownies for my flight back home at summers end. She was a wonderful friend and neighbor. I loved hearing her play the piano. Once, we celebrated Thanksgiving in July. She had had surgery and I took a plate over to her with turkey and all the trimmings. She had a great sense of humor and could laugh at life. She was an independent spirit on a first name basis with God. She will be missed.


Louise MacIntyre
Agawam, MA
January 24, 2013 11:56 PM My deepest sympathies go out to Margie's family and friends. She was a great friend to my sister and mother. When I called AJ Florist and she answered the phone she was always so interested in how I was and how my family was doing. She was a great lady. I am so sorry for your loss.


Rachael O'Bella
Spring Tx
January 24, 2013 11:40 PM My sweet Nana you will be forever loved and missed.


Erin McCormick Reichenberger
Wichita, Ks
January 24, 2013 10:31 PM My dear Nana. I loved you more than you know! I'll miss our phone conversations and the stories you would tell. Know that I will never forget you! I love you Nana.



Anne Turnley
Cinnamon Cove, Fort Myers, FL
January 24, 2013 10:02 PM Margie was the best neighbor, always giving me baked goods and spreading good cheer. She cared for any neighbor in need; Bess, Adelaide, Bob and many others. I will miss her very much. Her stories of war time with her husband were terrific too.


Linda Robinette
Fort Myers, FL
January 24, 2013 5:15 PM Every time I saw Margie, I always got a GREAT BIG smile, a hug and a cookie or something sweet!(besides her)
What a greeting!!! She has been welcomed into the house of GOD, and will surely be an asset!

You had a wonderful personality and great gift of LOVE!! Go in PEACE my friend, Linda


Elaine Stefanacci
Fort Myers, FL
January 24, 2013 5:10 PM Margie was a great friend and will be truly missed. I have many wonderful memories of time spent together. Rest in Peace, Margie. I Love You.

Last Edited=20 December 2023

Family: Margie Marie Sadler and Harold Nelson Seago


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