Cathri. Elisa Stoerker

F, #596, b. 17 February 1853, d. before 13 June 1927
Great-grandaunt of Sheila Sue Altenbernd
Father*Christian Friedrich Störcker b. 12 February 1812, d. 9 February 1868
Mother*Clara Maria Poesser b. 2 February 1816, d. 17 June 1898
     Cathri. was born on 17 February 1853.1,2 She was the daughter of Christian Friedrich Störcker and Clara Maria Poesser.
     Cathri. Elisa Stoerker immigrated on 19 November 1857 to in New Orleans, Orleans County, Louisiana, USA, with her parents Christian Friedrich Störcker and Clara Maria Stoerker . They arrived on Ship "Anton Guenther" of Bremen He arrived with his wife and 6 children.

The following information is from the records of John Altenbernd.

About November of 1857, Christian Friedrich Stoerker and his wife, Clara Marie (nee Poesser) moved to a farm near Cappeln Church in western St. Charles County, Missouri. They had a six-year-old son, Conrad Friedrich Stoerker, and some daughters. They had come from Buer, near Melle, Province Hannover, in Germany. (The 1900 Illinois Census for Washington County lists the year of immigration as 1859).3,4
     Cathri. Elisa Stoerker was listed as Katharina Störker on her confirmation record.5
     Friederich and Cathri. was confirmed at age 14 at St John's Church, Cappeln, St Charles County, Missouri, USA, on 22 April 1867. The memory verse recited for Friederich was 1 Peter 1,13. For Katharine it was 2 Timothy 1, 12..1,2
     Cathri. died before 13 June 1927.6
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