Christian Friedrich Störcker1

M, #3, b. 12 February 1812, d. 9 February 1868
2nd great-grandfather of Sheila Sue Altenbernd
Father*Caspar Heinrich Elert1 b. 7 June 1772
Mother*Katarina Maria Störcker1 b. 7 April 1779, d. circa 1814
     Christian Friedrich Störcker was born on 12 February 1812 in Hannover, Buer, Melle, Germany, at 11 p.m.2,3,4,5,1 He was the son of Caspar Heinrich Elert and Katarina Maria Störcker.1
     He was baptized at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Buer, Melle, Hannover, Germany, after 12 February 1812. The godparents were Caspar Hermann Bäcker and Caspar Hermann Bredenwischer.1
Church in Buer, Hannover, Germany -- taken by Marion Stoerker circa 1993
Interior of church in Buer, Hannover, Germany -- taken by Marion Stoerker circa 1993

     Christian Friedrich Störcker lived at #14 Bremer, Buer, Melle, Hannover, Germany.6
#14 Bremen, Buer, Germany -- Home of Christian Friedrich Stoerker -- taken by Marion Stoerker circa 1993
#14 Bremen, Buer, Germany -- Home of Christian Friedrich Stoerker

     Christian and Clara were married in Germany. They lived in Buer, near Melle, Province Hanover, Germany prior to immigrating to the United States.

In the book "Germans to America" Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports, Volume 11, April 1857 thru November 1857, copyright 1990, page 434, there is a listing of the Stoerker family. They traveled on the ship "Anton Guenther" which left from Bremen and arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana on 19-Nov-1857. The entry reads as follows:
     Name      Age Sex Occupation      Province Village Dest
     Stoerker,Chrith.Friedri       45 M Farmer      Germany Unknown USA
     Stoerker,Clara?Maria       40 F      Germany Unknown USA
     Stoerker,Cathar. Clara       17 F      Germany Unknown USA
     Stoerker,Maria?Elisabeth       13 F      Germany Unknown USA
     Stoerker,Clare?Elisabeth       7 F      Germany Unknown USA
     Stoerker,Cathri.Elisabeth       4 F      Germany Unknown USA
     Stoerker,Caroliene?Clara 1 F      Germany Unknown USA
     Stoerker,Conrad?Friedrich 6 M      Germany Unknown USA

A copy of the passenger list of passengers arriving at the New Orleans port, lists C.C. Stoerker as 1 1/2 and C.F. Stoerker as 6/12. There were 254 passengers aboard that ship.

It is believed, that they began their journey from Germany in July of 1857. After arriving in this country, Christian and Clara settled on a farm near Cappeln Church (western part of St. Charles County, Missouri).

Much more detail of the Stoerker family history can be found in the book "Remembering Father and Mother -- Told As It Was" written by Theophil Stoerker.

Marion Stoerker (#122) remembers many years ago driving down a narrow lane with his father and Uncle Theo to a gate across a road. They commented that this must have been the forty acre Stoerker farm. Marion later did some checking of the property records, but was unable to find a record of Christian owing any land. There was, however, a record of Henry Stoerker owning land.

On another trip, Marion met with a couple in Wentzville, Missouri who knew of the Stoerker family. They remembered the family lived on Calloway Hill.

     Christian worked. He worked as Farmer/Wagon Maker.
     Christian Friedrich Störcker married Clara Maria Poesser, daughter of Casper Heinrich Poesser and Maria Elsabein Graffen, in Hannover, Barkhausen, Germany.3,7
     Christian Friedrich Störcker and Clara Maria Stoerker immigrated on 19 November 1857 to in New Orleans, Orleans County, Louisiana, USA. Their children Cathar. Clara Stoerker, Maria Elisabeth Stoerker, Klara Elisabeth Stoerker, Cathri. Elisa Stoerker, Karoline Clara Stoerker and Conrad Friedrich Stoerker arrived with them and Clara Maria Stoerker arrived on Ship "Anton Guenther" of Bremen. He arrived with his wife and 6 children.

The following information is from the records of John Altenbernd.

About November of 1857, Christian Friedrich Stoerker and his wife, Clara Marie (nee Poesser) moved to a farm near Cappeln Church in western St. Charles County, Missouri. They had a six-year-old son, Conrad Friedrich Stoerker, and some daughters. They had come from Buer, near Melle, Province Hannover, in Germany. (The 1900 Illinois Census for Washington County lists the year of immigration as 1859).8,9
     They resided in New Melle, Missouri, USA.10,11
     They resided at Cappeln, St Charles County, Missouri, USA.10
     Christian Friedrich Störcker was also known as Storker.4
     Christian died on 9 February 1868 in St Charles County, Missouri, USA, at age 55.12,3,7 He was buried on 12 February 1868 in the Cappeln Cemetery located in New Melle, St Charles County, Missouri, USA.12,3,4,7
Headstone for Christian Friedrick Storker
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Children of Christian Friedrich Störcker and Clara Maria Poesser


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