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Martell Family History

Our tree begins with Jean Martel in St-Eustache, Paris France about 1587.  His son, Jean (b.1601) was a horse merchant on Richelieu Street. He married Barbe Duschesne sometime between 1607 and 1632. 

Their son Honore Martel b. 1632 came to Quebec as a soldier and married Marguerite L'Amirault on November 26th 1668 in Notre Dame de Quebec. Honore "Sieur LaMontagne" which means "Lord of the Mountain"  was a soldier of Alexandre Berthier Company of the L'Allier Regiment.  Honore had arrived in Quebec on September 30, 1665 as a soldier of Alexandre Berthier company of the L'Allier regiment. His future wife, Marguerite received a grant from the king to travel to the New France and marry settlers. On November 17, 1668 the two fiancées and several of their friends gathered in the house of Jean Soulard or Soullard where, before Notary Romain Becquet, they signed their contract of Marriage. The religious ceremony was held on November 26th of that same year.

Honore Martel was the first Martel to settle in Canada.  Honore aka Lamontagne and his wife Marguerite L'Admirault or Lamirault, are believed by most to be the ancestors of a large number of the Martel families in North America.  He left France via the New Rochelle Harbour on the 25th of April 1665 on the boat "Breze" which arrived in Saint-Francois de Salles De Neuville Quebec on the 30th of June 1665. He was stationed in Guardartvielle, parish of Saint Louisl De Sillery Quebec in Canada in 1668. Sieur de la Montagne; solider in the Compagnie de Berthier, regiment de l'Allier; Commanded by Carignan. He elected to stay in Canada when his regiment returned to France and became a farmer; he resided at Sainte-Genevieve, parish of Notre-Dame de Quebec in 1670; later resided at Neuville, about 1680- 1688, then on rue Saint-Louis, Quebec; then he became a sawyer or wood cutter; he died between 1710 and 1712.

Honore and Marguerite's , Jean-Francoise married Marie-Madeleine Vanier.   Their son,  Jean-Baptiste moved from Quebec to Nova Scotia and married Marie-Joseph Poujet. He became a coaster and a farmer. He and Marie-Joseph are the ancestors for most of the Martel/ Martell families of Richmond County, Nova Scotia.

Jean-Baptiste and Marie-Joseph Poujet, had a son, Jean-Baptiste who married Anne Bourel.  Their son, Jerome was a fisherman at Petit-de-Grat and owned his own vessel in 1811.  Jerome, married Marie Boudreau, and had a son, also named Jerome, who married Marie Josse.  Jerome was also a fisherman inheriting his father's vessel.   He was also listed on the 1813 Militia role as capable of bearing arms.    Jerome and Marie Josse had a son, Joseph (my great grandfather) who married Elizabeth "Lisette" Boudreau.  

My Grandfather, William Joseph (Guilliaume) Martell, (Joseph, Jerome, Jerome, Jean-Baptiste, Jean-Baptiste, Jean Francois, Honore, Jean, Jean)  married Rose Anne Martel (daughter of Edouard Martel and Rose Samson) They were third cousins and received special dispensation to marry and settled in Petit de Grat.    "Mémé" as my Grandmother Rose Anne Martel was called lived with us in Newton, Massachusetts until she died in her 70's.

Leo Edward Martell (my Father) immigrated to the United States from Isle Madame in the early 1930's and settled in Everett, Massachusetts.  Leo was a hard worker and a strict disciplinarian. During World War II he enlisted in the US Coast Guard Reserve and served as an MP (Military Policeman), as I recall.  He put himself through Barber College and got his Master Barber's License. He owned and operated Leo's Barber Shop.   He died of a cerebral hemorrhage in the early 1960's.  We suspect his death was from undetected hypertension which is a family trait inherited by me and my three sons. We also suspect that my grandfather,  William Joseph,  died from this disease at a young age.

Although both of my parents were born and raised on Isle Madame, they met and married in Everett, Massachusetts.  My Mother, Annie Cecilia Bourque was only 19 years old and my Father was 30 years old at the time they married.   Annie was the youngest of 12 children of Elias Bourque and Agnes McDonald from D'Escousse.  Annie was a homemaker who supplemented our income by doing some housework for working couples.  Our home was always open to relatives from Canada who were immigrating to the United States -- it actually acted as a "halfway" house for those who needed a place to live until they were able to find work and housing. I remember one relative, Al Landry, who worked at Leo's Barber Shop for a period of time. 

Leo Edward Martell and Annie Cecilia Bourque

had three children -- 

Annie & Leo Martell 1962.jpg (93614 bytes)
Annie Cecilia Bourque Martell and Leo Edward Martell
Photo taken January 1962
           Robert Edward Martell 
           (or "Bobby" as I'm known)   
             +    Jane Marie DeWolfe (deceased)
   +    Barbara Kay Grooms
           Arthur Joseph Martell  (1940-1984)
   +    Mary Bergetta Hendricken
           Carol Anne Martell
   +     David Rowe
Bobby & Carol.jpg (101914 bytes)

Carol Anne Martell Rowe and Robert Edward Martell (1998)




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